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Even more classics here, Sonic was pretty popular back in the day.

This page mixes in some classic accessories, along with the clothing. SonicGear is always out looking for more of these interesting vintage items.

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Up Over and Gone Shirt "Up Over & Gone"

This is an easily recognizable fraze from SatAm Sonic the Hedgehog show, but how it got on a European shirt is unknown. This may have also been available in the USA or other regions, but it's unknown.

An interesting sweatshirt with the "Hedgehog With Attitude" slogan again. It says "Sega" in the little oval, but it's difficult to read. This is a well-made looking item, with colored stitching and stripes for the sleeves. The art is trying...but at least it's nice and big. Skateboard Sonic Shirt
UK HWA Radical Tie Radically Crucial Tie
Here's a strange tie, with an even odder slogan. What is Sonic doing on this tie? He is seemingly standing or flying through the air with his arms out for some reason. Is he even happy? The familliar "HWA" slogan appears again, but this time with a new bit "Radically Crucial" which means..."Outrageously Necicsary"? Why? Photo was left big to prove this is what it says.
Classic UK black ball cap Sonic 3 Detail T-Shirt This shirt is a take-off on the Sonic 3 Genisis/Megadrive box art. It's been given the once-over though, with added shine, eye-detail and more shading. This defenetely has an effort put into the design, and may of come out around Sonic 3.
A simple black cap from the UK. This has the old favorite "Sonic in a Ring" stock art, with his name at the top. This seems to be a well made cap, with an 'applique' type design. Don't worry, it's official, you can see the licensing info at the bottom there. This was made in 1991. Photo courtesy of Rhia of the UK
Pointing plush house slippers Yet ANOTHER pair of Sonic house-slippers. These are from a store called "BHS". This makes the 4th pair, with the other 3 being from the USA, most likely. These slippers are somewhat unusual, in that the faces are looking up instead of foreward, and for some reason they have odd little arms. It's supposed to be the index finger pointing...but it doesn't look like they were all that careful with the tie-offs for the other fingers. Uh oh!

Photo courtesy of Rhia of the UK

Sonic 3 Graphics Tee
Here's a nicely done tee for Sonic 3. That's not faux wear you see, it's actual wear/krackling of the design, as the shirt is old and was used. It uses the promotional art for Sonic 3 where the 'scene' shown (burning forest, hidden Knuckles, Eggman's fire pod) is contained in the number 3. Tails is lifting Sonic over the action, and "Sonic" is written in red repeatedly for the 'background' to the full color art. Because the art was well done/nicely shaded, it looks great here as a big design on the front of the tee. Photo & owned by JenHedgehog
Expressions UK Sonic Laughing Tie Here's a rather confusing and not-very-attractive tie. The stock-art laughing Sonic is closing his pupil (!) they didn't realize he has eyelids, back in the day; and Tails and Eggman look on from portraits in the background. Robotnik is either angry facing foreward, or angry in profile. Tails is either irritated or gloomy. Although the Sonic is laughing, this isn't a very cheerful tie, but it is a curious expression showcase. Textured Band UK Sonic 2 Release Watch Here is a nice watch from the UK. Notice the art though, it is the distinctly Japanese stock art of Sonic and Tails together. (this means it's better drawn than the average...) This was released to celebrate Sonic 2 (as written at the bottom of the face) and features 4 numbers with stars for the rest, and a numbered edge-ring. Look at the nicely textured band with dots. This watch is not too common.
Sonic Tails Eggman Metal Enamel Pin Collection Photo What a wonderful pin collection!
Not all these are from the UK, of course, but this is someone's personal collection. A few are familiar, but others are not. The Tails pins here, as you can see, are consistantly cute. Notice hocky Sonic (lower right), the 'black eyes Eggman' torso, the Saturn pin that came with the release of the console, Soccer Sonic, Sailboard Sonic, some pins from SegaWorld, an unusual all chrome-tone pin (corner) and a rare and fun Tails head pin.
One of the pins appears twice. Can you find it?
Thanks to Rhia in the UK for sending in the collection photo!
This is a great old shirt. They really used the art they had creativly. So many different line-art Sonics go into the background, that he becomes a sort of busy pattern. The center is highlighted with an actual decent art, rimmed with a yellow 'glow' effect to further separate it from the background. It isn't much a wonder this shirt is uncommon, it is both unusual and nice! Photo credit: Rhia
Sonic Shoe Box Bottom Items What could this be? You can't wear it...but it did contain Sonic shoes! This is just the box. Being so old, the box itself is difficult to get. The shoes themselves are missing, but they were velcro top black sneaker types, and called interestingly enough, "Doomsday Zone". Photo & Info credit to Metal Mandible.
HWA Sonic Shoe Box
The shoe box itself just used screen caps directly from Sonic 2, to decorate the whole exterior of the box. Different shots from your favorite zones are all around, along with the "HWA" abbriviation and some logos. Since it used Sonic 2 shots, you can guess when these came out...or can you? As the 'cheats' section on the bottom is for Sonic 3!

