Decorate your home, or fix up your Sonic room with lots of great items. The home decor things found here will be ONLY modern (that's post-Sonic Adventure era) items. If something's buy-able, it will be noted in the entry. This can include things like kitchen / dining ware, bathroom towels /decor, pillows, bed sets and more. What more interesting items will appear to decorate your home in Sonic Style? Stay tuned on this page as well!
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CG Sonic Art Big Beach Towel Is a beach towel really home decor? Since there's no real category for it, and you can use it as a bath towel, or hang it on the wall as a decoration....into home decor it goes. This large size towel has all CG art on it. The Sonic graphic is so big that his ears run off the top & you cant see his shoes. He's got the "thumbs up-ish / hand on hip" pose, which isn't that dynamic, but still looks fresh enough since it's CG. The modern logo appears with a little shading at the bottom. This CAN be imported to the USA (And probably parts of Europe). The SonicGear store may have a link for it as well, since Amazon tried importing it too.
Gamer Heat Change Special Effect Mug Here's a first! This mug has a special effect. It is a 'heat change' mug. When you add a hot beverage, the heat-sensative ink on the outside turns from black to clear, revealing the design. In this case, an old fashion tv is printed onto the mug, and the game screen revealed is Sonic running in Green Hill Zone.
A picture of a controler & the word "Gamer" in red pixel font finish off the design. The mug comes in the cardboard box you see here. The bottom says "Heat Activated Ink" & the blue bar below the logo says "Collector's 1st Edition". Ceramic mugs like this are indeed collectible, & are usually displayed sitting atop their square boxes. This can be bought in the USA too! It is at Vat 19 , an online store that serves the USA. (Use link to go directly to cup if it is in stock) Discovered by Taaron
Classic Style Winking Sonic Face Shape Mug This mug is new in 2015, and it is shaped like Classic Style Sonic's head. It is all glazed ceramic. The face on the front is winking. It has 3D details, like ears, nose, spikes & handle. It is called "Shaped Mug". The purple bar on the box says "Collector's Edition".
This mug is noteable because it is like the very rare & very expensive Segaworld Australia head-shaped mug. If you are a mug collector and can't get the very rare one, this one could stand in. Also, it may be a good idea to get as a collector's item because look at all the various points there are to chip the glaze on! Not using the mug is likely a good idea as well. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Money Box Statue Piggy Bank This is a Sonic theme piggy-bank/table-top coin bank.
It is likely to be a UK item, or a several-country-release item because usually these items are labeled "Bank" in the USA, and "Money Box" in Europe areas. (Why?) The bank part is the Green Hill themed cylender there, it just has a statue of classic style Sonic standing on it. There's likely a plastic plug in the bottom for removing the coins, and a slot at his feet.
The yellow/blue base is it's cardboard 'package'. It says "Save up those golden rings" across the bottom.
The Sonic likeness is pretty good. The arms-crossed pose looks like the stock art, his classic proportions seem good & the eye paint is correct. The base is pixelated to give it a 16 bit look. If it is fairly inexpensive, it could be a good way to get a fairly large Sonic statue/display figure without big spending.
Depending on what this is made of, it may be difficult to get in good shape, or to hold onto. Of course, Sonic stands on fragile stick-legs (if they're not rubbery) & the packaging (as it were) seems to provide no protection for the statue atop the bank. Will it be a problem when this goes on sale? Write in for credit if you can provide a bit more detail for this bank.
Sonic Spinball Roller Coaster Souvenier Mug Here is a very detailed & fun mug!
It's a ceramic mug with an all-over design. And it means "All Over"! Even the interior is decorated for more fun with Sonic.
The theme is quite curious unless you know why the mug was made. It uses all modern CG art for the exterior designs, including rings. You've got running Sonic & standing gesturing/Sonic with a column of scattered CG rings. The background is a pale blue grid with darker blue squares.All the Sonic images are slightly raised & textured. But what's that at the rim? The interior is all red & has the modern logo at one side of the top interior. However, on the bottom of the mug is the old Sonic Spinball logo.
