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Sonic the Hedgehog Pins & Keychains of the USA
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The USA did not have nearly the amount of Sonic keychains or pins as Japan did, so the section is merged. These items are all fairly sure to have been avialable to the USA Sonic fan population at one time or another. This doesn't mean they're all that easy to find, but some of these you can still get today! The selection is more modern at the bottom of this page.
Enamel Metal Classic Pins 4 old enamel on metal pins. The Sonic 3 one is rumored to be a pre-order bonus item for the Sonic 3 game on the Genisis. The "Sega is #1" is the oldest of the set. The American Flag holding Sonic is uncommon.
Sonic 3 Knuckles Tails Eggman Vintage Metal Pins A mixed-up pin collection. This contains pins from different sets and times. The Sonic3 pin, you can recognize from the special Sonic 3 Japanese pin pack. The eggman with his spike-ball is a varient on a design which appears on a Japanese patch. The Knuckles design has the un-attractive vertical eyes stock art common to European items.
A close-up of the above Sonic 2 pin. Sonic 2 Pin Close up photo
Classic Pose Sonic Metal Enamel Pin
A real classic pin. Sonic shown in one of his first poses. Notice that his nose is flesh-tone like the bottom half of his face. Was this an accident? Or did someone accidentally chip the enamel of this pin?
Sonic 3 Detail Pin Close Up Shot You can see this enamel pin above, but this shot will get you the detail. It's surprising really what they could fit onto the tiny pin. It's exactly like the USA box art complete with tiny egg-o-matic in the way background. This is a great pin to collect with some really superior detail.
Sonic Adventure Dog Tag Technically a dog tag is not a keychain or a pin. However, many people used them as key chains rather then wearing a clunky tag about. This one is a Sonic Adventure 1 promo item. Notice the quality rubber case, to guard the user from sharp metal edges.
Sonic & Knuckles Sonic X chains Shadow Rubber Cut KeyChain Clip Key Chain Fob Package Back Flat rubber keychains for Sonic X. These have great detail and a really nice cell-shaded look. There IS a Tails one, but Hot Topic does not carry it. All of these key chains are available right now in the SonicGear Sonic Store. Cell-Shaded Close-up Sonic
These ARE currently available at Hot Topic stores: retailers of pop culture & band t shirts. You can get to HotTopic with the link at the top right of this page.
Tails and Rouge are now in your collectible keychain line-up! These are such nice die-cut keychains, the detail is like an animation cell, and the colors are all spot-on. These are appearing in Hot Topic stores right now! (if you have a bunch of Sonics in your Hot Topic, they may not have these guys in yet.) Keep shopping though!
Sonic 2 Name/Number Pin 2 simple enamel and metal pins. The first was a Sonic 2 Release promo pin, unusual because it only has his name, and no image of Sonic. The other could be a bit older, with a regular Sonic leaping over the "SEGA" symbol. The angle does not show you if the name is enameled as well.
Sonic leaping Sega Pin
A promotional Key ring for Sonic Adventure 1. Made of flat white rubber and stamped with the common SA pose Sonic. Beware of this type of chain, as it is easy to bootleg, except for the fact that it has custom-cut edges. This is probably part of a promo-pack released around SA1. Sonic Adventure Promo Rubber Key Ring Here's a Sonic X keychain, released in 2007 by an unknown company, but currently being sold by ToyCup.
Currently, it is avialable on the ToyCup website. and also in the SonicGear Sonic Store. The figures appear to be metal with enamel on slides. Sonic is in a pose from many of the current shirts, Rouge is standing around, and Shadow is in action. You also get the "Sonic X" TV show logo. This doesn't look very large...but there is no real scale to the photo.
ToyCup Metal Shadow Rouge Sonic X Keychain
10th Anniversary E3 Prize Pin This special little pin is here to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sonic. The ring has 'Anniversary' written into it, with thumbs-up SA style Sonic in the middle. This is an enamel pin and was actually made in the USA. This was likely only available at an E3 convention, around the early days of the Dreamcast--so it's likely pretty rare. This pin is in the collection of:
Round Layer Rubber Sonic keychain Here are 2 more flat rubber keychains. These are the same style as the layered die cut rubber Sonic X keychains seen carded above. However, both of these are smaller. The effect is still decent though, with cut-in details and unique shapes. The first presents a sort of SA1 style Sonic in a circle, and the second has peace-sign Sonic just standing, but it comes with a fancy blue strap. The strap has the Sonic logo (modern) and what looks like a bumper from the games with an "S" on it. You can get both of these at Toys N Joys in Spring 2009.
BEWARE bad customer service at Toys N Joys, you might get the items but maybe not! Read reviews before you buy!
