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Need a Sonic costume?
How about putting together your own Sonic outfit from various accessories? This should be the place! This page has complete costumes as well as any accessories you could use to make your own, or dress up. Anything that can be considered as a prop to add to a costume should also be here.
Yes some of these costumes are terrible! Obviously don't buy anything awful...but some of them have parts you can use or pair up with better items to complete a dress up look for Halloween. (Example: use a jumpsuit but toss the ugly mask & go with face paint & one of the many 'Sonic head hats' you can find around.)

Store will remain open all year / not just Halloween holiday time.
Do note that many of the items here are ALSO on other pages of the Gear Store. Stuff is categorized / piled into this area for maximum convenience. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."

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You've probably seen the Sonic hat before on Ebay.
Now, you can get it here if you don't want to bid or wait on it. All of these are modeled after wacky hats you see sometimes in anime, where it's literally the top of the character's head on your head. It's made of fleece (so it may actually keep your head warm) and is a fairly good likeness of the characters.
For the Sonic, the ears stand up, the nose is 3D and the spikes stay up in the back...which is more than can be said for some plushes, even. All are listed as being able to fit a child or a teen, and with the Shadow hat being stretchy, it is likely right. It could be useful for Trick or Treat (if finished off with the rest of a costume) and certainly it's a bit better than some of the plastic masks. The Shadow hat is confirmed to have a stretchy bottom, so it will fit on most heads. However, no one's taken a picture of the side of it to show what the spikes and coloration may do. If pictures do appear, they'll end up here along with the official pic, to describe it better. The Tails hat is the latest one from this line of odd hats, and it is to the quality standard of the previous hats (in looks and the same fleece material) Though a bit strange, it's all right for halloween.
Did you pre-order Sonic Colors at GameStop in the USA? If you did, then you got this Cosplay Sonic Spikes Hat for free. If you DIDNT...this is your opportunity to grab it anyway. Great for halloween costumes & conventions, it gives you Sonic's spikes to wear. The spikes are plush so they stand up. Hat is fairly warm too. This is in the SonicGear collection. Here is a Super Sonic character cap hat. It's from Great Eastern, along with all the rest and is one of the most recently-produced. It's all right looking, though not amazing. They paid attention to the red eye & upward spikes details, could be all right for Halloween uses.
Scary chao character cap hat! To go along with the other character caps at the top of the comes a neutral chao. However, the execution of it wasn't very good so it's actually sort of scary looking. Posted here mostly for the gallery effect. Here's GE Entertainment's Cream the Rabbit character hat. This is a rather cute cap with her long floppy ears. It could be the cutest of all the character caps, because her design fits well with a plush cap format like this.
First there was the Sonic Spikes Only cosplay cap, now here's the Amy Spikes only cosplay cap. This has just her spikes, bangs & red headband. Cute for cosplay or halloween costumes. Not that common. This is a PVC mask (obviously a thin sheet with likely an elastic band) of a standard foreward-facing Sonic. It's not the best thing out there, but it will fit adults or children. The eyes are a tad small, but they've gone to some texturing and line trouble. This is obviously worked off of the classic 'foreward facing' Sonic stock art.
These character gloves also have a high chance of showing up on Ebay.
If you need gloves for halloween, or you don't want to bid or wait on them, you can just use this link. The suggested retail on them is 19.99, but 'best price' (usually a little link contained in the box--it CAN change around though) can sometimes go under that amount. Keep an eye on it if you're interested in either set of these gloves.
The gloves are BIG too, with embroidered logo and stuffing to make the hands look super big, while still fitting your hands in them. Because they keep their shape (and usually come in a totally clear bag) they're also all-right to display only, as well. The Knuckles ones are especially fun.
**Watch out for quick-sell-outs and rising prices in 2015!
This is the Ruby's Costume Co. kids size Sonic Halloween costume. Toss that lame mask! This comes in several different kids' sizes, so use it for the jumpsuit / shoe covers & pair it up with a hat & face paint or a better mask that's also available. The one that comes with it is poor. At right is the first Sonic Halloween Costume. Price may vary depending on what season it is right now. This should only be about 30 bucks or less, so watch the space for price variations to see what turns up.
Above, you should see ALL of the 2013 season Sonic Halloween costumes, starting with girl's Sonic. You should be able to view all of the sizes of you press the button. (like if the button is for a Small, the options will be there on the page to pick other sizes) Baby Romper (1-2 years) Girls Tails, boys Knuckles & Girls Knuckles.
The "role play" plastic Sonic & Shadow masks SHOULD be only 9.99 or so. If it's more check the button for 'better prices' or try to get it at Toys R Us. You can also use stuff from this page (like head hats) to improve some of these minimally accessorized costumes. They're basically here to prove they exist & they're official.
Ruby's cranks out another terrible mask! This "Deluxe Mens Adult" Sonic costume has a TERRIBLE head. The huge pom-pom nose & floppy spikes are just a total fail. Get this only if you need the shoe covers & blue jumpsuit. Replace the horrible head with better masks around on this page, or use spikes-hats & face paint to complete the look.
Rubie's Deluxe Boys Costume isn't much better than the mens'. It may not have that pompom nose, but the mask is still 'scary' but not in a good way. Get the jumper, gloves & shoes, but use a better mask if you can. This is in various kids' sizes, you can push the button to see measurements.
On Halloween you collect candy. But Sonic collects rings all the time! Carry this life sized prop ring around with you to accessorize a roleplay, cosplay, or Halloween costume. It makes "getting rings" noises from the games too, when you press the button. mostly here to prove that, yes, it IS an official (but unfortunate) item. Rubies Costumes does well with their mass market Halloween costumes, and so has made a Sonic costume...for your mid- size dog. Is it silly? Yes, but it seems like they're making an effort.
Sonic Boom costumes! Since Boom's what's on tv now, Boom costumes appear for Halloween 2015, while non-Boom costumes continue to be buyable. Amy, Sticks, & girls-version Boom Sonic. Where are the Boom Knuckles and Boom Normal Sonic costumes?