Decorate your home, or fix up your Sonic room with lots of great items. The home decor things found here can be either vintage or modern. If something's buy-able, it will be noted in the entry. England (where Sonic the Comic originated) has what is probably the largest number of unique posters for your walls, thanks to STC giving them out with issues. What more interesting items will appear to decorate your home in Sonic Style? Stay tuned on this page as well!
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Sonic 2 Era Whiteleys Jungle Poster This poster is a blast from the past (it appeared in the Sonic 2 era) and brings with it the usual rather odd art. This features Sonic & Tails swinging on a vine in a jungle, with a parrot and bananas. You can see Eggman style/Robotnick combo guy on a wooden ladder/look-out deck on a tree. He appears to be ranting or raving, as for some reason, old fashion/stone-age type spears fly through the air after the heroes. Near the bottom, that red dot is a feather from the bird, it is not a blood drop. Odd scenes like this that never appeared in any game were strangely common among old art/posters. This was found in a poster shop at London Whiteleys. The bottom text reads "Sonic: the hedgehog with attitude".
HSBC Bank 40 Inch Charity Sonic Poster This poster has an interesting history. It was only buy-able by people who had an account with HSBC Bank (thus, the gold coins circling Sonic, and not rings) It is large, at 40 inches, and features screen shots from several games. Any money used to purchase this poster went to a childrens' charity the bank was helping to sponsor. The words in the background go to the screen shots, they say "CD", "Chaos" and "Spinball" so it's easy to guess the time-frame of this poster. A 2nd poster was also produced. Photographed & owned by KariXIII
Whole Cast CG Group Poster This poster is really cool, as it showcases almost the entire cast. Everybody's CG'd, so it looks nice and dimensional. Nice, not-over-used poses were chosen for everyone, and nobody looks out of place. Even the usually-angry Shadow seems to be in on it. Rings and squares add light interest to the background, and the logo isn't over-powering. This is a super poster no matter who is your favorite! It should be available on UK's store. Photo discovered by Red.
Classic ring maxi Sonic Tails Knuckles Poster This posters' title is "Ring Maxi", & it too should be at the store. It's got nice classic art for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles... & even a little Eggman in the background. Notice 2 small chaos emeralds are in with the ring in the BG. Tails uses Japanese art, and is in a good, fresh flying pose. Photo discovered by Red
Sonic through history GamesMaster Poster This is a reversable poster given away for the 20th Anniversary of Sonic by GamesMaster magazine. It came with a supplimental booklet, stickers & pins. The poster is 2 sided, so you can flip it over for fresh art any time to change the look in your room/Sonic room. The first side has Sonic through the ages. Different stock arts from all the different games Sonic Generations Reversable Poster
appear in chronological order (along with labels for what they're from) all over the poster. The other side is all Generations. It has the logo large in the middle, with CG graphics from Green Hill, and both Classic & Modern Sonics. Both sides are a great idea for a double side poster. This is a cool collectible. Photo & owned by Indigo Sonic
FA Cup Blue Arms Sonic Poster This is a poster from a Soccer/Football tournament of some kind, called the FA Cup. Clearly, Sega had some sort of a sponsorship role with this, and then produced a poster. However, whoever made it didn't do a very good job. Sonic has blue arms, and they forgot to color his shoe stripes too. He's been modified to be shown holding the trophy to the event, while fans cheer in the background. They have also changed the art so his foot is on the soccer football. It's too bad they missed so many details, the FA Cup is a popular event. Photo discovered by Berzerker. Location placed by Kari.
Alton Spinball Coaster Photo Frame A photo frame is home decor...even if it is only made of cardstock. This cool frame can only be bought at Alton Towers hotel, after riding on the Sonic Spinball themed rollercoaster. Like many coasters, this one will take a photo of the riders which you can buy & frame to remember your experience with. The frame is card, with great Sonic graphics on the front & back. There's a slot for your photo when you open it (area where Sonic's hand & logo are) and the other side has nice CG character art. Photo & owned by SonicSpeeder1 Alton Photo Frame Sonic Interior
Modern Sonic Ceramic Coin Bank w/Coins
This is a Sonic themed somewhat figural coin bank. It's mostly just a bust, but it is made of real glazed ceramic. The bank is mostly modern styled (green eyes) however the body shape & spike length are both somewhat classic looking. It also comes with gold foil wrapped milk chocolate coins! The package says "Money Bank" and "Save with Sonic". Which you can actually do, as the bank only costs 7.99 pound. It can be found at Forbidden Planet store in Birmingham in 2011. Buyer beware the ceramic can chip, even within its clamshell be sure to inspect before you buy. Photo & info by Shadouge Ceramic Sonic coin bank side
Character World Blanket & Curtain MIB A company called Character World has gotten the Sonic license to make some cool room decor! Here you can see a "Sonic Duvet Set" (it's a sheets/blanket set) and Curtain Set. Both packages feature pictures of what they look like set up, so you can see 2 curtains & the Blanket Curtain Package Backs
pattern (a tad busy for curtains, but it is all right) The blanket is reverse-able, as you see you can pick your cool Sonic pattern for a change of pace! One side has running/twist modern Sonic art, squares & "S" letters from the logo.
