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Jazwares Sonic & Black Knight Action Figures
This page covers only figures from Sonic & The Black Knight for the Wii. Jazwares did several figures for the game, with early ones being only Sonic with one gauntlet & the sword from the beginning of the game. Later, they added full armor figures with a new style of joints. Various releases had different box types, & some were Toys R Us exlcusives too. Find full reviews & all photo turn-arounds for all of the Sonic Black Knight figures here.
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MIB Sonic Action Figure w/ Caliburn Here is Jazwares Sonic & Black Knight figure in the box. As usual, this guy is a Toys R Us exclusive, but online stores and ebay will likely buy up quite a few to try and jack up the prices if you can't go to the offline store and buy.
The box looks good, with the castle in the background, and a good clear big bubble. As you can see (as predicted) he has the sword (Caliburn) with him, and the sculpt looks good.
Sonic Black Knight Action Figure Box
Sonic Black Knight Box & Packing
The box-back seems to be a standard for Jazwares, in that it's pretty plain and Sonic isn't actually standing on anything. Photos discovered by JS hedgehog. Here you can see the box without the figure, as well as its inner packing. 2 extra plastic pieces keep Sonic in place, so crushed/damaged figures should be rare. This is a good move with packing!
Even in the box you can tell right away that this is a good figure. The sculpt is very solid, with accurate spikes and no real anatomy errors. He does not suffer from 'big body' or anything. He is not overly knobby or noodly. The ears are appropriate 3D triangles, not some wilting leaf-things that other figures can have. You can easily see his articulation here, which is VERY decent for a figure of this size. His hips, knees, shoulders, elbows all have joints which are pretty good. His head wrists and ankles can also spin. No articulated spikes, which is likely nice because that didn't quite make sense in the first place.
Sonic Walks Figure & Caliburn Action Figure & Gauntlet Top Down Shot Sonic With Sword Side View Action Figure
The Minor Pestering:
He has Werehog legs. These have the same bizzarre articulation/limitations as the Werehog did. Which means his hips only go sideways while his knees go back. Because his legs aren't stubby (see werehog) he's still posable quite decently, but it's odd to see this limited style again.
Part 2
His wrists DO rotate but watch out for paint making them stick. Pliars had to be used to start this figures' wrists rotating! If using tools or trying really hard, remember to *be careful* so he doesn't break! It's thought to be a speck of extra paint in there that can happen on SOME figures that may initially make the wrists hard to turn. Once you get past it though, he should be just fine. Use care when handling him, he's fairly sturdy but if his arm does come off, it can be snapped back in.
SBK Figure Back Shot Texture Pic With these shots you can see the good job on the spikes, and that they did bother to texture the bottoms of his shoes. The gauntlet is also well done with the finger pieces, jewel bracelet and even the little rivets. It looks just about like it does in the game so they're really paying attention here and it's coming through.
Caliburn Sword Comparison Close Up Here's a close up of his Caliburn. as you can see here, it looks NICE compared to the real thing. They really got in there & hit the detail & it shows. Yes some bits are missing (dots inside of arch, gold tone on tip doodle) but those were likely too small to include at this scale. The curious thing is the lack of edge vs. center texture. As you can see there's a clear border where the 'blade' starts which is missing, but wouldn't have been sharp to include.
The sword itself is silver-tone (not chrome) and made of a rather soft plastic. It can easily be bent so make sure to lay it flat when not in use. It fits quite well in his gauntlet hand so their matching is good stuff too. No one should have a hard time playing with this.
Sonic Black Knight Comparison Shot The SBK (middle) as compared with ReSaurus Sonic and Toy Island FiguresEmeralds Sonic. You can be surprised by his size! He's not much bigger than FE Sonic, but just look at all that articulation! FE's Sonic's main complaint was that he was barely action-able, and slightly chunky. None of that here, this figure compares really well. The head is also just as well done, really on-model and nothing ugly or mutating.

