Decorate your home, or fix up your Sonic room with lots of great items. The home decor things found here can be either vintage or modern. If something's buy-able, it will be noted in the entry. England (where Sonic the Comic originated) has what is probably the largest number of unique posters for your walls, thanks to STC giving them out with issues. What more interesting items will appear to decorate your home in Sonic Style? Stay tuned on this page as well!
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Summer of Sonic 2011 Poster Here is the poster for the Summer of Sonic 2011 convention. It has the Sega art which inspired the First4Figures exclusive statue as the main graphic. You can see the SOS & 20th Anniversary logos at the top, and the bottom says "Still Unstoppable". This poster is A3 sized, and is revealed as the back of the Show Guide from the event. (so you unfold your guide, to expose this poster--more double sided goodness) Photo & owned by LittlePidgey4
Clear Glass Classic Sonic Theme Sonic drinking glassware? You bet! This is a simple, clear glass (regular drink size, not mini) with a Sonic theme. It has the classic logo in red & black with forward facing Sonic head. But look at the back of the glass. Can you spot Tails & running Sonic with some sort of triangle? Does anyone own this glass to have a photo of the other side? This is a real classic item. The glass appears to be pretty thick/good quality too. Photo discovered by Calistine
Classic Styled Stars & Sonic Wall Scroll This is a Sonic wall scroll. Is it the first scroll for the UK area? It's a cloth poster with plastic bars at the top and bottom. Interestingly, it uses vintage style stock Sonic instead of a modern Sonic X choice (as is common for scrolls) the background is plain navy, with blue stars and a classic checkered stripe, with the old logo. You can find this in 2010 in stores. This is a nice, solid and well done piece for anyone who wants more classic Sonic.
Sonic official 1994 spiral bound calander
Here is an official 1994 Sonic calander. It's spiral bound at the top for easy page-flipping. It was only released in the UK for that year, and the art inside seems to be unique to the calendar. The length is 42cm and its 30cm wide. It has sonic snowboarding, eggman is his drill from sonic 2, Eggman's robots, Eggman trying to eat an easter egg, but sonic is inside it, Tails in a half pipe special stage, Sonic hang gliding, Sonic racing in a car, Sonic underwater as eggman shoots torpedos at him, Sonic and Tails flying, Sonic and Tails playing football while eggman is the goalkeeper, fireworks everywhere and Sonic and Tails celebrating (sort of) And sonic and Tails making a snowman eggman. Photo, image info & owned by Sonicfan3841
Calander pages Jan to June Here are the pages from the calendar. They appear to all be semi-original art, likely done by an air-brush artist. Some are clearly based on/altered stock arts (like Tails running, winking Sonic) but others seem original, for better or for worse. However, the whole set is pretty interesting to see. January shows they didn't grasp the concept of Sonic's spikes, he only has 2 visible despite being in 2/3 profile
Calendar pages August to December
which, every other time he's in 2/3 profile, all 3 are always seen. Feb. has only badniks, which is neat to see. Cluckoid has somehow mobilized its' turret, and everything metallic is quite nicely rendered. March has only sortaeggman in his 'drill car' from Sonic 2, but the drill is tiny, as he fails to run rabbits over in his path. April is particularly awful, as...well just look at it. Mis-shapen empty eye-sockets, no neck at all, glove-less hands, mutant teeth, shrivelled 'foil egg' and odd Sonic toy inside. Sonic's race car is quite well done (artist clearly specialized in cars/machinery) September has swimmin' Sonic (which he couldnt do) The Tornado makes an appearance, and then there's some Soccer/Football confusion. Tails is in there, but Eggman the goalie? What's going on with Sonic's spikes? November has fireworks, with Sonic & Tails holding sparklers in front of a detailed Eggman display. Then, December has Tails building an angry snowman (holding a magic stick??) while Sonic gets ready to throw a snow ball at it. (hard ot see because it's white, and behind the numbers) This is an interesting calander full of pretty much original things. All pages photos by: Sonicfan3841
4 Pack Sonic Coasters in Sleeve Here's a set of 4 cool coasters. They all use neo-classic art at a super big size so that only a part of each face is visible. You get Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Eggman. He looks a little funny with his giant teeth. These come in a decorative cardboard sleeve for storage. Why they chose to put that "weathering" or faux-wear on the designs to make them look chipped/used is unknown, classic things are fine without looking very
used...before you even buy it. They're made of teak wood with cork backing. (Teak is supposedly a wood that resists water well) They feel a good quality. This set is 7.99 pound at , though it doesn't seem to ship out of Europe. Look for them on ebay via 3rd party sellers if you're not in Europe. Discovered & owned by Shadowfoxx757
Jump Punch Sonic Classic Mug
