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Keychains and pins are nice to collect. They store well, they're not too big and they're usually not that expensive. They're also pretty popular through the USA, UK and especially Japan. All the pins and keychains here are modern, at least so far. If you want to see more pins/keychains, and the classics as well, you can check out USA Keychains and also Japan Keychains. If any item here is no longer being sold anywhere, it will move to one of those areas along with it's description and photos. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
These keychains are likely out of print.
They used to be at HotTopic, but Amazon seems to be the last source.
Neither chain is ANY practical for use with your actual keys. It's big, it can get dirty, and it's not going to go well into your pocket.
However, they're good to collect. The layering process accurately captures the cel-shaded look of the original stock art used to make it. This keychain and the others from the set are in SonicGear's personal collection. They're all made of semi-soft rubber with raised fronts and crisp details. Ridges and cuts help form the lines. If you would like to see the other keychains in the set, be sure to visit USA Keychains
The Knuckles (back facing/down punch) is by Bio World & Amy/Mallet at right & Werehog are by GK World, & are part of a 2nd run of these layered rubber keychains. The Knuckles is in the SonicGear personal collection and is of the same nice quality as all the rest. Great to collect!
Bio World's first set of flat rubber layered keychains featured new poses for everyone. So far, only this Sonic & a Tails later on the page have buying buttons available. They were made around 2013, much later than the group above. Here's leaping/kicking Sonic. The modern logo & branding are on the black back of the keychain. Acrylic keychain Rouge the bat test if only 1 keychain remains does the button stay live & buyable?
Shadow Tomy Gacha figure phone charm, at left.
These were originally blindbagged, but here's a new one (package can't be seen in button) of just Shadow with his little logo tag.

Acrylic Shadow (right) is die cut out of acrylic, which is a hard plastic. The borders look like they were left clear or grayish. It's not really appropriate for an actual key-chain use as its about 3 inches tall. Since its based on an official art, it looks good. It has a rather uncommon shot of Shadow (not the typical jumping) with full color detail. The bottom of his shoe being exposed adds a little interest.
Shadow strap / lanyard, at left.
This is by GE Animation, and has a Shadow-shaped back-card for added interest. The strap is white with Shadow logos on it. It's older though, so watch out that it doesn't sell out.

Here's Rouge the Bat from the same set above. She's 2 inches high instead of 3, though. They've chosen quite a good pose as well, with her pointing and 1 hand on hip. It looks like it has an attitude, which is appropriate. They could've chosen the 'standing Rouge' which generally appears, so it appears they're making an effort with this set.

Keys too ordinary for you?
Try a cellphone strap. These aren't very large, so it's not going to overwhelm your phone even if it's small. The photo though, makes it look bigger than it really is. The strap is only about 2 inches and the Sonic charms are only a little over an inch. This makes it not as klunky as any above chains, but it's also not as noticable. It has that sturdy cord thing too, so it'll go in small clips like for cameras or phones. The strap is just white plastic with the Sonic X logo, and the Sonic is the normal 'jumping punch' Sonic featured on many shirts. Right has 'thumbs up Sonic' as a metal charm.
Here are Knuckles and Tails pins.
These are part of a set, but for some reason they're only packaging 2 at a time to buy. They're quite Sonic X styled, but it doesn't say so anywhere. Tails is in an unusual pose, in that he's apparently sitting. However, he looks somewhat agitated or worried about something which is unusual in a pin. Knuckles is quite aggressive looking here, in an active flying pose while throwing punches. These are apparently silver-tone/chrome metal with colored enamel accents. The colors all seem spot on, but the pin style (on the back) is unknown. These are likely around 1 inch each. However, it's good to see that some modern pins are getting made, as there are plenty of classic ones from all over the world already in existance.
The next 2 are Sonic and Shadow. They're sharing a bit of a similar pose with "Jumping Punch" Sonic and then Shadow doing something fairly similar. A lot of the goods here seems to be bringing up new things to do with Shadow, which is rather refreshing not to have the same pose spammed all over everything. Here, it looks like he's jumping and getting ready to punch, but with his fore-hand slightly open. As with the last pin set, the colors are still well done and accurate, and there's not anything that seems off-model about them.
NOTE: Click to see the Rouge pin!
For some reason she won't appear in the display picture.
Why doesn't it show up on the other 2? It is unexplained. These two are Rouge and another Sonic. It's great to see that you DONT have to get the same guy twice just to complete your pin set. This one has a more unusual pose for Sonic, and another new one for Rouge! It looks like she's climbing over something and reaching out at the same time. Both pins are rather dynamic.
Tomy Gacha Figure Sonic phone charm (left)
This is a fully 3D figure of Sonic that's quite tiny, under an inch high, but still has good detail. It has the thin tough cord for a phone charm. Originally sold blind-bagged, this one is loose but new.
At right is an entire box of the Tomy Gacha blind-bagged phone charm figure danglers. With a box you get at least 1 of every character. Usually only stores can get a whole display box of stuff like this.
Similar to the above Sonic Lanyard/Neck Strap, this is a Shadow Cellphone neck strap.
Unlike the one above, this has one of those tiny tough cord for hanging your phone off of, and may be slightly shorter. The back-card here has large flashy art, which makes it look like Shadow is "holding" the strap to the card. (good for display) The strap itself has the word "Shadow" (upside-down/rightside-up) all over it, along with tiny prints of his head. This one also bears the "15th Anniversary" logo.