What you can't see: When you get him you can notice he IS smiling, but this is difficult to see in any photo. It is a good touch, so be sure to look for it!

Sonic Black Knight Figure Poses Here's a pose file so you can see what he can do. Pretty dynamic, anyone who buys this figure should be quite happy with him. He's accurate, and can do many things.
Over All: Very Great!
Price: He's $9.99 at TRU. His number is 6-81326-65035-5 if you need to make them look him up. Call your local Toys R Us and ask for this figure!
Quality: His head is heavy (it is solid) but he does not seem to suffer any flimsyness His plastic is blue and also peach, so as to minimize paint and mistakes. He will not likely chip or flake like the ReSaurus did. In the store all the figures had uniformly good paint jobs. No overspray or errors on any figure observed.
Recommend? Absolutely. This is the best Sonic head sculpt since FiguresEmeralds, which it may even beat. The tiny leg articulation oddity not enough to scar the figure. It is full of good qualities and the accessory is too. A good fit and a solid buy. UPC # Courtesy of Juuni
Sonic Black Knight Scratch Box Mockup Note to MIB collectors-
There are MANY different fake box shots going around internet stores now. This SBK Sonic under the yellowcard werehog bubble (see, it has the werehog scratch in it!) makes no sense. It also isn't likely released anywhere. If a store starts showing you pictures of a NEW box on the same old figure it could be some mockup shot that's been floating around. Don't order it until someone actually BUYS one at retail and has an IRL pic (not this white background photoshoppery nonsense stuff) Just a note. There is NOW Summer 2009, a real yellow-card SBK Figure, without the werehog scratch bubble. Photo discovered by Sonictoast.
Excalibur Sonic Armor Figure Interesting new themed figures! While enclosing a sword accessory with a Sonic figure, or changing one of his gloves sort of creates a "Sonic & Black Knight" themed figure...this one with full Excalibur Armor from the game creates a REAL difference. Plus, look at the sword! It's much more elaborate, plus it "Glows in the Dark!" You can also see up there a visor accessory, and what looks like a cape behind him. They appear to return to black packaging with these figures. Shadow is here too, as "Sir Lancelot" & he also comes in the full armor, with his visor & special sword from the game. (Disregard logo at the bottom, its a watermark) Both figures look great here in their Sonic & Black Knight themed packaging. Lancelot Shadow Action Figure
Available November 2012. These are 5 inch size figures. Does NOT appear to be TRU exclusive. These should be either 11.99 or 14.99 each. Discovered by: TheTumblex, Lancelot by HYPERAWESOMEDARKSUPERSHADOW
These links (aside from are stores stocking the figures. They WILL be more expensive than Toys R Us, & may only offer some package deal where you have to buy all planned figures. However, if there's no Toys R Us in the area (Try too it could be an option.) Links found by Angel_Island119

Full Armor SBK Figures Box Excalibur Sonic w/Accessories Excalibur Sonic Face On
The box (seen above) has a large Sonic & Caliburn portrait on the front behind the figure. The back is plain, with the castle background, Sonic & SBK logo. The text at the top says "From the Hit Game". The game was not a mega-seller, however "hit game" is always used to describe any game that gets a figure made for it. The box is the same, regardless of figure. The Sonic is called "Excalibur Sonic" and the Shadow is called "Sir Lancelot". They both have 2 removable accessories (visor & sword) Shadow's doesn't glow. The swords have good proportions, each is about as tall as the figure. Sonic's visor is in 2 parts (snaps together) and fits onto his helmet. The figure's hands are identical, but everything from the wrist up is unique. The cape/butt-cape/half a skirt Sonic has is soft bendy rubber so it wont break.
Excalibur Sonic Back Excalibur Sonic Detail & Visor Excalibur Sonic Side View photo
The 5 inch size is super for these detailed figures Excalibur Sonic has loads of textured detail, seen here.The inset shows they even got the scrolling designs on the ankle parts of the armor, as a texture.
The visor part is hinged, & it can come apart. The top flips up or down. The bottom doesn't reach under his chin far enough so he can't 'see' out of it since it covers his eyes. NOTE: The Sonic figure inside the armor is still BLUE so the effect is very nice! You can see between the plates of armor that itn's not some generic yellow figur in's actually a Sonic figure really wearing the armor. A nice touch!
Lancelot Shadow & Sword photo Lancelot Shadow Visor Action Lancelot Shadow's armor isn't as elaborate as Sonic's, but it looks great. The visor works well & easily. REMEMBER! This is JW's first 5 inch size Shadow figure. They've done well here, as his expression is good, the eyes aren't mis-printed & everything seems proportional. The sword is great, with lots of texture & detail
Lancelot Shadow Turn Arounds With these photos you can see how his helmet is held on, with a strap under the top spike. There's a little hole in the side where the pegs for the visor fit. The 'hover holes' on the bottoms of his shoes are represented as a texture on the armor boots. His head doesn't turn, or has extremely limited movement, because of his low spikes but wide shoulder armor pieces.
His expression is slightly vague. Most Shadow toys are shown scowling, frowning etc, but this one's mouth is a sort of longer-than-usual pressed in line. He looks calm/serious rather than emo/ragey.
Black Knight Figure Feet Bottoms The bottoms of their feet have decent detail, with an actual split heel for Sonic & good texturing & paint for Lancelot. Lancelot is just a tad taller than Sonic, as it should be, so it seems they're to scale. Sonic & Shadow Armor Figures
Lancelot Actions Pose photos
Here's Lancelot Shadow in action with his sword. The hand can hold it, though with all the detail its slightly heavy for him/he can tip. The visor looks good, seems to clip on well over the helmet. Since this is a 5 inch, he can have some nice poses. Action photos by SonicToast
New Joint Articulation:
For these armor figures, Jazwares debuts a NEW joint style they have never used before. You'll notice it right away. The joints make little 'snapping' sounds as they go through their degrees of motion. This seems to be used to help a limb hold a pose. The range of motion, and which way the joint is facing is VERY HINDERED by the armor. The thighs seem to rotate all the way around somehow, but the hips only want to go one way or another. Knees can be confusing, especially on Sonic. Some figures may have too-loose joints, but it varies. Posing them can be difficult because it's hard to tell what the joint should & shouldn't be made to do, but they do feel sturdy. (which was an issue with previous figures)

Over All:
Very Great! Very Detailed!
Price: They're 11.99, which is reasonable for the accessories, detail & figure size.
Quality: Heavy heads make these guys easy to tip over. Sonic's odd armor shoes don't help him stand. Paint flaws are likely minimal. New joints CAN have loose-ness issues, but it varies by figure. Visors snap on and stay in place. Glowing sword glows SO BRIGHTLY in the dark. It's very impressive. Articulation is somewhat limited by the armor, but that can't be helped. You can still pose them nicely most of the time. Hollow heads would help them out, especially in Sonic's case where his amored head is even heavier than usual combined with his extra long thin shoes which make him tippy.
Recommend? Absolutely. They're way different than anything made before, they make sense with the game, & detail for price range is also really good.
Purple vs Normal Shadow Comparison Purple Variant Lancelot Purple vs Silver Shadow Sword
What's going on here? Jazwares is seemingly making quite a few mistake figures. Look at this SBK Shadow...his armor is distinctly
purple! The silver/gray color of it is what it should be (see loose figure there) but then in the box, it really is that purpleish hue. Was there a problem with the batch of silvertone paint? The game never had him in purple. The box is totally identical, so it's not some kind of intentional "special paint". If you scroll up and compare this boxed one to the figure above you'll see how they missed the gray they needed. It's especially obvious on the sword comparison pic directly above. Photo & owned by SonicToast