Sonic Statues Title Card
Sonic Statues are a very unique catagory.
These aren't the small things you can collect, these are the big real deal! Statues such as these tend to appear in SegaWorlds or at game shows such as E3. These are usually made of hollow fiberglass, with resin coating. Some of the older ones may have been plastered over, and then painted. This method of design makes them light enough to move around place to place, and also so that their large heads don't squash the rest of the figure.
Statues such as this are a very mysterious item. Since they belong directly to Sega in most cases, you'll likely never ever see one for sale, unless the place it was located in goes out of business. Some of them were used as point of purchase displays in big retailers. Still, they are intregueing to look at!
Statues such as this are especially wonderful because, if done right, they can be like looking at the charachter if it were really here right now! Because they are rigid, not like a plush, the accuracy can be very high, as well as life-size!

Statues on this page can be from anywhere in the world. Each entry will state where it was seen.

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HMV Store Large Modern Sonic Statue
This larger-than life statue is fully 3D and can be seen at the HMV store in England. It has nice detail, as seen with the shading on the eyes. You can tell this is really an improvement over older statues. Photo by:
Something looks to have gone awry in this picture!
Did Eggman finally get the best of Sonic by running him over with a compact car on a rainy day?
Not likely. Clearly, someone has gotten a hold of a Sonic statue and is going to transport it somewhere. It is laying down aside/behind the car, but the photographers' perspective makes it seem worse than it is. Wonder which statue this could be, and who got it! Photo by Iambored.
Hanging Jumping Sonic Statue Here is an interesting & possibly new type of statue: the 'hanging statue'. As you can see here, this statue would never stand up, or work with a base. It's Sonic, but he's shown jumping through the air. This makes for an interesting & dynamic large display...however he's got to be hung from the ceiling. (See the wire on his head there)
This statue seems to use a new & fresh approach. But where can you see it/where was it used? It seems nice & on model for Modern Sonic. Photo by:
E3 2012 Sonic Statue This statue (at left) appeared at E3 in 2012. As you can see, it was there to help promote Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing 2: Transformed. (You can see the boat-cars on the big poster thing) This statue is kind of strange. It looks like an odd mixture of modern & classic Sonic. Look at the spikes and sphere style head. Those are classic type, along with the super huge hands. But then the body & back spikes are sort of modern shaped. Plus, he also has no "chest top/neck area" at all...which both classic & modern Sonic should have. This gives the statue a sort of squished feel. The eyes are green (hard to see in the lighting) This is rather unusual. Photo discovered by Goclone999 Wierd modern statue at comiccon 2013
The statue above right is likely the same odd one from E3 2012, but this time it is being photographed at Comic Con 2013. This new angle of the photo reveals another wierd detail, his eyes are wrong/mis-...printed?...painted? Either way the pupil is WAY off center, especially in the right half if you look closely. There is also no painted in eye-shine, making the statue look more dull/flat. How could a mistake like this keep getting made as late as 2013?
This is a classic Tails statue thought to have been displayed at / for a convention for the debut of Sonic 2. There are other (not as good) shots of this floating around, but here, you can get a really good look. It's pretty decent for an actual classic statue, there's nothing glaringly wrong with it like there is on others. He is fiberglass, and likely on a wood base to support the tails. The nose is wrong (it's teardrop shaped, the tip is chipped) his eyes are way too big, and he has eyebrows (see those 3D bumps there?) The ears are also too small, but the sock detail, belly dot detail & even glove cuffs are all nice. This photo appears to be taken in a warehouse of some kind, meaning it's likely in storage. Photo discovered by The UltimateHedgehog
CES 1994 Sonic 3 Ring Holding Statue Here is a Sonic statue that appeared at Sega's big booth area at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) of 1994. The star of that year for them was the release of Sonic 3. This statue was supposedly at the entrance to their area, which was all themed with Sonic 3-like elements. (notice the checkered & zig-zag border seen here) The statue is all right, but, as typical for the area has a flaw or two, such as the obvious single row flat fins of spikes (even though it was revealed in the Sonic 2 halfpipe to not be that way) and super tiny hands & feet. The pupils appear to be recessed (not many statues do this) & having him hold the giant ring is also an interesting addition. Photo/s of the booth can be seen on Gear's Sonic Places.
Dubai Mall Sonic Hanging Jump Statue
Here's a great statue! This one continues the concept of the "hanging statue" , a statue that could never stand on it's own. This one is hung from the ceiling & shows Sonic in a 'jumping forward' pose with his hands out, from the games. You can see the wires that hold him up.
This sculpt is really good too. The statue looks pretty much exactly like the game sprite for 3d modern Sonic. The pose is active, the paint is good & everything just fits. How big is it?
