Sonic Statues Title Card
Sonic Statues are a very unique catagory.
These aren't the small things you can collect, these are the big real deal! Statues such as these tend to appear in SegaWorlds or at game shows such as E3. These are usually made of hollow fiberglass, with resin coating. Some of the older ones may have been plastered over, and then painted. This method of design makes them light enough to move around place to place, and also so that their large heads don't squash the rest of the figure.
Statues such as this are a very mysterious item. Since they belong directly to Sega in most cases, you'll likely never ever see one for sale, unless the place it was located in goes out of business. Some of them were used as point of purchase displays in big retailers. Still, they are intregueing to look at!
Statues such as this are especially wonderful because, if done right, they can be like looking at the charachter if it were really here right now! Because they are rigid, not like a plush, the accuracy can be very high, as well as life-size!

Statues on this page can be from anywhere in the world. Each entry will state where it was seen.

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Toys R Us Classic France Statue Here's an uncommon statue from France!
This genuine classic statue was in Toys R Us stores in France. Likely from the classic era up until TRU started doing worse / closing. As you know, all TRU stores in the USA are now (in 2018) closed as Bain Capital did some bad decisions (very likely on purpose) to ruin it. When Toys R Us closed in France, this statue went to a new home that you see here.
It is clearly among arcade collectibles. Unlike some other classic statues, this one is nicely accurate! He looks cool with his 1 waving finger & hand on hip. The face & body are proportional & the spikes look right & good. Sonic's expression is also true to the art. The statue itself looks to be in good shape. It also has what others lack: some kind of a themed base. It looks Green Hill...but what is it? Sadly somebody's set a F4F box in front of it. The scarf has small Sonic icons on it, but was probably added later. What a cool thing to see! It must be especially uncommon to be huge, classic & un-photographed until 2018.
Was there one for each TRU store in France? Why did only France get it? Hopefully each one is safely in the hands of a fan. Photo discoveredy by Hedgy
France Statue in Home Custom Base The statue owner appears!
The photo was discovered & the statue's owner has written in to Sonicgear to give the story of the statue. It WAS for certain a Toys R Us display item, but this particular one fell into disrepair with bad cracks in several places, dust and dirt and wear. After repeatedly trying to get the store to sell it, finally it was a success. However, it was still in sad shape (Ex. neck crack hidden by scarf & more) So, it was sent out to a statue repair specialist. (Those sorts do exist: interesting!) This took 7 months, but really, it turned out wonderfully and really does look as good as new here with bright perfect paint & not a blemish upon it.
The base is fan-enhanced with a green hill look & smaller Sonic & Tails figures in there too, along with a MIB item. He got to keep the scarf as it looked nice. This now stands safely in the game room of a real classic fan! Photo & owned by: Gregory C
There is a metal frame inside the fiberglass exterior, and the head was always removable.
Modern Super Big Finger Wave Sonic Statue A cool statue that's super big!
Look at this size of this super statue! It's even bigger than the one on the round base seen on the previous page. This one has a textured metal rectangle base that's not very big. It's just about the size to fit his feet. Combined with the base, this looks like it could be 5 or 6 feet high? That's big! The sculpting for it looks really good too. Sonic's just standing there, but the pose & arm positions make it somewhat energetic. The hands are nice & large and the expression looks good. The arm must be really sturdy to hold the hand out like that.
Supposedly, very few of these were ever made, so they are really expensive if you find one. This one seems to be in some sort of display room with other models / movie monsters & a ceiling projector. This is cool to see! Photo discovered by Hedgy
Woods Area Restored Sonic Statue Restored Sonic Snowboard Statue Some good news arrives to the internet from the "Snowboard Sonic Statue". This was often pointed to as "Sonic in the spooky woods", as it was rather under the weather for many years. Now, fans have discovered that it has been fixed. The story around it is that there is a guy who lives way out in the forested area, and he wanted people to be able to find his house
Spooky-woods statue's happy conclusion:
See how it looked originally on Statues Page 2 here on Gear
more easily despite the long, woodsy drive to get there. It is in Situ. He got a hold of this statue when a Sega operated place was closing down/and selling off it's stuff. He had it lashed to trees fairly high up on his property & there it stayed for many years. However, what he (apparently) did not know was that it was an indoor-use statue, and the paint got all flaking/weathered looking and bad. However, someone/fans discovered the sad shape of it & had it restored with new outdoor/weather paint & now Sonic is smiling again, bright, colorful and shiny. The snowboard is now better held up too, with sturdy wooden braces. A motorcycle riding fan is giving a thumbs up to the good job, and also shows you the size of the item. (big) You might also look it up on Reddit.
Photos discovered by Taaron & Hedgy and sonicrulz14
Muckle Figuren Statues 2 Sonics Here is a sort of double statue made by the German company Muckle Figuren.
It's modern and classic style Sonic on a big round base. The base edge is likely supposed to resemble a ring. Both of the Sonics have the same pose, where the arm is at a 90 degree angle, and he is pointing straight up in the air with the other hand on the hip. Here, Modern Sonic is depicted as being quite a bit taller than the classic version. Also, is the head for the classic too thin, or is it an unflattering or odd angle that makes it look like there is not enough 'head' among the spikes?
The modern likeness is good...but that's to be expected because large 3D items like this can be helped along by having actual 3D sprites used to make the games, while classic Sonic (for a while) didn't have that. This would be an interesting item to see from another angle. Discovered by Hedgy
Segaworld London Statue
Here is the Segaworld London Sonic Statue...
And it's photographed in whatever office this is, because it has been restored. Apparently, when Segaworld London closed, this statue was either put into storage somewhere and got musty or it had some kind of mishaps/weathering of some kind due to improper care. So, it became a fairly big deal that in 2023, it was found, restored, and now plugged back in and photographed.
Plugged in? That's right, you can see an electrical cord going to the shoe of the statue. What does it do? It spins the globe that is balanced on Sonic's finger. All the other statues found (so far) didn't ever have a movement element, so this is interesting. Because as you can also's old too, likely an early statue of the 90s rather than a later one. Notice that the top of his head is pointy. Is the lack of 'shine dot' on the black part of the eye part of the original look, or did the restore-er miss it? He looks odd without it. It's a very appropriate statue "world" with the globe, the spinning element would have been impressive too. It's good to see it fixed & now forever safe.