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With a key chain, you can carry Sonic the Hedgehog with you, everywhere you go!
Because they aren't that expensive, Sonic key chains & pins are easy to collect. SegaWorld London probably had some as souvenir items, and even more key chains & pins are still being made today. These can be found in GameStation stores in the UK as of 2008.

Do be careful though while collecting, to make sure you're getting an authentic Sega Sonic key chain--as they are easy to produce fake ones and then sell them on the internet. Fake pins are far less common. Countries would share pin sets too, so some seen here may not be exclusives.

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Plastic Tag Sonic Ring Key Chain Photo Here's a nice flat tag style Sonic Key Chain. They've taken the classic foreward facing Sonic stock art, and added a ring for interest. His name appears in the background, in a sporty font. It's good to see they're trying to do something a bit new with some of the classic art.
This type of keychain has thick clear plastic permenently enclosing a paper design. Photo by: Rhia
Sonic Style Plastic Key Fob Another of the plastic tag style, this Sonic key fob uses the winking foreward-facing classic art. This time, they've added "Sonic Style" to the background in an old-school neon font.

The UK designers' obsession with 'foreward facing Sonic' continues...but why? In 2008, this can be found in GameStation stores which are in the UK only.
Photo by: Rhia.

Winking Cut Pewter-Look Sonic Keychain
This is a nice quality all metal key-clip. The metal is made to look like pewter with a dark glaze that brings up the details. It is most likely just brushed white-metal, as pewter is too soft. This has relief-sculpted Winking Sonic along with the classic Sonic the Hedgehog logo.
The packaging here really looks like something out of the 1990s though, which is a bit tricky as this is avilable in 2008!
Photo by Rhia.
Sonic Mario Olympic Key Chain
Here's a fun keychain to celebrate "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games"
This is another of those carved rubber style keychains (commonly seen in USA Keychains) and it is rather detailed. It uses art streight from the game, as well as the logo, so it's quite on-model. This was actually given away by Nintendo Magazine of the UK. Photo by: Rhia.
Collection of 5 Sonic 2 Promo Pins This pin set was released to promote Sonic 2 (obvously) for the Game Gear. Some of the pins saw releases separate from this set, and the Eggman one was also Japanese. Sold/collected as a specific set though, this seems to be a UK deal. It has a nice Japan style (early) Tails art, the frowning-Sonic-hang glider (this showed up in the USA too), Egg-o-matic drops a mace, Sonic running past the '2' logo and the Sonic & Tails peek 2 logo. It's a great classic set to collect, if you can find it. Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
Sonic Ninja Star HoloFoil Pin Badge STC A Ninja Star? A mutated Pog? No! This is a pin or badge. The sticker is holo-foil type, and the badge itself is plastic. The 3D rendered head is a design exclusive to the UK (somewhat fortunatly, as it was early in the 3D era)

This was a give-away of the Fleetway Sonic the Comic book. They often had little trinkety items attached to the book. Info credit to Smindas.

Here is a "Sonic Channel" button style pin. This features Adventure Style Sonic with a nice background fade. Aquired at a flea market, it was likely a promotional item...but for what?
Professor Robotnik Button These are collectable buttons from a store in England called "Hamleys". You could only win them in one of those arcade machines that dispenses prizes. Naturally, this increased the difficulty of getting one! So they're pretty rare.

There were 4 different ones in all. Other photos pending. notice it says "Professor" Robotnik and not "Dr". Why? Credit goes to MCRG for these!

