Suspicious Title Card
This page is for suspicious & strange items.
These are things like 'false cameos' where it LOOKS like it might be a Sonic thing, but then isn't. It's also for fishy things which look like bootlegs, but havn't been proven one way or another. Mysterious items that could be hoaxes of some kind (a hoax is something that doesn't actually get made/marketed, it's a trick played on people--so it's fake, but not really "real" as in for sale) also will appear in hopes of being solved. Items will be coming & going from the page, as they get proved one way or another. Things like red herrings will stay, as they have no other category to appear in.
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C & H Toys Ghost Chao Plush thing Red Herring Item:
This looks a little like a 'ghost chao'. C & H Toys is claiming that it is a "Ghost Chao" while attempting to sell it for 99 dollars. While it is well made, it's not all that chao-like. Where is the flaming ghost 'head ball' that is the hallmark of all such chao? Wasn't the skull item something that covered their whole head, not just the face? Why would a company pick such an OBSCURE chao theme to start with? Everyone loves the NiGHTS chao, Sonic/Tails/Amy/Knuckles character theme ones you could get...the ones in novelty hats were nice...but they shouldn't of been front-runners in any merchandise line.

So what is this REALLY? It is actually a "Manic Panic Ghost" Why are they saying it's a chao? There's only 1 of it because it is a sample/ prototype. Photo discovered by: RGames

Manic Panic Ghosts Arcade Top Graphic Here is the European arcade game "Manic Panic Ghosts". It is actually made by Sega, but it has nothing to do with Sonic. You can clearly see that little blue skully up there is the same exact ghost as what's pictured on the top of this arcade. But why would a company make such a nice plush of such an obscure ghost? Very few people even KNOW of the arcade cabinet, let alone are actual 'fans' of the ghosts. You can read more about the cabinet at Manic Panic Ghosts. This one was found on a ferry from France. It weighs 485 lbs. Photo & info by BlueBlood
Someone buys the Manic Panic Ghost!
Here, you can see that it's clearly the ghost and not even trying to be the Chao. The little smily face, dot nostrils/head shape etc. This photo set also gives you a look at the typical sample tag
(Cardboard/stapled on) & the cloth tag which is also marked for 'sample'. It seems this guy never really got produced. It's big though, with nice quality & weighs about 2 pounds! This may be the only one of it there was. Photos & formerly owned by:
Go Doon Knuckles multi figures What's going on here?
Some company called Go Doon will occaisionally appear on Ebay (or elsewhere) selling what looks like Jazwares Sonic 3.75 line figures. Look at all these Knuckleses in one spot! They're in mini bags, not real packages and you get 8 of him for 1 bid. But who needs 8 of the same figure? The figures here appear to be identical to actual/normal JW ones, so are they fake? Clones? Or "production line grabs" like what My Little Pony FIM has going on?
Mix n Match figure Jazwares This Sonic figure appears to be a mix n match of 2 different Jazwares 5 inch line Sonics. The hands are newer, but the head is an older style (notice the eye paint & plastic type) What's happening here? It doesn't appear to be a fan thing, as there's no background. Discovered by PacmanSonic138 Odd Hand Shadow Look carefully at this Shadow who seems to be from the Jazwares 3.75 line. His hand has a depression in the 'fist' part where it looks like he was made to be holding something...but none of the released figures ever did. Is it a depression, or is the hand open? The Shadow who was on his All Stars Racing bike had open hands for the handlebars. This could be that version. Info by Silvaze Rei-Sha
SA1 Embroider Tails Doll Is this rather rottne looking plush for real?
The SA1 tag seems authentic looking, but fakers are tricky. He has embroidered eyes & mouth, but the mouth is beside his nose & just looks bad/odd. The head is wierd shaped, with wilting bangs, & small ears /eyes. They did get his glove/sock cuff belts, but if this is the real deal, it's def. going onto Mutant Gear! Is this real or fake? Write in if you have proof either way. Discovered by LarryInc64
Here is some kind of trailer for Sonic X.
It seems professionally done/like something that would be pitched to a network or something. It's rather long & seems unlike a commercial. But there's something very interesting & strange to notice here. NO CHRIS. Infact, the only 'human like' thing you see is Dr. Eggman. Look for the scene in the restaurant...the people are animals. Was Sonic X to originally be set in some other universe where humans were rare? It's not a hoax. Some cut out part of the series where Sonic & co. were running around before getting sent to 'earth'? It's very mysterious, but isn't fake. This page here Sonic Wikia has some details, like that it was one of 2 pitches they made for the show. Be sure to read more! Video discovered by Taaron.