Sonic logo pillow case CW The other side has a BIG CG Sonic that takes up the whole duvet, as he reaches for a gold ring. The pillow case 2 Sides of Sonic Bedspread
seen to the left above, is simple, with some streaky clouds & the modern logo. The background to everything here is blue. You can get this in a single (kids bed type) or a double bed size, so that's great for almost anyone. Photo & owned by Or@ngeHedgehog1984
CW Sonic themed Fleece Blanket Need more cool Sonic stuff for your home? CW has also made this Fleecy Sonic Blanket (left) It has a super huge Sonic art, so that most of him is cropped right off the edges. The logo is large at the bottom. The blanket is just a fleece, the way the 'sample display' here is set up has it over a puffy comforter style big bedspread.
At right is the round Sonic cushion / accent pillow. If you inspect the texture, it seems to be fleecy too, so it'll wear well/not get scratched up like a t shirt design. It has CG Sonic pointing and is shaped like a gold ring. Photos discovered by Or@ngeHedgehog1984
Round Fleecy Sonic Accent Pillow Cushion
Big CG Sonic Duvet & Cloud Pillow White & CG Sonic Geometric Duvet Set
Here are 2 more 'single bed / child bed' size duvet sets. They're probably also by Character World. The white one at right resembles one above, with it's "S" letters scattered all over & squares. The effect here is bright (good for a dark room) & geometric. CG Sonic keeps the art fresh with various poses. The pillow case uses modern stock art.
The set at left has a huge CG Sonic on sort of blurred cloud background. His realistic ring is an attention grabber. The pillowcase just has the logo, with similar clouds. Won't fit the bed? Use it as a sofa blanket. You CAN buy these in the USA & anywhere Amazon ships to, too, via the SonicGear Store in 2012!
Thumbs Up Textured Sonic Blanket This blanket is just the duvet, it's not a set. It's different from the others though, because if you look closely, it appears the fabric for Sonic is fuzzy or textured somehow. The design is nice, with giant size thumbs up modern Sonic & the logo...sideways! An interesting impression for the bed. You CAN buy these in the USA & anywhere Amazon ships to, too, via the SonicGear Store in 2012! Spin Sonic classic styled fleece blanket This simple item is actually a fleece blanket. It has classic style stock spinning Sonic printed as the all-over pattern.
The bright red background sort of detracts from his shoes. This is 9.99 pound at in 2013.
Many Star Circle Blanket Sonic Bed Cover Here are 2 more single size blankets / duvets. These appear to come with a matching pillow case, but no sheets at all. They look kind of small, even for the dinky single size kids bed/they don't hang over the edge any. The left has two different stock modern Sonics in star circles, with star bumpers & logos. The pillowcase is just a smaller version of that same pattern. The right has jumping modern Sonic in a single large star circle, with logo at the bottom. It's pillowcase is different, with running Sonic on a white background & cropped/cut off star-circle. These should be between 24.99 and 16.99 pound. They are both available in 2013 at , in the Sonic section. Big Star Circle Duvet Blanket Set
Sonic & S letter pattern modern curtains Modern window curtains! Really give your room a Sonic look when you add Sonic themed curtains. These come in 2 different lengths: 54 inches and 72 inches. They are either 19 or 22 pounds, depending on the length. The left has 2 different modern stock Sonic arts, squares and the "S" from the modern logo with 'spin' designs. The right has 2 different stock modern Sonic arts, but this time they're all in star rings & round star bumper shapes are scattered to make the pattern. They are both available in 2013 at , in the Sonic section. Blue Sonic pattern curtains