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No Sonic room is complete without cool posters or wall scrolls on the walls. Cool, colorful & easy to decorate with, be sure to check out all the great designs. This page is for posters & scrolls, if you need other home & household decor items be sure to see Sonic Home Decor Store 2. Interior decorating with Sonic & friends is great.
What is the difference between a "Wall Scroll" and a "Poster"?
Scroll- Made of specially printed thin cloth held straight by a bar at the top and bottom. (bar is usually plastic) These can be rolled up, and are resistant to bends/creases or folding since it is basically a cloth.
Poster- Just your standard thick paper printed item.
Keep both out of super-sunny areas to avoid fading. Scrolls may be more resistant to fading. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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At left is the "Shadow Takes Off" wall scroll. He's jumping away from the viewer on a semi-striped orange tone background. It's a somewhat unusual pose for him, so the scroll looks fresh.
Here's a fun, active scroll with Sonic & Tails. Both of them are modern styled & nice large graphics. For some reason, the background here is pinkish, so it would do well in a room with some warm tones already there. Super for Sonic & Tails fans with cool poses for both of them.
This Sonic X wall scroll looks fast!
Sonic, Shadow, and Tails seem to be zooming by their names on this wall scroll. With an unusual dark background, the characters really stand out, despite the speed blur effect. You can see the "Sonic Project" logo in the bottom corner, as well as the Sonic X logo, which is a bit large for a non-design element on something like this, but it is still an innovative design and not something we've seen a zillion times.
There is supposed to be a coloring error on one of Sonic's hands. However, you can't see it in this photo. Is it on all scrolls? This is a rather large item too, at 80x110cm (31.5x43.31in).
This description is directly from the original SonicGear page it's on. You can see more Home Decor items on USA Home Decor.
Here's a cool Super Sonic Wall Scroll.
This is a large cloth poster with just Super Sonic on it. One of the few USA Available Super Sonic things (and modern too! Its used the Sonic Advance style art for it) this is good to really add a bunch of yellow to your room. Use caution though as this comes in and out of stock because people tend to buy it up. You can read more about this item on USA Home Decor 3 . LEFT

This Shadow scroll is also on Home Decor 3, and is mostly black and gray. The background is stripy, but it isn't too busy. The "Best Price" on this may change around because any store (yes even Amazon) tends to price Shadow things higher than regular Sonic ones for whatever reason.

This Sonic & Amy wallscroll features her pretty dynamically, which is great for Amy fans. It uses art instead of character models like the old SA1 scrolls did.

The Sonic scroll is the companion piece to the Shadow one above. It's done in a similar style and won't clash up if you hang both of them together. (at right)

Both of these scrolls are also seen on Home Decor 3. There was a larger gap between pictures of them showing up, and the release of the actual scrolls.

Fan favorite Metal Sonic gets some semi-abstracted exposure with this scroll. The face is shown so large that it almost becomes part of the background, menacingly watching the classic Sonic running stock art and logo in the front.

To the right is not a scroll....but rather a large towel. Use it for the bath or the beach! It was made by GE Entertainment and is all in blue tones with an SA1 style swirl in the background. It can go as low as 13.00, so do be on the look out for the price in that box.

Love the classics? This scroll is for you. All blue, with BIG classic standing Sonic stock art and an iconic golden ring. If you look carefully, you can see classic line art Sonics scattered in the background. This was made by Great Eastern.
It's "Beach Time" with this fun scroll. It has Sonic, Amy & Tails having fun at the shore. Bright and colorful, the tropical scene will brighten up the room. Amy is relaxing on her towel, Tails has ice cream, & Sonic is on the look-out for fun. Unique poses/art for them is always good.
Sonic Adventure styled Sonic & Amy scroll. This has jumping Sonic & cool Amy with a simple blue & red rays background. The logo is just the modern one, though, not the "SA Style" logo, so it's curious that the scroll is named SA Style.
Look out, Knuckles fans! Here's a great solo Knuckles Classic Scroll. It uses the lesser-seen classic foreward-facing Knuckles art over a very red background & his name. Since Knuckles rarely appears alone, this scroll is a great chance to add vibrant color. (really though, this thing is pretty big and that's a -lot- of red to be adding to a room)
To the right is a GREAT poster! It has nearly every character, all done & nicely posed in CG. You're sure to spot your favorite in this great group shot. The Chaotix, Eggman, Blaze, Rouge...did they even leave anyone out? The group shot is clean-line and colorful, with rings in the background. This is 36 x 24 inches. But look how inexpensive it is!
This Sonic Colors poster is LOADED with detail. There's much more going on here than will show in a simple photo. It's fully CG, and you can see many wisps including Yakker. If you loved Sonic Colors, this is the perfect poster for your space.
A cool classic style poster is to the right, with jumping Sonic, flying Tails & gliding Knuckles. The background is a giant gold ring, and nice blue sky. The S T K team-up is a total classic win, and the redone art keeps the poses nice & dynamic.This should be 24 x 36 inches
"Sonic & Stars Classic Poster". Simple, but effective. Nice classic stock standing Sonic is as large as the whole poster. It has a light & dark blue starry background with a strip of the Green Hill Zone style brown checkering. Likely a GE Entertainment item.
Another great 'everybody's here' offering! This time, loads of Sonic & friends characters are represented in portrait layout (rather than landscape). You can spot Cream & Cheese, Blaze, the Chaotix, and even (unfortunately?) Big appears in the background. This is 24 x 36 inches.
Posters too square for you? Try this "Giant Sonic Wall Decal"! What a fun's a die-cut big size Sonic you can stick anywhere. He comes with some ring decals, and a logo too. This actually started off as a party supply, but people just like it for general room decorating as well. **Item may become expensive or sell out randomly.
At right is another Sonic Colors game theme poster. This one is pretty much the box-art, made much bigger. (24 x 36) Do note that it uses the Euro spelling of "Colors" which is "Colours" for some reason. Still, the CG nature of this means its full of great detail.
Here's a Sonic Generations poster. It is likely modeled after/similar to the USA box art for the game. Since Generations has its own unique cool style, the poster does too, and makes decent use of the white space. 24 x36 scroll keeps turning into little mermaid item at random times.

Item removed until it stops little mermaiding

This is a fairly old scroll.
It was produced around the run time of Sonic X originally in the USA. It can be seen on USA Housewares, and has Tails drifting in the background. (Though he is hard to see here) As the scroll gets older, it will get harder to find, but it's a good item for Sonic & Amy fans.
New game, new poster! This one is for Sonic Lost World & features the Deadly Six. Sonic appears to be jumping over the logo at the bottom (actually its part of that tube shaped land) This is 36 by 24, so its big for an item under 6 dollars. If you're a fan of the game, this is nice and colorful for your wall.