Suspicious Title Card
This page is for suspicious & strange items AND "Red Herring" items.
These are things like 'false cameos' where it LOOKS like it might be a Sonic thing, but then isn't. It's also for fishy things which look like bootlegs, but havn't been proven one way or another. Mysterious items that could be hoaxes of some kind (a hoax is something that doesn't actually get made/marketed, it's a trick played on people--so it's fake, but not really "real" as in for sale) also will appear in hopes of being solved. Items will be coming & going from the page, as they get proved one way or another. Things like red herrings will stay, as they have no other category to appear in.
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Pointing Bad Pin UK This pin is so bad that it's suspect!
This is supposed to be an official pin from the UK in the 90s around the release of Sonic 2. (Where the 'pointing Tails' art is from) However, it's just SO BAD and riddled with errors that it's difficult to believe it's the real deal & would pass Sega approval. First off, Sonic has blue arms. Australia Segaworld was fond of this error and got away with it frequently, but the UK never did. Then, look at his folded hand, it's shrivelled and way too small. What's even going on with his legs? Tails is missing a finger on his pointing hand & what's all the blue under Sonic's chin area between his body?
Yes, keep in mind that the shiny areas of the metal don't photograph well (they reflect and look black) but despite that....
the whole thing is still really a mess of bad angles, missed detail and poor design. This pin requires proof to move to mutant gear OR to bootlegs. (Can't move to UK pins because it is indeed mutant gear) Photo discovered by Pichu97
San Ei Suspicious Prototype Group Should these be on Prototypes or Suspicious things? first glance, you could think 'prototypes', because this group of plushes are supposed to be a prototype photo shoot of San-ei's modern Sonic line. San-ei is a legitimate company with a normal license. However, inspect closer and things begin to unravel...first, Sonic's eye color plastic pieces are sewn on upside-down. Then, Kncukles' eye plastic pieces are wrong, they're mis-stamped with the black bit at the top instead of in the middle. Next...he has FINGERS. Look at his hands, they're both tiny and fingers without the knuckle spikes. None of the other plushes seem to have anything wrong with them, and are pretty on model. It's the big and bad mistakes on Knuckles that send this photo here to suspicious stuff. Discovered by Pichu97
Small Eye Sonic Suspect Doll
Another shady character appears...
This Sonic is suspect because...his eye is small and his case of 'big body' is rather large. There's nothing overtly terrible about the doll though. It's not xtremely mutant, lame, or filled with wrong features. Sure the lower face is big, and the eye is kinda small (as are the ears) but the construction on the head is pretty solid, as well as the shoes. The fabric isn't the usual cheap garbage. He has 5 fingers and decently shaped hands too. The position of the nose makes it look like 2 eyes, but it's really 1, as it should be. Notice he's next to an Xbox, so you can see the size. Do write in if you have some kind of proof if this is either real, or a sure-fire phony. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Toy Network Embroider Suspects It's a motley mutant and suspicious crew!
These plushes may look familiar, because they are Toy Network (master of mutation) patterns. However, they have NON-TN features like fuzzy fabric TN never used as well as embroidered eyes. (TN always did the plastic piece eyes) Notice how they still managed to embroider Amy's on wrong despite the different method. Sonic is pretty bad too. Are these some kind of nasty TN prototype? Is someone copying them? It is a poorly-made mystery. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Is this Tails plush real or fake?
It could go either way, really. He's juuuust good enough to pull him out of 'mutation', but then, it's still not a great plush either. The plastic eye pieces look like TN, but they're properly placed. There are no skipped details, and he's pretty proportional, but look at the could either be wrong/bad, or cheaply done so that the thread is pulled making it look like that. The bangs being stuffed is nice, as are the ears. But what company made this? Write in if you can clear up this mystery doll. Photo discovered by Pichu97