These little classic pins are made of the same tough layered rubber as the larger keychains above. They also have the same making method, so if you like that style, you'll like these pins too. They're a bit larger than the metal/enamel pins and 4.00 for 2 pins is not bad any way you slice it. Eggman flat rubber key chain is nearly sold out in 2016.
Though it is listed as a key chain, this is the Sonic Key Cap. Decorate a key by sliding the top part into the classic Sonic head. (Though, it is rather big so it can make your keychain cumbersome if you get it) If you don't put a key in there it can act as a zipper charm or keyring extra.
It is made of the same tough layered rubber as the larger keychains above. They also have the same making method, so if you like that style, you'll like this as well.

The Tails Key Cap (right) is extremely cute. It is in the SonicGear personal collection and is quite good quality. Again, it is big. Tails has a very cute 'front smile' expression though it's hard to see in the photo. Item is highly recommended if you are a Tails fan!

At left is Tomy Dangler Knuckles.
This is tiny at about 1.25 inch high, but is a fully 3D figure on a lightweight cord for use as a phone charm. These were originally blindbag gacha style items but someone got a hold of spares.

The right is a die cut "Steamin' Sonic" by GE Entertainment in the tough/layer rubber for a classic stock art. Somewhat under-used as most things don't want to show 'mad Sonic' but it's very accurate and crisp to the old art.

A new twist on the keychain appears here...
This time Sonic X style art is used with him giving the peace sign. However, there is also a fancy tab/strap-like accessory with it. It's made of the same stuff as the Sonic (the layered tough rubber) & has the logo as well as a star bumper with an "S" on it for good measure. Do you own this? Is the strap functional? (In Japan, most such strapped items are)
Pin pair!
At right are Sonic X leftovers metal & enamel pins. Sonic & Rouge the Bat are together on one card. These are old now! Watch out for it selling out or the price going up.
At right, are two Frame Pins for Knuckles & Amy, both SA1 based. They aren't actually framed, they just have a rectangle theme. They're made from the same die-cut rubber as the larger keychains, and they hold the detail really well. These pins are pretty large (well, for mini pins) in person.
Of course, you can collect the Sonic & Tails rectangle shape portrait ones as well! At right All of them are usually $6.00 for two.
Back to the straps with this smaller item.
The Sonic charm on this is said to be acryllic. Do you own this? Write in with details for credit.

To the right is an all metal keychain . The Sonic charm on it is metal and enamel of classic Sonic's face only. This is handy if you don't want massive key-items that can withstand a purse or pocket.

Here is yet another Shadow cellphone charm.
This one is from GE again, and is in the SonicGear personal collection. It is different from the one above, in that the strap is now black (feels like car seat belt material) and Shadow is in a new pose. (fist up, foreward) The metal for this charm is relativly thick and it holds up well.

At right is a colorful lanyard that comes with a flat/layer rubber Sonic full-body 'charm' or keychain-style item. This is by GE Entertainment. It's a great way to get a lanyard/strap & pendant all in one. It should not be very expensive, and began appearing in 2015

Sonic Swirl Keychain
It doesn't look like it, but this keychain is made from the same semi-soft layered rubber as the flat figure keychains found above. This one is smaller though, with the die cut SA1 style swirl and old SA1 wierd walking Sonic stock art in the center.

At right is a yellow lanyard / keycard or ID neck strap with Sonic arts & logos printed all over. It should be inexpensive at around 5.00 or so in the button.

