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As more classics are discovered, the history of Sonic shirts in the UK moves on to page 4.
Pre-Sonic adventure there was still plenty to choose from, though none of it is that easy to get, especially today. The designs were pretty creative, and usually featured the tag-line they really, really tried to push "The Hedgehog With Attitude". Plenty of old clothing was made, so anything from tees to sweat shirts can appear here.
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Robotnik Orange Hoodie Segaworld Here's an interesting and rare hoodie. It features ONLY Robotnik, and seems to be knitted or woven out of some kind ot thick yarns, rather than being made of sweat-shirt material. This is from Segaworld London, as evidenced by the tag close ups. The Robotnik design is large on purpose, wrapping around to the back of the shirt as added interest. This is quite uncommon, and a must-see for Robotnik/Eggman fans...even though it's the 'Robotnik' art of him. At the time, it didn't sell too well because really...he's not the best looking creature in the world, especially this version of him, AoStH style. A very interesting piece to see!
The tag may say Sega World Sydney, but it was also sold at SegaWorld London. Photo & owned by Graham Tate.
Scrap Brain Variant Pixelated Tee This curious Scrap Brain Zone screen shot tee is shared with the USA. Both countries had this shirt. However, this one varies slightly, in that the left half of Sonic is pixelated. (no, it isnt linescreen in the photo) Was it done on purpose to make it look like he is 'coming out' of the 16 bit shot that serves as the background? Was it an accident? It's hard to tell because the shot itself isn't that pixelated, except the (much enlarged) word at the bottom, so it doesn't quite look in-place. Still, it makes for an interesting, older shirt. Photo by JaQ. S.
Sonic Chaos GameGear Shirt Tee Here's an unusual shirt. This one is clearly here to celebrate Sonic Chaos, the Game Gear Game. Usually shirts in this era focused only toward the main console games, or were non-specific, helping this one stand out. They lifted a bit of the art from the box (Sonic on the spring, and Tails flying after) then mixed it with a rather AoStH looking Robotnick by putting him in the corner. The background is cracked, textured bricks. Interestingly, it says "Chaos Sonic" which is reverse from the title. Photo by: JaQ . S
Sonic 2 special stage screen shirt front This interesting shirt is done in the same "screen shot with stock art combo" style as the above Scrap Brain Zone one, only this time it's for Sonic 2. They chose the half-pipe special stage, but did a wash of red & blue tones instead of leaving it colored the same as it is on the screen. Do notice that the words are actually backward on the front of the shirt, as Special Stage Sonic 2 Shirt Back
Sonic & Tails race toward the viewer. This effect causes the 'view' of the shirt to look as if it's coming from within the TV, looking outward. The back shows the thumbs-up winged-ring that you get when you collect enough rings to pass the goal, and this view is presented as if viewed from the outside of the TV. Notice that the tag says "Sonic GEAR" (no association with the site...the shirt is old and the name is obscure) With its attention to effect, this is an interesting old shirt to collect. Photographed & owned by KariXIII
Sonic wind-breaker blue jacket Here's a great old jacket! This is a windbreaker jacket, made out of slightly shiny, smooth and light material. Its big attraction is the multiple patches it comes with. Each are embroidered, and then sewn on, including the giant reaching-Sonic one on the back. Other ones include the classic Sonic logo, Tails portrait, "HWA" Hedgehog With Attitude, an "S", & even Eggman /Robotnick at the top. With so many details, and such quality patches, this is Sonic windbreaker jacket back patches
a great jacket to collect. However, it isn't commona at all. Clearly made after Sonic 2, there can't of been that many of these, as it never turned up until 2010. Photo by: Psketti
Hippie Tie Die Sonic Shirt This one's really retro!
Here, an unusual art of Sonic is jumping over "Go Sonic" on a possibly tie-die or mock tie-die pattern of bleached circles or bullseyes. With blue sleeves and collar, and orange slogan, the shirt comes off as rather tacky...not to mention the 'loud' dots and sub-par looking Sonic. You can't really ever call this shirt 'cool'. This probably contributed to not many people getting it, and it's subsequent rareness today. This has been confirmed to have been sold in Marks Spencers stores in the UK in 1991.
Many Slogans Sonic T-shirt This shirt has a lot going on!
It seems mostly concerned with trying to crank out slogans or phrases... but doesn't always succeed at making sense. The circle-portraits also have writing around the edges. This says:
Think Big, Think One Step Ahead, Be Credible, Don't fall Behind
The circles say:
"Sonic for Wearing Power", "Get Relevant Sonic", "Big Ac--- Sonic the Hedgehog", and "The Original Live Sonic Wear"
Curiously, they cover up their own slogan with art, so you can't ever read it. The art is also original, but somewhat tubby looking, especially from the back. Still, this is a curious and collectible shirt. This item has been moved to UK Classics, as it was likely only available there. The company or license that made this is actually called "Sonic Wear" but it's unknown if they produced anything else under the same name.
