Sonic the hedgehog clothing from Britain

Classic Soft Goods & Clothing

England had a fair amount of old Sonic Clothing and accessories. Not all the old bits were the highest fashion, but you be the judge...The important thing is, they're at it again, making great new clothes for you to wear. Some of these can be found in
My Collection as well. A LOT of this stuff is available on ebay...for now. The thing is, they're fleeting, and the companies are making more designs and phasing out the old ones, so if you want these at a reasonable price, look now.
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Classic Clothing Items Or New Clothing Items

A pair of Sonic Socks in the UK Socks the hedgehog classic Socks. Can't read who made them. These probably came in more than 1 style, but they weren't very common. Sonic has a super tiny hand in the design, and a ring above his head.
Sonic & Knuckles Slippers Logo
Sonic and Knuckles slippers / house-shoes! These were released around the time of Sonic & Knuckles for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive. They don't look very large.
Bomber or Lettermans' jacket back with patch
A Sonic Bomber or Letterman's Baseball Jacket! This thing is actually pretty cool in a retro way. Big, quality designs all over, real? leather sleeves, snaps on the front and LINED too. It even has patches on the sleeves. All designs appear to be embroidered. This is one of the rarer items in anyone's collection. Find it at high prices only...
Rare lettermans' fake leather jacket Note the Dr. Eggman in his pod ship patch on the sleeve. It says "Professor Robotnik" as they hadn't yet decided how to switch his name and design when this was made. This was sold as an individual embroidered patch in Japan, and the same design also appears as an enameled metal pin.
This jacket was produced in the UK in 1992. The blue part is made of wool.
The above right photo shows a close up of the patches, and the elusive paper tag that hung on the collar when it was new. The tag is checkered black/gray and says "Baseball Jacket" on the edges, confirming the proper title for the item.
Below, you can see what it looks like when worn.
Letterman Jacket Views This wasn't just a UK item. An identical jacket was given to Sega employees in the USA while promoting Sonic 2. Left photos & info provided by: JoeMD
Hedgehog Attitude Yellow Watch Here's a Hedgehog With Attitude watch. It says that in script on the card and the strap. HWA is also on the face, which is digital. The watch is a rather busy affair with so much design going on all around it. Yellow is somewhat unusual though, making this watch stand out. This was a give-away item by STC (Sonic the Comic) if you sent in an artwork to the "Fan Art" section, and it got into the comic/published. So it was used as a prize. Bottom photo & owned by JenHedgehog
Red Band Yellow Face Sonic Watch Digital Totally Cool Sonic Watch Face Close Up Photo
Even back in the day, some companies were fond of varients. This strongly resebles the one to the right, but syas "Totally Cool" on the face instead, and has a repeating design on the band, instead of the slogan. The packaging is the same, though. HWA Sonic the Comic prize watch
Busy stars tie in the UK Sonic ties are REALLY prolific. Most of them come from America or Japan though, and most of them are very...busy. This one is no exception.
Can you wear a vest with a tie? This one has the same pattern as the tie above. Both items were from Marks & Spencers stores. The vest has a pocket, but it is difficult to see. Just how busy can an outfit get, before the wearer gets dizzy? This is a childrens' vest in various sizes. Photo & owned by: Hello Katie Cosplay
Brittish Sonic 2 or AOSTH short tie Sonic, Tails and Robo are on this starry tie, along with the Sonic 2 logo, to let you know when it was made. This is a short tie, meant for children to wear.
"Dye Hard Fan" Sega Dreamcast promotional shirt. This was a UK giveaway for the system launch. You can see the "Tween" shillouette Sonic, that is the transition between old style, and SA style Sonics.
Spring Up Sonic Tie
Dye Hard Fan Dreamcast Promo UK Shirt
Silk Sonic Spinball Tie
Another tie, this time with a 'badnik' theme. You can see Eggman (note that it is NOT robotnick) in his classic wrecking ball machine, as well as Roller, BatBot/Brain and Katerkiller. All from Sonic 1 on Megadrive.
Ooh a quality tie! This one is made of silk, no less. You can see that the weave of the actual fabric has a sort of embossed pattern to it as well as the dyed-on image. The scene is reminiscent of Sonic Spinball's final zone, but is taken from the cover art of Metal City Mayhem (seen in Sonic Books). This was made in Italy, but sold to UK area / in stores there.
The question is, why is Sonic saving Tails from a fall? He can fly. This tie has a Varient Version.
Analyze Sonic Data Shirt
Here's a curious one. An analysis of Sonic! Here he is with various charts, stats and even a partial wire-frame mockup. This is a rather classy and unusual older shirt. It is difficult to run across...but interesting!
Orange & Blue Sonic the Hedgehog swim trunks
Turn Me On TV Sonic shirt
Uh oh. You'd best not wear this shirt around any gutterminds! The slogan is "Turn Me On" with some nice arrows and a logo. Of course, Sonic's face is in a "TV" for a supposedly cute effect, but the double meaning of the fraze renders the shirt somewhat annoying.
Swim Trunks! Bathing suits of any kind were never that common. Here is a Brittish pair, complete with inside-netting underwear stuff. It has an annoyed looking embroidered disk and abstracted line-art for the background pattern.
Short Sonic kids under-shirt with pattern
Strappy undershirt. From the 'short and stubby' days of Sonic, which are thankfully over. The background has an all-over print which gives the shirt a more quality feel, and makes it nearly impossible to bootleg. Not exactly sure -where- anyone could wear this, but oh well.
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