Here's a classic mug from 1992. Notice it has a sort of ridge around the top, most mugs don't have that, for whatever reason. It is thought that the ridge could help hold an Easter Egg. This mug was sold with a chocolate egg inside. It has 2 rows of red stars, the Sonic logo in full color & Sonic...not in full color. For some reason they decided to skip black ink all togther, so his eyes & mouth are a little small giving him a bit of an odd look. He's in an unusual (for the time period) jumping/punch pose. This was licensed by "Copyright Promotions" which is a rather generic sounding name, however, the mug is uncommon.. Photo & owned by UltimateFreiza
Sonic 1 Best Game Ever Poster This poster for Sonic 1 has a bold claim right at the top. It says "The Best Game Ever". So, naturally this is a type of ad poster. It has 3 screen shots to show off the graphics. It says "Sonic is the new hero for the Sega Megadrive System." The info at the bottom is ''Virgin Mastertronic LTD, 16 Portland Road, London W11 4LA Tel: 071 727 8070'' . It seems likely that it was for stores, however it makes a great wall decoration with the large art. Photo & owned by: Sonicfan3841 Sonic X Square Pannels Sheets
Green Hill Theme Money Tin Bank This is a money tin / money box. It's like a piggy bank, but rectangle. It has green hill scenes on all sides, with somewhat out of place Eggman in his egg o matic. Sonic is a sprite, not substitute stock-art, & he's in the 'waiting' pose. You can spot motobug on the side. This "photo" seems to be at least part mock-up, as the checkered top's perspective is amiss. This will be 3.99 pound at the store (only sells to Europe, only takes pounds to buy with) Discovered by Shadowfoxx757 This is a Sonic X bed sheet. It has dark blue, light blue & red square panels all over. Each panel either has the X logo, standing/ready Sonic, jumping punch Sonic or confused/side portrait Sonic, all of which are X art. Did this go with a set pictured on one of the other pages? Was it a stand-alone? Write in if you've seen this flat sheet. Photo & owned by SonikkuTiger
Money Box Metal Bank All Sides Here is the actual money box, since the one above is just a proto-graphic. It is printed on all sides with wrap-around GHZ imagry. You can see foot tappin' Sonic & Eggman, Tails on an edge, a Buzz Bomber & Crabmeat & a Motobug on the other edge. The top is all 'ground checkered'.
With a character or badnik on every side, plus checkered top, some decent design thought has gone into this money box bank. Photos & owned by Debbie Keers
You're Too Slow Mug Here's the "You're Too Slow" classic styled Sonic ceramic mug. One side has a nice big arms-crossed Sonic graphic, while the other has a slanted checkered 'ground' with small running Sonic, the logo and "You're Too Slow" across the bottom. With graphics on all sides, plus a nice & different looking style/design, this is a rather nice mug. This can be found at , in 2013, but it only sends in that general area. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Segaworld London Classic Old Mug The mug above may be classic styled, but this one is an actual classic. It could only be bought at Segaworld London. It has Sonic running past the logo with a striped sort of 'speed trail' that goes through the donut-shaped puffs of dust that they commonly use. The bottom says "The Trocadero London" indicating location. It's otherwise a plain ceramic mug. Photo & owned by Ultimate Freiza
Segaworld London Magnet Here is a magnet from Segaworld London. It's probably about 3 inches. It's one of those flat flexible ones & appears to be layered plastic on top of the magnet part. It uses the more "Japan" style jumping over Sonic art that's less common. Look at the lack of detail on his foreground hand, only 2 fingers are differentiated. He's shown jumping over the logo. Photo & owned by Ultimate Freiza Sonic Face Square Sandwich Tin Where do you put a sandwich to keep it safe? In this tin! A square metal tin has a checkered border & classic winking Sonic (with annoying weathering effect) on the lid. This is 4.99 pound in 2013. Discovered by Shadow Foxx757
Green Hill Pixelated Magnets Scene Set This is a cute & fun idea! A set of Green Hill themed magnets to decorate & create Sonic scenes on your fridge or file cabinet. (Or anywhere magnets will stick, really) The artwork is pixelated so it has a really 16-bit look. The different elements you get in the box are: floating 'shelf' bits of land, a strip of land, Motobug, Crabmeat, BuzzBomber, Chop Chop the fish, a sunflower, rings in various states of rotation, a plam tree, running Sonic sprite, flying Tails sprite, Eggman in his Egg o Matic & those log-like twisty things that sometimes showed up in the background.
The only element out of place here is Tails, because this is clearly supposed to be Green Hill / Sonic 1 & Tails was never there...but kind of "oh well" because having Tails is better than not having him. These magnets are 6.99 pound, and should be sold in 2014...but where? (which ships to UK area, but elsewhere with a fee at TruffleShuffle) has these, but shipping may be costly if you're out of the area. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Sonic face theme silicone ice tray Now here's something really cool (oh no, puns) the first ever Sonic Ice Cube Tray! It's a blue silicon ice tray with 9 of the same winking Sonic face. Because it's soft enough, you can get the ice out of the irregular shapes. Household goods like this are awesome because they are so quirky, unexpected, & really help the point of "Everything Sonic" along. Ice cube tray views photo
Look at the neo-classic art on the box, it has falling/fright Sonic over a glass of water to make fun of the point that in all the games Sonic just always sinks or dies in water. This is 8.99 pound in 2014. It's at TruffleShuffle website, but where else? Discovered by ShadowFoxx757