Suspicious Title Card
This page is for suspicious & strange items AND "Red Herring" items.
These are things like 'false cameos' where it LOOKS like it might be a Sonic thing, but then isn't. It's also for fishy things which look like bootlegs, but havn't been proven one way or another. Mysterious items that could be hoaxes of some kind (a hoax is something that doesn't actually get made/marketed, it's a trick played on people--so it's fake, but not really "real" as in for sale) also will appear in hopes of being solved. Items will be coming & going from the page, as they get proved one way or another. Things like red herrings will stay, as they have no other category to appear in.
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Sonic Powered Hoodie Pants Set This gray hoodie & pants "Sonic Powered!" slogan set is suspicious.
Usually bootleggers don't bother with sets, but it's not totally unheard of. The suspect thing about it is that it mixes classic and modern Sonic on one item without it being game related. Plus, you've got Mighty & Ray in there...and usually if they appear they don't appear with any modern characters. Also, why Sonic 3 times in the tiles, and Shadow twice? It looks like it might be mixing art & CG as well...which is another bad sign of someone just grabbing internet images for a quick fake-up of a design.
Having the logo font be wierd on the pants too is another odd move. It's clearly a design effort but it seems a bit too hodge-podge-type to be immediately considered an actual thing. Also note the lack of tags or copyrights anywhere--and the abundance of alt-colors of the design all over ebay as well as known bootleg haven sites. Certainly a suspect.
Hetios Amazon Sneakers Red Herring A "Red Herring" item...and it's really red!
These are Hetios Sneaker Shoes that can be found on Amazon in 2021. The company makes the same basic item (A fuzzy, thick 'sock like' material glued down onto light weight foam soles) in a variety of about 10 colors. They're marketed as a type of 'kids comfort sneaker', and so only go up to about teen foot sizes.
The real question is what coincidence caused this exact setup for the shoe? They're not boots nor bootlegs, because no one is marketing them for/as Sonic items. It is not trying to trick people. They're about 30 dollars a pair so it's a bit of a risk to experiment if this is a thing that holds together or falls apart. None-the-less, it is interesting to see.
Tails Strange Doll Lip
Here's a strange Tails plush.
The pattern is sort of familiar to some early Japanese plushes, and the fabric and colors look good but...what's up with his lip? You can see a black line pointing toward the nose that indicates the split upper lip of some kinds of animals, but Tails never had this. The Shadow plush is unfortunately sitting in the way of seeing the body or even knowing if the belly dot is there. He looks to have the face-edge fur, but it seems sculpted on/laid back. The bags are the usual thick felt. Notice the appropriately shaped shoes, they're long thin/triangle rather than the lazy fat/oval things some companies do. The eye chips seem correct for the era (it's an old item from the 90s) as well. If this is an authentic item, where was it released?
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