Segaworld London Gray Tee This Segaworld shirt could only be bought out of Segaworld London. (So it's uncommon!) It's a nice mottled gray tee with "Segaworld" written up one side, in the Sega font. It uses the seldom-seen Japanese sitting Sonic stock art. The sleeve has a special tag, letting everyone know where it came from. This is a great old shirt, made even better by the uncommon art choice. Photo & owned by Bianca Segaworld London Sleeve Detail
Marks Spencer Sonic 1 pattern kids vests These are small children size vests. They're only large enough to fit 3 to 5 year olds or so. These are from Marks & Spencer, and the tag (middle) says "St. Michaels for Marks & Spencer". The fabric is black, but has a rather busy design. There are little yellow stars, various Sonic stock arts, and 'screen shots' of Green Hill. This was released in 1992, so pretty much right after Sonic really started getting popular. Photo by: Matthew Senn , owned by Andrew Senn
City Orange Sonic Tails Tee All-over design This tee comes across as rather busy, with its all-over design and mis-matched sleeves. (one is blue, the other orange, while the collar is all orange) It has a sort of abstracted cityscape for the background (a level like that didn't exist in the time of Sonic 2...which is when this was made) It has the old 'thicker spikes' version of a Sonic stock art leaping over a banner like thing with his name on it, while a star bumper, the logo, & Tails are placed below. Look at unusual running Tails, he's quite on-model, orange (as he should be) and shown in an interesting/seldom seen pose. For some reason, several of the game's timer clocks are scattered around at the bottom...even pixelated, like they were in the games. This is an unusual old shirt.
Color Stripe Lines Classic Sonic White Shirt This is likely to be a genuine classic shirt, as the design is a little simple & strange. Various random colored wiggly lines go at an angle, while Sonic leaves horizontal speed lines behind him as he runs...but it looks like they've added a yellow Sega logo over where the feet / spinning feet effect would be for some reason. Is the interior of this shirt blue, or does it have blue trim for some reason? Photo discovered by:
Sonic & Kuckles All Over Print Black Shirt Here's an interestingly designed classic shirt. The whole thing is Sonic & Knuckles themed, with the logo in color, the S&K symbol in black & white plus line-art as the background with full color art for Sonic & Knuckles on the front. The art for them uses screen-tone dots for the shading and 'motion blur'. The Sonic is nicely shaded Stock art but Knuckles is rather wierd shaped in the body, & has little feet. The shirt is unusual because the symbol print is on both sides / everywhere.
This was made by The One and Only Clothes Co. and is copyrighted 1991 / 1992 . It is uncommon & was likely sold around the release of S&K the game. An interesting shirt with a unique look! Photo & owned by Kitsune Li
Think Fast Pixel Gear Shirts This is a shirt by "Sonic GEAR" which is that brand that existed & stopped existing before was created. This shirt has a slogan "Think Fast" & uses actual parts from Sonic 1 backgrounds, like the lif counter, timer, star bumper & lines. The art is interesting, as it goes from regular/shaded stock Sonic (arms crossed) to the last (right) image, which is a pixelated game sprite of spring-jump Sonic. The 2 inbetween have been altered to be progressivly more 16-bit pixel styleized. With this photo you can see the different sizes it came in. Photo & owned by: Eddie Booth
Gotta Stride Clyde Gray Sonic Tee Here's a charcoal-gray slogan tee with "Gotta Stride Clyde" at the top.
It features a fairly large full color graphic of toe-tapping annoyed Sonic under the phrase. If you look carefully, you can see he's on a background of very faint line-art/dark greenish? Sonic images. The classic logo & copyright are under his foot.
The "Gotta Stride Clyde" 'catchphrase' was really only attempted to be popular in the UK area, so it's no real surprise to find it at least on 1 tee. With a simple graphic & small slogan, this is a pretty typical classic tee. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Totem White Tee Red Sleeve 1992 Here's a bit of an unusual shirt from the early 1990s...
It's style (white body with red collar & sleeves) is unusual, & so is the art. It has 'finger waving' Sonic, but his opposite hand has been changed/re-drawn (notice how fat it is) so he looks like he's leaning on that 'totem pole' like thing in the background. What other mistake can you spot? His arms are blue! The tower of wooden faces are very goblin-ish. Is it suppsoed to represent the 'totem pole' like items from the background in the game? It's a bit off, if so. Then, there are stars in the background like it's a 'night sky' but the shirt is white. Also, what's that wierd little green planet/moon up there? All these elements together makes for a confusing old shirt.
Here is a selection of 4 sweaters, all by Intarsia.
Intarsia is a Gary Kennedy brand. These are in childrens AND adults sizes. They are also actual sweaters, not sweat shirts. This means they're woven out of yarn, and have those 'jagged' type edges for the designs, and cannot get fine detail in the pattern. In the day when these were released, this kind of pattern and color was being done un-ironically, unlike today's "Tacky Christmas Sweater" trend, where the 'stitch' look is used as a joke type of effect.
The first red one has forward facing Sonic & his name in yellow, the next is yellow with 'finger waving' Sonic and his name in red vertically, the third is another but lighter yellow with running thumbs-up Sonic (and a speed line or two) & the last is white with a hip-up portrait of him just standing.
Do you notice something?
The running one has the BLUE ARMS mistake! The others are actually correct, with the beige arms, so how'd this one slip past the pattern maker? They're all the same brand, the same character---there shouldn't have been any confusion. These are thought to be a very early release, possibly before the time of Sonic 2.
Canon Williams F1 Racing Team Sega Tee Race car teams often have lots of sponsors, hence all those colorful, decorated with logos cars. At several points in the past Sega has been involved in car racing & unsurprisingly, Sonic (being fast) gets along well as an icon there.
In this case, it's race merchandise in the form of a nice white long sleeve tee. This is a Canon Williams Team shirt (as seen with the logos at the bottom) It uses a modified stock Sonic. He's shown holding a big bottle of champaigne, which is spraying out the top as happens when someone wins/celebrates the race. They've add the team's red hat & he is also wearing the team jacket (why you can't see the arm) There's a big Sega logo for the front, and one for the sleeve as well, making this a nicely decorated shirt to collect.