The bottom of the box (above) was actually meant to be cut up and used. The "Keep Out" is a room/door warning thing, the spotted item is a book mark, and the little print is useless hints for Sonic 3. (they are quite obvious!)
"SPECIAL STAGE: The thing to avoid at all cost is boxing yourself into a corner. The most effective way of doing this is to collect the Blue Spheres in parallel lines even if it means going out of your way."
ICECAP: The mid-point boss will attack Sonic with a barrage of ice rocks. Wait for him to use up his supply before attacking him.
SPECIAL STAGE: If the 3-D maze begins moving too fast for your liking, there's a simple way of slowing it down. Pause the game, plan your route, unpause and carry on."

When these were new, they were UK Pound 30--which works out to about $60 USD...this is a high price for a small pair of kids shoes! The shoes had Knuckles gliding on one side & Sonic running on the other. Detail by JenHedgehog

Box Pushing Sonic Tie Here's a fun tie from the UK. The theme of this one is clearly "Badniks" along with box pushin' Sonic. As you remember, there were many such boxes to push in Sonic 1, which is where the badguys are from. You can see 2 colors of Crabmeat, Chop Chop the fish, possibly a Ball-Hog, and that rabbit with a spring in it that wasn't very common. Using the badniks gives it a nice color variety without over-busy-ing it. This is by TieRack Ties. Photo by Sonikku. (left)
Original Sonic Wear Sweat Shirt How about a Sonic sweat-suit?
This is unusual because it's a set, and also because it has Sonic pants. Sonic pants/shorts are far rare-er than tops of any kind. Both pieces are loaded with words. The pants say "Go Sonic Think Fast" and "Original Sonic Wear Totally Cool Quality Guarenteed" (in the lower circle) The shirt says "Original SonicWear Totally Cool The Hedgehog with Attitude Originated in the Green Hill Zone, super Sonic speed guarenteed" This was available 1991/1992 at Marks & Spencer stores.
Go Sonic Sweatpants
Soccer / Football Sonic shirt blue shiny
It's unusual to get an actual sporting shirt with Sonic on it, but here it is. This is a Soccer /Football jersey type shirt with a Sonic theme. The small chest logo has Sonic kicking a soccer ball, and his name. The rest of the shirt is covered in stripes of this odd shiny woven-in thread. This isn't like some decal or detail that is going to rub off.
Close-up shiny design Soccer Sonic Stripe
Each stripe has rows of stock/line art Sonics including, winking Sonic, normal Sonic, and Tired Sonic.There are also soccer / football balls in the rows. This is another Marks & Spencer item from around 1992. It looks quite quality and is also rather unusual.
Sonic 2 big embroidery black hoodie This black sweatshirt has the large Sonic 2 themed embroidery work on it. The embroidered piece was actually available as a patch, but naturally some people would like it if it had already been applied to clothes. In this case, it appears on the back of a black hoodie sweatshirt. With the quality artwork/embroidery, no matter where Sega applied this patch, it seems to be a good move! Photo & owned by: