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Britain really loved Sonic. Especially in the early days, this country had tons of gear. It was also fairly well mass-produced so enough fans could get their hands on it. It is also highly tradable and is still being bought and sold today.

Want some? Look at the link to the left for Ebay. Push that right away to get started. If you don't see anything the first time, come back each week and look again. Patience is the key to grabbing the vintage stuff you want. But, mind that pounds are higher than dollars.

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There is a lot of contraversy about the UK and its influence on Sonic goods and continuity. Like "They Created Robotnik" and "Fat Sonic came from there". This page is not here to solve these great mysteries, but it will show you a bunch of neat (and odd) Sonic items.

What you WON'T find here are the Fleetway Sonic Comics. These will be located on a different page. Items here are so numerous that they are divided into catagories for your viewing fun...

Sonic Story Books + More- They had many exclusive titles (Synopsis submissions welcome!)
Sonic Story Books Page 2- Even more Sonic reading fun
Sonic House Hold Goods- Redecorate! Lamp Shades, utensils, bedding, curtains etc.
Sonic Foods- What sort of great Sonic stuff did they have to eat?
Sonic Clothing / Soft Goods- Shirts, jackets, slippers, accessories
Everything Else- Puzzles, toys, etc. (Right Below!)
Even More Everything Else: Page 2!
Sonic X Disk launchers new in pack Curious Disk Launchers. This looks like someone is trying to re-invent the Pog. As you can read, there are "2 rare disks inside". Also note that the package says "Metres" instead of 'feet'. What kind of 'cool games' can you play by launching disks? You probably have to buy it to find out. There are also Give-Away disk launchers as a part of a fast food Sonic promotion. SonicGear still needs pictures of the actual disks that came inside this one, though.
Astro Disk Refill Packs Display Case Set This is a whole set, in the original retail display box of Astro Disk refills. They're SonicX theme, like above and each pack has 60 disks included. These are "Moose's" (the producing company) They're to go with the above launcher set for the 'cool games'. You could buy these at the Woolworth's store during the time of Sonic X. Photo & owned by UltimateFreiza
photo of actual disks wanted
Mysterious Sonic card Game A Card Game of "The Cool Blue Dude". The image on the front is Japanese. Does anyone have images of the cards themselves? The cards were quite high quality, similar to Pokemon cards, & are about 8 inches in length & 5 inches wide.
The default game is chancy & random, yet quite fast (typical basic childrens card game) & was for four players or less. However, due to the broadness of the card set, many different games can be played. It consisted of 7 "character" cards & many "ring" cards. The character cards had a Sonic character printed on it (Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Dr. Robotnik, Crabmeat, Caterkiller and Buzzbomber - Sonic, Tails, Sally and Robotnik were all "AoStH" style and the Badnik cards were in-game style) & the Ring cards had a number of rings on a basic Marble Zone background.

