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This page covers Jazwares' first Sonic releases that aren't the werehog.
Also seen here are their various re-releases such as the old big ToyIsland line (they re-branded), the TI Super Posers and some of the TI bendable figures. Jazwares figures should be available (any of them) at Toys R Us in Australia as well as Canada, so call your stores and check if you are in USA, AU or CAN.
Werehog Figures
Sonic Black Knight
3 Inch Sonic Line
Jazwares JUVI Figures
Jazwares Super Posers
3 Inch Sonic Line 2
Werehog Scale Sonic Unleashed Reg. Sonic Figure Here's another new figure by Jazwares!
As you can see this guy is identical to the Sonic Black Knight figure at 5 inches. The only difference is that he has no sword and no gauntlet...and usually costs more money! The articulation is exactly the same as well. This is the "Werehog Scale" figure that was announced initially. He is made to be played with the Werehog that was already released, and is their 2nd figure for the Sonic Unleashed game.
This figure is great for if you want a well done, nicely articulated Sonic with NO theme. If you liked SBK Sonic you'll like this one. He does ALL the same things. This is released in the spring of 2009. Photo discovered by Firedragon973

His number is 681326650010 (# courtesy of SupeSonic)
This is important because he doesn't really have a 'name' to ask for if you're calling.

His off-hand is sculpted just fine, and his expression and paint remain the same good quality. This one may have looser wrists (in that they are normal) This is THE best 'regular Sonic' figure ANYone has produced to date, due to the accuracy. Yes, his head is still heavy due to the accurate spikes, but he'll still stand and pose well. This figure is an A+, and should be aquired if at all possible.
This was Jazwares' first "5 inch line" original figure. They announced him as "werehog size" but that later changed to just be "5 inch line".
Jazwares Re-Release Sonic Figures
For some reason, Jazwares has also decided to Re-Release (re-re-re-release, really) some older Toy Island figures. In fact, they picked their FIRST LINE which was also largely considered to be their worst line. These big clunky figures mostly had ugly head-sculpts with innacurate faces. They weren't very articulated, though they did originally come with several accessories which Jazwares has REMOVED.
You can track the history of this motely bunch of figures by browsing through SonicGear. Because this is an n'th generation release, the figures are covered fully on other pages, while this one will just give a summary.
Re-Re-Release Toy Island Series 1 Jazwares Well here they are. You can see that Jazwares has done absolutely nothing to improve these guys. Sonic still has his rubbery head with dot-like tilted-wrong eyes, Knuckles is still permenently hunched over with a gigantic noggin & Tails looks incredibly dumb. He still suffers from "big body" and has a completely stupid expression on his face. The only thing they've changed is the box, and they're now a TRU exclusive (sticker) The original line was also found at KB Toys, back when it was Sonic Adventure 1. The other sticker says "From the new hit game!" Which is wonderfully non-specific.
Why why why did they choose the worst line? People are going to think their figures are as junky as the old Toy Island ones. Want to read more about their many re-releases?
The first time they appeared was for Sonic Adventure 1. The in-depth review is seen on Toy Island Series 1. Then, be sure to go all the way to the bottom of that page, to see them get released for the second time, this one in Sonic X packaging. Then, for their third release, see Toy Island Series 2, which will show you their "Figures & Keychains" release. This makes the FOURTH time that these guys have come out. Apparently they only chose "the big 3" leaving off Big and Eggman, although those two figures actually were the best figures on this line! Photos discovered by BleachXVizard
Super Poser Sonic Jazwares Release
While it may have been a mistake to shovel out the oldest Toy Island line, THIS figure is defenetely not a mistake to re-release.
Do you recognize it? You should, as it's a Super Poser Sonic! As you may know, the prices on these guys over the internet have gone way up, since they left the shelves of KB Toys with somewhat poor distribution, and fans still wanting them. The line of Super Posers included Sonic & Shadow originally, but so far they've only chosen to re-package Sonic.