This is in "The Dubai Mall", in an arcade/amusement area called "Sega Republic". Who took the photo? This is the same one that has the "Spin Gear" Sonic ride in there. It does have a website, but there's not much info at SegaRepublic This cool statue is something any Sonic fan might want to see. Additional info by: Dinosaur Gigamix
Dubai Mall Wall Statue Pose 2
The Dubai Mall has more than 1 entrance to the Sega Republic area, and this is the statue at the other one. It looks to be in about the same pose as the one above, but notice that Sonic's arms are in a completely different position, and his hands are in fists. This statue is shown in a sort of little "scene" here (So that's why its in Sonic Places as well, since it doesn't just stand alone) so as to look like he's crashing through the big bricks there near the ceiling. It's interesting to see that the statue makers may be creating several statues out of a same/similar basic body mold to allow them to have more large Sonic products. All photos by:
Sonic Statue Assembly Area Did you ever suspect there could be so many large Sonic statues?
Now you know there are at least 10 waiting to go out to new Sonic places or destinations around the world. On the Sonic Places page you can see another of this statue at the Alton Towers Hotel, where it is already installed. It's interesting to get a rare look into the factory/warehouse where they make or maybe just store these clearly finished statues. (They make other things as well, if you look in the background, they've got scaffolding on a scene)
Fan Owned Statue & Assembly A fan has gotten a hold of a 'large Sonic modern statue'! Yes, the giant fiberglass type seen in stores as display items. You can see how big it really is with these photos of fans and their normal-sized Christmas tree.
You can also see how many pieces he comes in, that must be assembled. The 2 separate shoes, body with legs, head, nose & arms. The rod there on the bottom of the head fits into where the neck is. It's long because the head is heavy. The nose is separate because it would be too easy to break off. Of course, there's the 'metal look' base too.
This was aquired from a game store, for about 400 Euros. While he does not come cheap, this is a wonderful collectible that's a real gem or centerpiece in ANY Sonic collection. Photo & owned by: Hedgy
Abandoned Woods Snowboard Statue Here's an unusual sight...
An abandoned statue in the spooky woods! Somewhere in a forest in Japan is this abandoned Sonic statue. It's classic Sonic doing a pose on a snow board. It has been wire-lashed up between 2 trees. You can tell it has been there a long time because the tree trunks are scarred where the wire has been digging into them from holding it up in winds & storms. Sonic, being un-maintained has weathering damage and likely some black mildew of sorts on the surface. It looks like the nose has been broken off as well. Where is this in Japan? It's a cool discovery! Photo discovered by:
Segaworld Australia Junkyard Sally
Do you remember the big fiberglass statues from Segaworld Australia?
Well....this is what's become of them in 2018. When Segaworld closed there, the statues were taken down. Because they did not end up in fan-hands...they ended up in a junk yard like the one pictured here. As they weren't maintained at all, the paint is chipping off & they are broken. Sally's arms & legs are gone leaving her just a head & torso. Sonic's missing a leg, shoe & arm.
Large things like this are often subject to being dumped somewhere when companies don't need them. It's too bad to see the fate of these items like this as they are wasting away. Photo discovered by:
Tails Statue Turn-Arounds Photos Here's a better look at the Tails statue most often referred to as "scary". It's seen in a couple of photos on the previous page of Statues here at Gear, but this is the first real 360 look you can get at it. It still doesn't help explain WHY it is the way it is, though. Things like this that are large, costly, & not meant for consumer retail-sale are a big undertaking.
So why give the maker such little reference that they get a bunch of stuff wrong? It doesn't make sense. Look where the eyes are, they're not even looking the same direction & every single Tails art EVER has them sitting atop the white part of the face. The ears are flat like flaps of felt (probably via only 1 drawing/didn't bother to shape it like an animal ear) & the shoes are very bulbous. The tails are also very slim/flattened, but that could be an effort to save on materials. It's just strange that it passed all the checks with that many flaws. Several of these were made because they were intended for store displays. It also originally had a wooden base under the feet. This one is in a fan collection as it was bought from an antique store which probably got it from a games retailer. It's interesting to get a closer look at this odd old Tails! Owned & photos by
See Statue Size 06 Sonics Remember the Sonic 06 Pre-Order Statue?
You could get it only if you pre ordered Sonic 06 for the Xbox 360 at Gamestop. You would get a small solid plastic statue on a black base. Well...that giant Sonic statue with faux texture-metal base is in about the same pose & here are both items in 1 photo! They're both fan-owned, but this gives you an idea of how big the giant display statue really is. That's the pre order one sitting down there on the base. Photo & owned by Hedgy