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Drop Dead Sonic The Hedgehog Clothing Line
Drop Dead?
Instead of an insult, it's the name of a clothing maker that serves the UK area. They have their own brand symbol/logo, and a website where they sell all the things of their design like shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories like hats and socks. Usually, they just make their own branded items, but in 2016, they decided to dedicate an entire line of clothes to Sonic the Hedgehog classic designs!
That's right, this is the first non-Japan "all-Sonic" entire line worth of stuff. Rather than distributing it across the categories of Gear, it's all right here in one place to keep the brand organized. All the clothing is adult size (so should fit anyone) and there are both men's and women's items too. Nothing here is particularly low-cost. However, it WILL (as of 2016) ship out of it's area, but for 50 pounds, no-matter what you buy. (Shipping within UK area is supposed to be free) To see on-site & buy any item from this page you can use their website at DropDead
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Drop Dead First Place Black Zip Jacket This is called the "First Place" jacket. It's a black jacket with zip front & GHZ style checkered fabric interior. The front has a small white embroidered 'finger waving' Sonic, while the back has a much larger & more detailed embroidery design.
The only thread color here is white, and everything is just an outline. It's finger-waving Sonic again, but bigger, flanked by two star bumper shapes. "First Place" is written over him in an arch, then under is "Sonic" spelled out in the logo font, and then written again, but this time smaller & in the Japanese letters instead.
Notice that one of the sleeves has a small zipper on it. The cuffs & bottom are a stretchy material. This jacket should be 100 pound price.
Drop Dead Black Cap Hat Drop Dead White on White Ball Cap Hat
Here are their 2 'ball cap' style Sonic hats. The first is black with white embroidery outline-only classic Sonic face & his name spelled out in Japanese letters underneath. (notice how these are also outlines, even though they're quite small- this is a difficult bit of embroidering) The second hat is a bit of a perplexing choice...can you see the design?
It's finger-waving Sonic, but he's embroidered in white thread on a white cap. This makes it super difficult to see, because really only the texture defines it. The line art is accurate & nice...but it would pretty much look like you were wearing a plain cap unless someone got really close to the hat. It is certainly the first hat with something so subtle as this.
Each hat costs 30 pound.
Male & Female Bomber Jacket Sonic Patch Here are the male & female versions of the "Bomber Jacket". They're both an olive-drab color with black cuffs, collar & GHZ brown checkering inside. But why did they decide to make 1 jacket better?
The girls jacket (right side) is clearly better than the boy's, because it features fun classic forward-facing character patches all down one sleeve. It is more fun to have Sonic, Tails & Knuckles faces on a jacket than it is to have a plain one.
Can men fit into the womens' jacket? They would have to try if they wanted the fun decorations. (The point of most Sonic items is being able to know they are Sonic themed...) These jackets have 2 side pockets, and the vertical arm zipper on one side. The Sonic logo "S" is large & bold with raised, fuzzy texture on the chest area. The other logo you see there is the "Drop Dead" brand logo (two lower-case "d" letters, faced back to back) Both jackets are 100 pound.
Boxer Shorts Pink Scatter Level These are called the "Level Select Boxer Shorts". But why? You can see some arrows there in the interior of the waist-band (a nice design feature that's generally hidden) but was it really a code to get to a level select screen of any Sonic game?
The shorts themselves are a pinkish shade & feature a fun scattering design with rings, classic logos, running Sonic, Flying Tails, & gliding Knuckles as well as Eggman in his Egg o Matic & the word "Sonic" spelled out in Japanese letters. The exterior waist-band spells out "Drop Dead". These are 20 pound.
Chaos Sonic Sweat Shorts Black This is a pair of sweat-shorts called "Chaos Shorts". They're made of usual sweatpants material, with elastic top & draw-string. The back has the word "Chaos" printed across it in white (why?) & the front has two small gray patches.
The first is a buzz-bomber & the second is a zone title/logo for something more mysterious. It says "Steel City Zone". But why? That was never an official zone in a game? What does it mean? These shorts cost 40 pound
Chaos Sweat Shirt Front Back Black The above shorts go with this matching sweat-shirt, the "Chaos Sweat Shirt". It continues the theme of gray patches, but adds many more. The sleeve gets a star bumper & Sonic face, the back gets a large tile with Sonic & Tails on the Drop Dead logo. (Tails is sitting amongst its bars) The front has a Sonic partial face & Eggman along with the word Sonic spelled in Japanese, vertically. However, there are other patches which clearly have words.
A small one on an arm, and the larger rectangles on the front and back. No image available is close up enough to the point that these can be read. What do they say? This shirt is 60 pounds.