Sonic Attitude Button
Sonic Rush Adventure Jolley Roger Compass This compass keychain is a Rush Adventure item. The Sonic/Jolley Roger mix logo thing is exclusive to that game. A key-chain compass also makes sense with the theme. You can see the tiny Sega copyright in the corner. This was a give-away item at the Summer of Sonic convention in London 2009. If you attended you could get this cool exclusive for free! Photos discovered by PiplupFan77 Added info by: ZeroGravity
20th Anniversary Pin Buttons Freebie This bag of tiny pin-buttons was given away by GamesMaster Magazine, as a bonus included with their special Sonic 20th Anniversary celebration item. When you bought, you got a booklet, fold-out poster and these nice little pins. They have various Sonic art through the ages, & includes a 20th Anniversary symbol one as well. This is a nice little quality give-away! GamesMaster knows how to help out the fans. Photo & owned by IndigoSonic Games Master Magazine Give-away buttons
2 Attitude Sonic classic pin buttons Here are two older pin-buttons. They're both simple red background, and have the word "Attitude" written somewhere. Each one features a non-stock Sonic (so were they STC give-aways?) Look at the mistake on the running one, his leg is miscolored. The other shows a very simplified spray can that he's supposed to be using to underline the word. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Sonic modern & classic pin badges MIP These packs of pin badges / button pins are available for sale at the Alton Towers Hotel (the one with the Sonic themed room & roller coaster) Each pack contains 4 pins, and can be found Pin Badges Card Back Photos
in the shop. One set is modern and has CG art from the games (Eggman, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) the other is classically themed, and uses re-touched stock art & 'new classic' art--all of Sonic, & then one with the logo. The backs of the cards reveal the maker "GB Eye". The copyright info is on the badge-edge so it doesn't disturb the art. These can also be bought at , if you can't get to Alton Towers. Photo, info & owned by SonicSpeeder1
Mushy Spikes poorly done bonus keychain This keychain isn't very on-model at all. It's meant to look sort of like the Sonic Team logo silhouette, but it misses. The bottom half of the face looks fat, and the spikes are pointing up and down. It was based off of Sonic the Comic art, but it didn't translate well into actual merchandise. This was a free give-away / pack in item with the Sonic the Comic Fleetway comic issue #123. Photo discovered by FelixFox1991 , info by: Jake
Tails vs Eggman Sonic 2 Pin Button Here's an interesting pin button! There's NO Sonic at all on it, which is highly unusual for non-Japanese merchandise of this time period. It features Tails who is set up to look like he's about to fight Eggman. This is before they 'westernized' him into Robotnick, which also makes it unusual. It's an interesting dynamic, with the good guy facing away from the viewer. The Sonic 2 logo appears to 1 side, but doesn't invade the design. This pin is not only unusual, it seems it's uncommon as well. Photo discovered by: Calistine
Tails Face Pin of 1992
Here is a Tails-face shaped pin from 1992. It's all metal & enamel, and was likely to be some sort of Sonic 2 promotional item. The 'border' is likely not black, it's probably silvertone metal of the pin, just caught in a reflection. He's pretty on-model, with a cute expression, however that little curl at the back of his head has been moved to one side here. Where was this pin available, or was it some sort of pre-order bonus? Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Sonic 2 Special Edition Pin Box This is the metal case with card sleeve for the "Sonic 2 Special Edition Enamel Metal Pin Set". The metal case is mostly oval shaped with a black matte finish. Special Edition Pin Set Inside
It has a black foam inside wehre the pins are stuck down so they don't shift & scratch up. This seems to be the same as the above pin set which was
NOT 'special edition', so what's the difference? All the pins look identical, the only thing seems to be the sleeve saying it's special. (that part is upside-down for some reason, vs the logo) Photo & owned by:
Flying Tails Mini Pin This is a cute little pin! It's a tiny & simple flying Tails. He has only 2 colors & the silver-tone of the metal, so his hand is in front of his shoe where he'd of needed red. Hamleys Metropolis Pin Button Here's yet another Hamleys button. This one is "Hamley's Metropolis" It's a standard round one, with the logo under running Sonic. The top is a plastic pin with slightly raised detail from Segaworld London. It features Sonic speeding past the logo with 'London' written really small in 1 corner. Photos & owned by Ultimate Frieza
The pose is uncommon, especially for the time. It looks more like something that would be from Japan, but it is reportedly from England somewhere. This pin is uncommon.