Super Sonic keychain! This is another of those metal & enamel keychains, which are sturdy and capture good detail. It has a ring for extra keys, and a spring-loaded clip for easy attachment. The art used is closed-fists jump Super Sonic. This appears on the pins/keychains page of SonicGear, and was released in 2010. Don't want a Super Sonic keychain? Try him on a phone charm! This is essentially the same metal & enamel charm, only this one has a yellow tough strap with Sonic logo, and the tough cord to thread through the loop on a phone, game system, or memory stick.
Sonic Thumbs Up ROUND keychain. The 2nd round keychain is still the tough, layered/flat rubber, but this time has 'thumbs up' Sonic in a light blue circle for the design. Have a tiny device? Don't want a huge charm? Try this little square one made of the same PVC stuff as the detailed cut-in pins seen above. Look how inexpensive it is, too! This is nice to add as a 2nd charm as well, if you already had one.
This Silver the Hedgehog phone charm comes with something extra! A clear acrylic Chaos Emerald dangle accessory! This addition helps make the charm new & unique. As usual the character charm itself is metal, so he'll be sturdy. This could also likely go on a key chain as well. This Shadow Cellphone charm is likely a re-issue item. Notice that the strap with it is now white, and that he's in the 'standing' pose again. Excellent if you missed the first round! Also at a nice price of only $3.50 , while this lasts.
This is a pair of pins from GE Entertainment. They're the PVC stuff you'd be used to from the keychains, but it's thicker than normal here, almost like a button. It holds the detail well for 2 Classic Sonic stock arts, and is likely sturdy as well, due to the thickness. Here you get Tippy Sonic & Standing Arm-Cross. Here's a set of 4 classic style pin buttons. These are very traditional pins, round, with pinbackings behind the colored button part. They come on the classic themed back card. These MAY also be sold in the UK area, or possibly an import of some kind. It's decent, for 4 pins at around 6 dollars.
A pair of pins from GE Entertainment. This has skateboard SA1 Sonic & sleeping beach-towel Tails together on a card. Need something simple for a keychain? This fits the bill, as it's an all metal & enamel simple classic Sonic face. No straps or charms here, just sturdy metal for a keyring. The head isn't super big either, so it's likely to fit well into pockets or purses (unlike some other items here...)
Like the Silver the Hedgehog keychain above...this Shadow one has an acryllic emerald as a charm too! It's the 'white emerald' again (it's actually just clear) but if you don't already have him, getting a chaos emerald too is a good deal. Plus, it should only be about 3.50! Here is a Sonic X charachters themed lanyard. The whole lanyard is patterend with Sonic, Knuckles, Cream, Amy & Tails all over. The art is big, so the whole character doesn't quite fit in, but you can still tell who's who. These are great for ID cards, badges at fairs & etc.
This is the black & yellow "splats" of paint Sonic classic styled lanyard. You can find it in Spencers Gifts...but it should be cheaper here, as theirs is about 12.99 to 14.99 and this button should beat those prices if it's active. There is a matching rubber bracelet to look for too. This black lanyard has the Sonic & Knuckles symbol printed all along it. It also has a key clip plus the thin cord you can use to attach MP3 players, small phones, or anything with that little hole to thread through.
This is a cool lanyard with something extra! It comes with a Sonic face charm. (That's why it's a bit more costly than others) It has a cute Sonic & Tails theme with rings & logos. It could be a BioWorld item, and is new in 2012 Sonic Pixel Running Keychain. This classic styled keychain has a 16-bit sprite look.
This is the full set of those Tomy Gacha (blind bagged / machine dispense ball) character head-only keychains. They're a bit of an odd concept, looking like a decapitated action figure, but with this at least you can get the full set without guessing. Here is Bio World's flat rubber die cut / layered keychain. It's in the same medium as older, large keychains but features a new pose flying through the air notice the branding on the back.
Why is this so expensive? It's COSPA's, which is a Japan only brand. Little Sonic is formed so it looks like he's being "held up" by the clip part of the phone charm. It's cute, but look around for lower prices. Don't want a phone charm but still think COSPA 'pull' Sonic is cute? Here is the same design, but slightly larger & as a keychain. It's expensive because it's being imported from Japan, as COSPA is JP only.
Now this lanyard brings something different to the table! Look at the big die cut / layered rubber face & how it forms the strap for the lanyard so it'll lay flat & keep the clipped on item from twirling around. An interesting find & the first of its specific style. Sonic 25th Anniversary all metal thick keychain. This is costly because it is being imported, likely from Japan. It's all silvertone metal, & design is just textured in so it's sturdy. This appears in fall 2016.