Flat Rubber Sonic Keychain with Strap
Toylet Chao Multi Keychain This keychain was under suspicion. It is sold by Toylet Net , and resembles the multi-character Sonic X metal keychain/charms. However, this one features only neutral chao, and has no logo at all. The first 2 chao are normal, but the third has no dark spots in the eyes, which makes it look really strange. Why? Because the last chao is crying. There is a little tear-mark at the edge of the eye, and the keychain's name is "Chao Moods". A must have for chao fans, now that it's been proven to be an official item.
Sonic X Logo Printed Lanyard Here is a Sonic X theme Lanyard. This is a strap which lets you wear your keys (or id cards) around your neck. It has a spring clip and also an extra black loop. The loop is to hold something like a cellphone or other device which often has a small pin or hole to accomodate such loops. The woven strap is gray, with dark blue print for just the Sonic X logo with Sonic sihlouette head by it. This was produced by Great Eastern Entertainment and is available in 2008 and 2009, sometimes on ebay. Discovered by: Jordan J
Steamin' Sonic Angry Keychain w/Clip
GE Entertainment is getting into Sonic keychains, and that seems to be a good thing so far! They are producing the layered, cut flat rubber keychains which were popular in Hot Topic. They're also doing a good job, translating the classic styled stock arts into semi-3D cut rubber format, as seen here. Tails Head Classic Key Topper or Chain Winking Sonic Head Key Topper Flat Rubber
The first one is the somewhat unusual 'steamin' Sonic' stock art where he's mad (who would want an angry keychain?) this one comes with an extra clip as well as the ring. The other 2 are just heads, and can be used as a keychain/tag OR you can fit a key top in the bottom and it becomes a key-cover.
Fortunately, they're drawing on JAPAN classic Tails art, as this topper is genuinely cute. It does have a mouth, that's just difficult to see. Winking Sonic also looks nice. Discovered by Berzerker.
Amy Mallet Flat keychain with clip jumping punch Knuckles flat keychain Shadow raise fist flat keychain If you liked the flat, multi-layered rubber keychains above, then you'll like these! GE Entertainment has added new poses for Knuckles and Shadow, plus Amy's here now too! Shadow and Knuckles feature more dynamic and different poses, and Amy Rose stands with her piko hammer. Each one looks to be a great rendering of the character with good sharp details and crisp cut lines thanks to the manufacture method. Do note that the self-shading from the previous ones is not used here. The keychains are to scale with eachother, though.
Available 2009, specific store locations pending (Sonic Gear Store has some)
GE Entertainment produced all 4 of these pins. The 2 pins at right are classic stock art done in flat die cut PVC to form the pins. The other 2 are likely enamel, but they feature lesser known poses for Sonic & Tails in the SA1 GE Entertainment Sonic Tails Sleep Pin Knuckles Amy PVC Rectangle portrait pins These are rectangle portrait style pins by GE Entertainment. Sonic Tails Knuckles & Amy all appear with their name done in SA1 style. The Amy is actually winking, though it is hard to Sonic Tails portrait pins
Classic PVC Diecut Sonic pose Pins
era. Tails is sleeping on a beach towel, and the Sonic is a little-used art with him doing a trick on a skateboard. see in the small image. In all, it's a nice set and they're well designed with good detail levels. Available summer 2009.
Classic Style Sonic PVC pins Here is a shot of the above classic styled pins on their back card. The card is similarly classic looking with the old logo and checkered pattern. The backs are plain round/squeeze closure. Photographed & owned by Piplupfan77
Big the Cat 3D Figural Keychain
Rouge the Bat Plastic keychain
Here's a small plastic keychain with a new pose for Rouge the Bat! It has colored paint in the low spots in the plastic, to form the design. (It's made to resemble metal/enamel items, even though it is not. Here, she's standing and pointing rather than the usual just standing stock art they have for her. You can see the '15th anniversary' symbol down in the bottom corner. Photographed & owned by DioSoth
Here's a good shot of one of Toy Island's individually carded keychains. Each of these keychains features a 3D figure of the character, and were most widely available on one of the numerous re-releases of their SA1 large action figure line. Each figure was paired with it's matching keychain, except for Eggman, who had a chao instead.
The individual card keychain seen here is far less common. It's not known where these were available, but they were not available for all that long, helping them be scarce. With the card here, you can see who else was available as well as they were marketing under "Sonic X" at the time. The figure itself is hard PVC with the metal loop attached at the top. Photo discovered by Sonicfan2525
Sonic 3 Keychain Is this keychain the real deal? It seems like it could be, but it isn't very common. It's Sonic 3 related, and uses the stock art of him holding up 3 fingers. Looks to be metal & enamel. It was sold on a lot with many other
The USA selection is not this small. More photos to come as keychains and pins are tracked down! You can see even more keychains than are listed here at the SonicGear Sonic Store
irrelevent keychains & no information. (seen in photo) Where was this originally sold? Photo discovered by Calistine