This link contains the other pitch for the show: Sonic X Youtube Trailer 2. More things that you dont get in the final show happen in the 2nd trailer as well, though it isn't obvious. It also does character profiles and explains some things in Japanese. The explanation here is interesting, and the Wiki should def. be read! Additional info found by SupeSonicBoom
Messy paint Jet Hawk figure What's the deal with this Jet the Hawk figure? Is he like that batch of Knuckles ones above? The paint here is very messy (notice all the white on the chest part where it should be green, the badly done shoe paint, etc. Then, someone wrote "G3" on his head in pen. Certainly, someone could have dunked him in acetone and scribbled on him to get the smeary effects, but then why try to sell the result on ebay? The sculpt is clearly JW's , is someone trying to sell off figures that didn't pass quality control? This is odd to see. Photo discovered by Popp40
Blue Protofake
Here's something you might find on ebay, listed as a 'prototype' Sonic figure. It's obviously Jazware's small line classic Sonic, however, it's probably not a prototype. So what is it? It's merely an unfinished figure. This is likely how they all look, when they're not yet painted. It's easier to cast the plastic out of just one color, then snap it together. With this, you can see that his face bottom is beige plastic, while the rest of his head is blue...but that it snaps together to complete him. Later, the eyes, nose, arms, belly dot & gloves would have been painted in. By removing a figure from production early, the seller gets a "different" item to try and push on ebay. It's interesting to see...but not all that useful. Discovered by Popp40
Horrible Costume Withered Mess This horrible costume SAYS that it is official, but can that really be true? It's just SO rotten in many ways. Sure it has shoes, but the 'gloves' appear to only have 3 fingers...which never would have passed Sega QC. And neither would much else here...the horrible face, withered stupid spikes and dumb ears. Anything can say it's real but until there's proof somewhere, this pile o' junk stays here. Discovered by Sonicrox66 Suspicious Classic Clock Is this clock the real deal? It's nicely done, but clocks are easy to fake, especially if they take 10 seconds to not crop the art badly or commit some horrible dumb-ness that gives it away. There's nothing super wrong here, but you can't see a copyright...though on old items, they were sometimes harder to find. Discovered by: Sonicfan3841
Terrycloth Look Strange Tails Toy This Tails plush is rather wierd. It looks like it's made of some kind of rough/terrycloth material, & seems to only have 3 fingers, which is a mistake. The feet are huge while the body & ears are really tiny. His expression is strange...& look how his sock/sock belt is way up on his thigh. This is highly likely to be a fake, but do you recognize it? Discovered by mslourinho
Suspicious Shadow Plush This plush is rather suspicious. Sure it has a tag (on foot) and is fairly detailed, but some of the details are wrong. Like the red ridge above his eyes, is misplaced, & the insides of his ears are white. The sticker-mouth seems mutant. Since the photo is washed out, you can't see the hands. Is this a real mutant, or a detailed bootleg? Discovered by: mslourinho
Fox Cap Tails Doll Reference This is the "Neff Men's Animal Cap" , attempted for sale on Amazon for 15.99. But...doesn't it remind you of the Tails Doll from Sonic R? Sure it only has 1 tail in the back, but it's just super odd. It doesn't have the red jewel on the head top, and the tips of the ears are white, but the 'fox' part is certainly orange (like Tails) not the reddish/brownish of an actual fox this is trying to imitate. Plus, why are the eyes so super dot-like & blank like that? If they weren't trying to make this look like the Tails Doll (which is stuck in copyright drama, along with Metal Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray) what were they using to 'inspire' this cap instead? Discovered by SonicToast
Sonic CD-Rom Desktop Audio Production Here is a book / CD combo item that is rather confusing. It's called "The Sonic CD ROM for Desktop Audio Production" (some kind of a how-to guide to teach people how to do audio on the PC) by Durand R Begault. So the book/CD has absolutely nothing to do with Sonic the Hedgehog...but then what are they doing with that "Abstract" graphic on the cover. It's supposed to be like some visual soundwave representation or something but you don't even have to have a creative imagination to see the Sonic head or that SA Stylized "Sonic Swirl" in the gray stuff there. It's got 3 spikes and even an 'ear' there on the front. Coincidence or some other type of wierdness? Who knows. You can still see its Amazon Entry with the link. Discovered by:
Studio Tees Fake Tails Shirt This shirt is certainly suspicous, but the suspicion is only over: was this stolen art, or is it rip off art? If it's some fan's drawing and the seller (Studio Tees Site) stole it from a fan, well thats terrible. However, if someone at Studio Tees made up this "Character" which is obviously a Tails clone of some kind, and is trying to pass it off then it's a rip-off/semi bootleg because it's trying to capitalize on something Sonic branded without Sega coming after them. What all's going on here? orange 2 tailed fox...but missing part of the ear, and he has put his tails through the legs of some pants (why) Then, they changed the shoes & gave him a sweater or something, plus he is dirty/scuffed. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Sonic Rave Record Is this record real or a ripoff? It's labeled as "a rave" which was an older term for some kind of remixed music. Notice how it doesn't have any Sega or Sonic logos or copyrights anywhere. Sonic is wearing one of those novelty hats with fake dreadlocks in it/under it, but he looks like a modified stock art. Also, the hole for the record is right in his face/eye which seems unprofessional. But how do you even fake a record? They're made out of grooves that aren't laser cut, so how can that be bootleged/copied?
Plus, you need a giant device to use records, why not make a tape? The whole premise is just very strange. It has 17 minutes of music & was produced by Associated Artist.
Equestria Boy Look-Alike Red Herring Who is this spiky haired blue guy? Is he a red herring? Probably. The explanation is wierder than that though. The show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic created an official spin-off movie "Equestria Girls" where the ponies go to another dimension where they are all humans with unusual skin colors. (ex. purple people) They did this so that they could appeal to the people who spend money on Monster High dolls (dolls with unusual features/skin colors) In the movie, you eventually see this guy. He is suspiciously Sonic-like though.
Blue hair is normal enough, but it's in spikes, with them all pointed back. Then, he has green eyes and beige skin. To further it along, look at his hairline. That middle point, and then how it goes down past the ear to curve in like the border of Sonic's eye. Fairly obscure, likely a red herring, but a few too many coordinating details make this suspicious.