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On this page you can find various Sonic things for around the house. From decorating your Sonic room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom and beyond. If you need posters or wall scrolls visit the Poster Scroll Store. This page will be for everything that doesn't go on the wall. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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This towel is by Northwest Housewares Co. & is called "Mach 2 Sonic" It features an all-over design of giant CG modern Sonic leaping forward with blue geometric shapes background. Supposedly the towel fabric is somewhat thin, however This towel has 3 classic Sonic faces, and a classic look too, with blue rays for the background. It's fairly simple & geometric. This will be beach or bath towel size. Do note that the button sometimes will break the price info. If it looks outlandish, don't bother pushing it.
This is a single-bed (so its small /kids bed) size blanket & pillowcase set. It's from the UK so it's called "Duvet" but Amazon will fulfill it so there's not mega shipping charges! It's modern style, with Sonic running, an "S" & spin design pattern. Another UK item ready to go for people who live anywhere that Amazon will ship to. This stationary set has a multi-character theme for the pen, ruler & stationary accessories. It's fairly pricey at 16 dollars for the simple items, but it is being imported/fulfilled by Amazon itself.
Sonic Spray Beach Towel
This is a GE Entertainment towel that's pretty popular with it's paint-spray splashy & modern design. It first appeared in 2016 & it sells out often so push the button early if you'd really like to get it.
This is called either "StarGaze Fleece" or "Telescope Blanket" It features cute neo-classic art for Sonic & Tails using a big telescope on a tripod to look at the stars in the sky. It's a very cute night-time themed soft fleece for the bed. Its new in 2016
This is a single bed (small) size duvet & pillowcase set. With CG modern Sonic holding up a realistic gold ring, the design is attention getting & bold. The pillowcase is a simple logo with blurred clouds. It is being imported from England, so it is rather pricey for the size. This is a square accent pillow. Meant to sit on a sofa or over other pillows, it's meant to add style, or add to a theme. This is described as "Velvet Pillow" & it has a great quality Shadow design. The surface is indeed made of some soft textured fabric. The 25.00 price here is actually about average for this uncommon but cool pillow.
This is a square accent pillow. Meant to sit on a sofa or over other pillows, it's meant to add style, or add to a theme. This is described as "Velvet Pillow" & it has a great quality Sonic design. This, & the Shadow pillow above were the only 2 made in this style.
This is a stand-alone blanket / duvet from the UK area. It's described as a 'fleece' but it's not, it's actually a stuffed comforter/bed blanket. It has huge modern Sonic face with really large logo. It's about 150 by 120 cm. (About single-bed size)
Here's a range of fleecey or micro-raschel throw type blankets. They're made of a synthetic fuzzy soft material, only have 1 layer and are not stuffed. The design is the same on both sides. This includes Pixel Waiting (Surreal Ent), winking face, pixel Eggman chase, Green Hill running, & modern blue & white checkers with line art by Circle Red.
Sonic & Tails modern CG Green hill themed BIG fleece blanket. This is larger than other blankets at 60 by 45 inches. It's bright & colorful with great CG art right out of the games for dynamic modern Sonic & Tails. A UK item that will ship anywhere with Amazon! This is JUST a stuffed comforter/duvet blanket & pillowcase set. It's white, with 3 different CG Sonics, some spin shapes & squares. A little busy, but nice & bright. Should be reasonably priced under 30 dollars or so but it is SINGLE =kids bed size
This may look like a plush, but it's actually a pillow. It's the Sonic Pillowbuddy Plush. He's sort of flattened out on the back which you can see here in the photo so that it's not too thick to be used as a pillow. This is fairly large.
Here's another 'un-pillow-like' pillow. This is called the "Pillow Plush" & is usually available at Target. It's not in with the toys, but rather with that's where it goes here in the Gear store as well. This is a 2014 item & should be around 20.00 because it is large. The quality is OK, but not spectacular.
Here is the "Fleece Holding Plush Set". They call the doll a pillow, but he's really not. It is made with a strap to hold the rolled up fleecy blanket. This WAS available at Wal-Mart, but the price has gone way up now since it's older & no longer in stores. The fleece is classic styled. You can learn more about the set on USA Home Decor here on Gear.
This is called the "Sonic Chair Cushion", but what kind of wierd shape chair could you use it on? This is distinguished by its funny "doggy bone" shape. Nobody really knows what this is for, but here's a chance at a pair of them for about 15.00 which isn't bad.
Here is a 'double bed' size bed set. It's the same as the one to the right, with Sonic on a blue background in star-rings, but it fits bigger, double beds. It should be 10.00 more, since it is larger. Be sure to read about what is & isn't included on the set if you use the link.
This 'bed set' is really a pillow case, sheet & comforter blanket (probably) It's mostly blue, with various modern Sonic arts in star-rings. Be sure to read about what the set includes. It should be for a single bed (kids bed) & may also be imported.
Double Bed Version!
This is the larger version of the above bed set with modern CG Sonic holding up 1 ring. The difference is the size of the comforter / blanket & that it also comes with 2 pillow cases. They're both the same design, though. This is great to see because most people have a double-bed, not a single.
Here's another bigger version of the earlier bed set with Sonic, Shadow & Silver. This is a 4 piece set (or should be) & it is more expensive because it is for a larger bed...and it's older too.
Another classic style fleece, this has getting-ready-to-run Sonic on a mainly black background. There are some grayish/white rays behind him & a logo. It's not overly busy like some of the other throws. This is made of "micro raschel" wich "feels fleecy" but is actually likely to be all nylon.
A UK item! This is the round modern "Sonic in a Ring" cushion that's usually only sold in the UK area. If you want it & Amazon will ship to you, this is a good chance to get it. It is sort of costly though, likely because whoever is selling it is also importing it as well.
Here is a pair of pillows by GE Entertainment. They're made of a smooth, non-fuzzy cloth with the design printed through it (much like a wall-scroll) Each pillow is square, and measures about #. The modern logo sits in the bottom corner. Shadow looks somewhat aggrivated on his pillow though.
Here are 2 all-CG art, all-over-print big beach towels. You can also use these as a bath towel, if you want. They are from Character Designs UK, which means "probably sold in UK area and part of Europe too" but, Amazon is importing them so you can use these tiles if UK shippers won't send to the USA or wherever you are.
The left is called "Sonic spin towel" which makes no sense because it is just CG Sonic standing there with one hand down & the other kind of forward. The right is called "Sonic Jump Beach Towel" which makes more sense because the design is 'jumping forward punch' Sonic, with a sort of abstract background. Both are reasonably priced at around 16.00 , for imported items.
Remember the checkered w/ bold outline-only Sonic faux fleece throw above? Well here's the Shadow version! All in red & black big checker squares, it has red line art of Shadow alone. Red, black, bold & not fussy, this is appropriately Shadow-styled. Perfect for Shadow fans!
This is a modern style fleece / raschel throw, with a spiral blue background that's a little busy. It has Sonic, Shadow & Tails, though Shadow looks annoyed. The photo here looks wierd because it comes in a cardboard 'container' but it is a regular blanket.
GE Entertainment Sonic (right) & Shadow (left) pillows. These pillows are new in 2016 and appear to be made out of smooth dyed fabric but little else is known about them. Are they quality? How big are they? GE is generally a good company, does it extend to pillows?