The aim of the basic game was to draw cards & "ring-out" as many characters as possible within the time limit. The player, on his turn, draws a card - if it is a Char. card, he/she must
take it for themselves. If it is a Ring card, they put it in the "discard pile". If the player draws a Ring card with a one ring value, he/she attaches it to a Character card. Then it goes to two, then three, then four until eight. Once a character card has 8 ring cards on it, the player earns a point & the character & all rings cards are put on the discard pile. Once the deck is empty all cards in the discard pile are re-shuffled & the game is played over. Once the time limit runs out, the player with the most points wins.
Info by MetalMandible.
Assembeled Puzzle Box Poster Token
4 Brittish Puzzles Jig-Saw Puzzles. Notice that Sonic has the exact same expression on 3 out of the 4 puzzles. These came with a round...token or something. Someone has put together their puzzle. You can see the round widget, and that the puzzle does not end up very big when you are done. Also: Poster-like object.
Sonic Sound Zone Close Up Box Sound Zone Sonic Cassette Tape Holder UK
Sonic Sound Zone Cassette Tape Case. The interior is plain and black. This holds 21 tapes or 15 Mega Drive/Sega Genisis cartriges. (thanks to SegaFreak!)
What is magnetic?
So many things to collect! And more to come
Chaos Emerald Quest UK Video Box Art Someone started re-packaging and re-selling the AOSTH episodes and calling them "Special Features" There's another one of this as well, with more eps. This one had the Chaos Emeralds/Alt. Sonics arc. Quality was always blurry on this photo, but the tape is rare. This is defenitely from the UK, and was released along with their "Channel 4" which was airing Sonic at the time.
Placement credit on this one goes to DarkWing UK, thanks!
Sonic Mountain Quest Game Now THIS is a nice piece of loot.
This is "Sonic the Hedgehog Mountain Quest". This big, 3D game is somewhat like an interactive maze. You fiddle with different controls, trying to get the ball up to the top of the game. (buttons, springs, levers, knobs, noises etc) It is 1 player, and may be timed.
This game is actually a Sonic-ized version of a concept. There are other similar games with different names such as "Run yourself Ragged" and "Hazard Mountain" which are just generic. They have different obstacles, though, and a totally different look.
This interesting, complex game is a wonderful addition to your collection. So unique!
Capsule Figure Base Together Capsule Figures Sonic X on Base Mega Bot Figure Size Compairson
Tiny Figures
With these tiny toys, Britain gets an exclusive Sonic item.
These are "Capsule Figures", so named because they are dispensed in a little round plastic thing like a gum ball after putting a coin into a machine. The USA doesn't have really sophisticated capsule machines much, but Japan does, and they're slowly creeping around the world dispensing things better than super-balls and gum!
Each figure comes with a piece of the base, and a little paper that shows the other figures. If you can collect them all, the base fits together and has the Sonic X Sonic face symbol on it. You can see an action figure from the MegaBots line in one of the photos, to tell just how small these are!
Despite their small size, you can see that the figures have nicely painted details and are well sculpted. They are not like the often messy bendy small figures from the USA. If you can get ahold of them, they look like a nice, worth-while item to collect. Photos by AlexZ and Gary.
Want to buy these figures in 2009? You can get them for only Pound 1.99 each at , which is better than trying for random ones in a machine.
Vintage PVCs Sonic Tails Eggman This is an older set of PVCs, part of a Sonic 2 promotion. It's interesting because it has a sort of out-of-scale Eggman/Robotnik hybrid type figure because they hadn't yet figured out his look for the set. There were 6 figures in the set, so this is only half of it. Photographed & owned by:
You've seen this Metal Sonic PVC before, but now you can compare the "Sonic & Knuckles Set" figure to the "Blue Box" figure directly. You can notice small changes like the eye color and stamp on the back of the head. Photographed & owned by:
PVC Chess Pieces Sonic Character Figures These are chess pieces from a mysterious unfinished set. They were given away as magazine prizes, but the campaign quit before releasing all the pieces. It would have been red base vs blue base & ring symbol vs emerald symbol. The bases feature a picture of the traditional chess piece the character is supposed to represent. But if Sonic isn't king, who is? & What original chess piece has tentacles? (Tails symbol) The Chao is a pawn & Eggman is King. Photo & owned by UltimateFreiza
Chess Magazine Issue 1 With Sonic Figure Ordinarily, this magazine would be on 'magazine pages', but it's directly tied to the figures above. This is "Chess Acadamy Magazine" issue #1. In order to try and drum up some interest of chess fans, they decided to produce "An Exclusive Chess Set of Sonic Characters", using all modern designs. They'd enclose a figure with each issue until you had a full set. It's a great gimmick to keep people buying issues, they'd want to complete their chess set. However, was chess (a slow game) really a great choice for looking for "Crossover Fans" from the Sonic/Video game fandom...that's notorious for fast, impatient people?
Apparently it failed after only 4 figures. (a shame because the figures look nice.) The usual price was to be 6.99 pound per issue, but the first, as you see here was only 1.99. Was the price too steep? The fandom too impatient? This is still an interesting thing to see. Discovered by UltimateFreiza