Why? It's a souvenier from the UK area Sonic themed/dedicated rollercoaster at Alton Towers "The Sonic Spinball"! (This coaster & its accompanying Sonic statue can be seen on Gear) Because it was made as an attraction item, that's why you get a classic game logo paired with modern art. It's a great mug with loads of detail. This is the first known Sonic item made by the company "Merlin Entertainment", that's got the copyright info there on the bottom of the mug. Photo & owned by: Spinballboy18
3 Piece Ceramic Plate Bowl Cup Set Sonic More great ceramics to collect!
Make meal time Sonic time with these real ceramic items. In this set, you get a mug, a bowl & a plate all with modern Sonic theme. The cup has Sonic running & Tails flying, the plate has an all-over print of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles and the bowl has a blue border with the same Sonic/Tails portrait as the mug.
How is the design quality? How will they hold up to use? What company released these & how much does the set cost? There are many questions regarding this fun looking & desireable set. Write in if you've got answers!
Ceramic Sonic Cereal Bowl Classic Face Here is a cereal bowl.
But could likely be a bowl for almost anything. It's a blue ceramic bowl with a bit of an odd choice of design for the outside. They chose forward-facing winking Sonic, but the face is so big and the angle of the bowl's sides so steep that he almost becomes abstracted. The top of the eye is too high so it bleeds off the rim, the spikes are tiny, & there's no way to see his ears. The idea of the face is there but a different art might have been a bit more appealing. The design also has more of that 'faux wear' weathering so it looks chipped up when it's brand new in an attempt to be 'classic'. This is a fall 2016 release, but where can you find it, and how big is it?
Get a Life Sonic UK Ceramic Mug
Here's a white ceramic mug with a Green Hill pixel-16 bit style scene & the slogan "Get a Life!" It has foot-tapping annoyed Sonic standing before the extra-life monitor icon from the game...about to do just what the slogan says: get an extra life. The small text below reads "Sonic Est. 1991", trying to add another layer of classic-ness.
If you don't already have a batch of classic type Sonic mugs, this is an all-right one to add, with it's literal slogan & 16 bit look. This MAY be on UK-shipping area-only Amazon, or possibly videogame/pop culutre type stores. The standard price is unknown. This is a 2017 item.
TSB Bank Charity Poster& Stickers This is a give-away poster by TSB Bank
At some point in 1993, TSB Bank did a charity collaberation of some kind with Sega & Sonic and created this poster to give away in exchange for dontations to charity. The poster has rolling Sonic atop a coin, but the coin has a Tails face on it....however, because the coin is supposed to be rolling, the face looks dizzy/swirling. The background is all Sonic Chaos, Spinball & the word for Sonic CD, however, all the graphics are chaos/spinball related. The sheet at the right is Sonic face stickers where it says "Every Penny Goes To Charity". The yellow card is a sticker from the poster box with instructions:
Roll poster faced inward, stick shut with a sticker, give when anyone donates at least 1 pound to the cause. (The jumping Sonic sihlouette is a nice touch here) This is likely overstock of some kind that didn't get given away. A nice campaign for a good cause. Photo discovered by Lee
Sega Pro Sonic 2 Winter Theme Poster This is an uncommon give-away poster by Sega Pro Magazine.
Sega Pro was a magazine operating in England at the time of Sonic 2, so when they knew the game was coming out, they added a pull-out poster to the issue as a bonus prize. Interestingly, it may be a unique item because where else have you seen this same image? (No where really, yet revealed) It is winter themed. Look at the ground, it's the texture of snow. The 2 is also 'dusted' with snow as Sonic & Tails appear to be leaping/running along side of it while it hovers over the snow. The sky is shown as night time, with stars, but there's a 'haunted' image of strange Eggman up there that's semi-transparent. This was the era where artists weren't sure what the dots on his face were (they are goggles/glasses that are black) if it was all-black eyes, empty eye-holes that look black...or glasses. This one seems to think they're eyes because they are 'angry shaped'.