Eggman Bucket Hat Black An item for Eggman fans!
Yes, it's one of the uncommon few items to star only Eggman! This type of hat is called "Bucket Hat". It's soft and round, and the brim goes all the way around. The whole hat is black. The design (likely to be a print) is all in white, with a simplified Eggman face where the mustache is giant. The letters below spell out "Eggman" in Japanese. This hat is 30 pounds.
Sonic Jam Scatter Design Skirt Here's a Sonic skirt!
Is this the first skirt for adults with Sonic? (most likely) It's called the "Sonic Jam Skirt", and features a fun all-over design. It's black, with rings, classic logos, running Sonic, Flying Tails, & gliding Knuckles as well as Eggman in his Egg o Matic & the word "Sonic" spelled out in Japanese letters. If you look closely, you can also see more tiny DropDead logos as well. This is 30 pound
Subtle Gray Jogging Pants Subtle Gray Jogging Shorts Here are some jogging clothes with a very subtle Sonic theme. They're both a gray color & are for men or women. (The men & women ones are the same look but likely different sizes) There are Sonic classic faces all over them, but in texture only. The area where the face is dark is made of fibers that go a different way from the rest so you can sort of see it. Like the white on white hat, this is very subtle.
They both have draw-string elastic tops & the pants have elastic cuffs.
The shorts should be 30 pound, and the pants 50 pound.
Slightly Pink Sonic Faces Tee The computer screen does not decieve you...
This shirt is somewhat slightly pinkish. But it's pinkish in such a way that it looks like it USED to be white, then got accidentally washed with a red sock in there and now it just looks off color.
The shirt is covered in somewhat oddly placed repeating Sonic faces. His only color used is blue & black. Notice how the angle changes for one on the sleeve (left) and that the right sleeve face is distorted a bit. The collar of the shirt is textured & the material looks somewhat thicker than normal-tee fabric. The design on this one is just odd, it looks messy with cut-off faces, poor scattering of design and wierd color that doesn't make sense. It's called the "Step Up" tee, but it's more like a step down. Should be 40 pound
Tiny Emblem Tank Top Sonic This blue tank top is called the "Too Fast Top". It's made of a thicker, slightly ridged material. The only thing Sonic about it is a tiny embroidered forward-facing Sonic face. It's sewn to one side of the chest area near the arm hole. (The tag is Also Sonic branded but...) Notice that he has no mouth in this neo-classic art. It's a Sonic item, but only subtly-so with the small & colorful (so still noticible) touch. This is 30 pound.
Blue Blotches Unstoppable Shirt This is a women's shirt called "Sonic Unstoppable".
Certainly here he can't be stopped by stains or splotches, which is what this shirt has. This is a 3/4 length sleeve shirt with black sleeves collar, & shoulders. It has a white body & back. The front has neo-classic leaping Sonic in color, as he jumpes over his name spelled out in the logo font & Japanese too. The white part has many spatters & blotches of blue dye. It's not tiedye (no tie pattern) and they have bleed edges that make them look sort of accidental. Including one on Sonic's shoe, discoloring it. This is probably a "Grunge" item. It is 45 pounds
Cool bags!
Here are 2 big bags for your Sonic (or school) stuff! They're in the style of famous brands (like Vuitton) who put their logo all over something in a big pattern. These are dark brown leather (or faux leather) with bright tan/gold forward-facing but neo-classic (notice no mouth) Sonic faces fairly large printed all over. The big faces are fun & the pattern makes sense.
Rucksack Backpack Sonic
Roll Bag Sonic Face Print
The left bag is the "Roll Bag", it is like a duffle, tube shaped. It has a carry handle & remove-able shoulder strap. The top zips open. All the metal here is a brass-tone to match the designs. Notice that each bag has a chain & a ring for the zipper pull to keep it with the Sonic theme. The right bag is the "Ruck Sack", but it's a school type backpack. It has a carry handle & padded shoulder straps. The main & back pocket zip. The backpack is 40 pound, and the roll bag is 60 pound.
Sonic Jam Sweat Shirt Mens
Here's the "Sonic Jam" men's sweat shirt.
It's an all black long sleeve with stretchy cuffs & waist. It has the same pattern as the above skirt and boxer shorts. (If you wore all 3 things at once, it would be so busy!) The busy pattern is in full force here with rings, classic logos, running Sonic, Flying Tails, & gliding Knuckles as well as Eggman in his Egg o Matic & the word "Sonic" spelled out in Japanese letters. If you look closely, you can also see more tiny DropDead logos as well. This is 50 pound. (There may be a women's one too, but it should be identical to this one)