USA Sonic the Hedgehog Keychains and pins
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With a key chain, you can carry Sonic the Hedgehog with you, everywhere you go!
Because they aren't that expensive, Sonic key chains & pins are easy to collect. SegaWorld London had some as souvenir items, and even more key chains & pins are still being made today.

Do be careful though while collecting, to make sure you're getting an authentic Sega Sonic key chain--as they are easy to produce fake ones and then sell them on the internet. Fake pins are far less common. Countries would share pin sets too, so some seen here may not be exclusives.

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Sonic the comic give-away logo pin This simple pin was given away with an issue of Sonic the Comic. It's plastic, with regular ink for the design. You can see it has a few scuffs in it, which is wear from use. It's a re-draw of the profile-running Stock Sonic, above the comic's triangle/pennant logo. The comic had lots of little give-aways like this & they are neat & collectible. Photographed & owned by SuperSonic88
Hamley's Sonic 2 Big Button Pin This is a fairly large pin-button (sometimes called a badge) that could be found in Hamley's in the 1990s. It has a nice peace-sign Sonic art, & the Sonic 2 logo at the bottom. The round starred, ring design/border fits well with the pin. Photographed and owned byDonna M Evans
Large Sonic Metal Pin Selection This is quite a pin collection. However, it should be noted that not all pins here are from the UK. Some were released in multiple countries (ie the Sonic 2 hang-glider pin, and the Sega Saturn Square) while others are Japanese (Tails foreword-facing) and other still are unknown. Bottom Left is clearly an Olympic sponsor pin, while bottom right shows Sonic near a land-mark of some type. Some of the pins are uncommon, but all are metal, and all are enameled except the top right which is just stamped metal. This is an interesting collection to see! Photo discovered by Sonic Boy 19.
All metal Segaworld Sonic trail pin This cool pin came from Segworld London. It has the logo above the 'speed trail' that Sonic is leaving behind. It's all metal with no enamel at all, and all the details are cut-ins to the silver-tone metal. Really, the pin captures a lot of detail right down to the puffy dust and Sonic's fingers. Since it's metal, it is sturdy enough to have such a thin trail be cut out, as well. This is a cool vintage pin to collect...if you can find it. Photographed & owned by Cerium
Weathered Look Classic Big Keychain Here's a classic styled keychain / key ring with a large Sonic. The design may be real, but the 'box' shown here sure isn't. It's a mock-up box. Judging by the size of the ring, the Sonic dangle part is pretty big. It uses that "weathering" or wear to the design to try and make it look old & used before you get it. This is 4.99 pound at , which only sells in pounds & ships to Europe. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757 Hot Air Balloon Sonic Pin Enamel
Segaworld London 3 Pins Various Here is a selection 3 different pins you could get at Segaworld London. (Some already appear here) There's 2 versions of the Sonic running past the logo with the 'dust trail' behind him. The top is plastic, while the bottom is textured metal. The middle pin is thicker acrylic over a "SonicTeam" type logo with Segaworld under that. All pins photo & owned by Ultimate Freiza
Hot Air Balloons are a big deal! (literally...)
They're such a big deal, that they can get metal and enamel pins to commemorate or promote them. And, the fa mous Sonic one that was used to promote Sega around the UK area sure did. Of course, the pin isn't common.
It was probably for ballooning events and may have been limited edition. It clearly has various meanings to it as well....
There are also a few mistakes going on, like the insides of the ears and belly dot should also have been the beige enamel byt they missed and it's white so it looks wierd/unlike the balloon. The gap in the fingers is also white where it should be blue, and the hip hand is very poorly done. You can see the basket near the toe of the shoe.
The words say "G-Sega Team Pin" but there's a number 3 in a fan shape, and a curl projecting a white line...also, the background is specifically green & red. What do all these mean? Write in for credit if you know....
Sonic 6 Bag Tag Gacha Selection Stylish bag tags!
These are ID holder tags for your bag or luggage. They have a little grab divot in the top for you to pull out the paper slip that has the ID info on it. The flexible soft rubber rectangle protects the ID.
Each features that layered/textured cut semi-soft rubber that's often seen on the character keychains. It's nice because it has such a capacity for crisp line, good color and detail.
Bag Tag Display Box Tomy Gacha
There are 6 you could get, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, thumbs up Sonic, portrait Sonic & Eggman. As you can see with the display box, they're sadly Tomy's "Gacha" line where they are blind packed in colorful foil bags. Incidentally, they're kind of ideal for this because no amount of bag squeezing would reveal which character you were getting before you bought it. Hopefully these get a good/wide release there because they look like a real quality product.
Wiimote holder shaped key cap Sonic Here's something probably impractical. It is a key cap, but it's too big to be practical. Look at the size of the key compared to the cap. This wouldn't fit in a pocket & would 'hog' a key chain. Maybe a purse or a school bag? Either way, it is a down-sized version of the "Classic Sonic Wii Mote Remote Holder" figure. They added a GHZ style cube base to insert the key top, and added a spring loaded key clip to Sonic's head to turn this into a keychain item.
But then, to use the key, you have to grip the figure and turn it that way? It would actively make any key harder to use. This would probably be best if left as a little display figure rather than for active use. It is slightly strange. It can likely be bought at Smyth's stores in 2020.
Bam Box Gamer Pin Set 2020 Enamel Bam Box made Bam Gamer! a collectibles box service where you get suprise items each month. In 2020 December, this set of 3 metal and enamel pins were inside. You would get Sonic, Tails and Eggman texured pins on these cards.
But...unless you were a total Egg-fan you'd likely be disapointed. Eggman is the only good looking pin here! He's posed dramatically in the blue winged ring and looks modern and on model. Sadly Tails is so terrible he looks almost like a bootleg item?
The green border looks nasty with his orange, and what art was this even based off of? He's got wierd old-fashion Archie Comics looking mouth and 2 differently sized eyes. Sonic doesn't fare much better because he's drawn with like ragged...hairs? coming off of him & overly pointy ears/jagged lines. It just makes him look wierd, especially with his one lowered eye. BamBox needed to rethink their art because it doesn't work that well as pins. Photo discovered by