It's an interesting scene due to the winter theme, and judging by the folds, it's pretty big too. The bottom corner has the magazine's logo. Photo & owned by Lee
Here's a real cute mug!
This was made for Sonic 2 in Japan. It's a mug that stars JUST Tails! Having a solo character on something that's not 'just Sonic', isn't that common in this older era. However, it's good move, because look how cute the art is for him they have used. He's super cheerful looking & doing a peace sign (or number 2 for Sonic 2) The Sonic 2 logo is blow him & he's in a ring shape with his name at the top.
The box for the mug is black, with Sonic in a star ring and the logo. The box for all the mugs of this time was the same, no-matter what the design on the item inside was.
The mug itself is a plain, white ceramic with smaller size handle.
What's unusual about this mug is it is VERY Japanese style, the Sonic on the box is, & the Tails especially is. This is something you'd expect to find in Japanese stores, not in England / UK area. (Remember, with their Segaworld they got wierd/ugly Tails art/brown Tails and other errors quickly...this must have appeared before that started happening.

Photo & owned by Lee

Sonic 2 Cardboard UK Wall Clock An unusual, but fun wall hanging clock!
This is a clock for Sonic 2, which hangs on your wall & is battery operated. The clock-works are in a plastic box behind it & the hands stick through a hole in the center. The entire rest of it is made of cardboard, including the fun pendulum underneath. Certainly, a cardboard clock would be light-weight to hang and to ship but...everything is exposed to damage or problems, including the hands. Is a fragile clock like that really best for a kids' room?
The clock is interesting for the era as well. It uses Eggman in the Egg o Matic art (not Robotnick) as well as Japanese stock art for profile-running Tails & the Japan-mostly art for 'peace sign/2 sign' Sonic in the Sonic 2 logo at the top. It's possible the clock was also released in Japan, looking just like this. (And that would make sense as well) The edges are checkered, and without numbers. The middle just has a blue sky/clouds theme & the Sega logo. The dangling Eggman is on a chain of gold rings. It's a fun idea to have him down there 'flying' back and forth as the time is kept. The whole thing is a fun presentation with nice thought to the design. Photo by Hedgy
Egg in Mug Easter Gift MIP Sonic Package This MIGHT be a UK item.
Or, it might be US. This clam-shell style package had a wrapped chocolate egg in a ceramic Sonic mug. The egg part gives it away as some kind of "Easter Gift" where you get candy and the mug at the same time. You can also tell it came out at Sonic 3, because of the spheres/balls special stage background. It uses AOSTH Robotnick, but it has normal (non brown/non-stupid) Tails there in the bottom corner. So, there is no 'difinitive give-away' proof of where this was released on the packaging.
Of course, being ancient by this point, the egg has long since had to be removed. (Old chocolate turns to powder) The description says "Milk Chocolate Hollow Egg With Sonic the Hedgehog Mug". This is an old photo so it is small & you can't read the logo. If you have evidence of where this was released, you can write in for credit.
Round Rug Star Sonic Here's a round rug!
This is a small area rug that is likely to be a UK Sega Shop exclusive. (Rugs are heavy, so mailing them is difficult) It has profile running modern Sonic over a plain lighter blue background. There is a star back there, but he covers up most of it, only 2 points can be seen. The rug's border is thin, and a darker blue. This likely has traditional rug texture, but this is all the larger the photo is, so it's kind of hard to tell. How much does this cost? It is a 2022 item.
Big Bath Towel Star Sonic Once they got the profile modern running Sonic with a star...
They're sure gonna use it. Here's the same design as the rug above, but this time on a big bath or possibly beach towel. Like the rug also, the background is all a medium blue & the Sonic art is full color. There is a band of red speed boost chevrons across the center of the towel, but otherwise the large Sonic/star is its only design. How much does this cost? It is a 2022 item. It is likely to be a UK Sega Shop exclusive