Yes, the figures did have issues, like some with utterly HORRID eye-paint, and some with low-quality plastic, but over-all they're a great buy. With 25 points of articulation, this figure is ready for serious action. The Super Poser line was well recieved for the large size and high-level of articulation, so this was a wise re-release move. If you were unable to get this figure the first time around, now in the Winter of 2008, this is your big chance, thanks to Jazwares! Photo discovered by: SonicFan.
Jazwares Shadow Super Poser Figure
And here's their Shadow Re-Release Super Posers action figure. Like before, he's packaged pretty much exactly the same as Sonic. They haven't changed really anything on him, except it looks like -both- of these figures have a bit better eye paint than even the 'better eyes' Toy Island versions. These should be around $8.99, and both Sonic & Shadow are a great opportunity to pick up.
**Warning: Be on the look-out for "Bad Paint" on these new figures! Inspect them for smears or smudges before you buy! Apparently some are quite prone to messy paint and errors. Select the best!
**Warning 2: Beware of damaged merchandise when ordering
online from TRU! Smashed boxes, damaged figures have been reported. Also, They may send you Toy Island figures with bad quality instead of these Jazwares releases. No known correction for this is available at the time. For now, try to buy in-store to avoid problems. MB27
Boxed Shadow photographed and owned by mAtt
Not everything is perfect:
Every toy made can't be 100% perfect. See the Shadow to the left there? Hmmm! He has two of the SAME hand!
This is just another reason to inspect each figure before you get it in the store, if at all possible. Mistakes do happen but you're the final line between it and your collection. Interesting double hand Shadow photo by: firedragon973
New Eyes Super Posers Jazwares Release In Spring 2009, Jazwares produced even more Super Poser figures to keep them on the shelves of Toys R Us. Fortunately for everyone, they've gone even further and fixed the eyes. You can use this photo to compare to the Jazwares releases above of these same figures and see that they've improved the eyes again. You'll never see those garbage ToyIsland eyes here. These are better as they are larger and more well-positioned on the figures. The paint job is also better, but do be cautious of sticky joints. Shadow's mouth has also had white added to it (like teeth) which may not be an improvement. If you are dissatisfied with an older figure (especially anyone with an original Super Poser) this is the release for you. Be sure to try and pick one up in/after Spring 2009 at TRU or online. Photo provided by:
The Jazwares re-releases will also have numbered foot-bottoms for some reason. Each number is different. Foot photo by LarryInc64 Numbered Feet Sonic & Shadow figures
Re-Release box back Jazwares toys
5" Figures:
Sonic 6-81326-65001-0 Tails 6-81326-65003-4 Knuckles 6-81326-65002-7
Super Posers
Sonic 6-81326-65001-9 Shadow 6-81326-65012-6
UPC info provided by Juni
Here's Jazwares box-back to their re-releases. (note-some may be mis-labeled) As you can see, it's not much of an effort. Sonic Adventure 1 graphics on a simple colored background, with the logo. However, this is a good thing, as they're able to channel their efforts into their new and original figures. Box back by larryinc64
Bendy Figures Jazwares ReRelease Jazwares is also re-releasing the bendy figures!
The bendies are still on the same smallish card under a square bubble, but now the theme is mostly orange/yellow, like most of Jazwares items. So far, they've only produced individual figures (not the bendy-4-pak) of Sonic & Shadow. Hopefully, they'll pick up the rare-er ones too, like golden Sonic and Big the Cat so if anyone missed them the first time, they can be collected. Photo by Jazwares Toys, discovered by goldypups234
USA Sonic Colors 2-Wisp Pack This 2-Wisp Sonic Colors pack appeared in the USA in late 2010, after the release of the game, in most TRU stores. It's about 12.99 and comes with 2 wisps. (white and orange) The white wisp is NOT Yakker, contrary to rumor. Sonic's hands are NOT modified to hold the wisps and the backs do not have pegs. This Sonic is identical to their previous 5 inch line releases, so he is unlike the Australia pre-order bonus Sonic. Photo discovered by SonicHedgehog11

Opinion: Only buy this if you NEED wisps. You're essentially paying

13.00+ dollars for 2 wisps because almost everyone already owns a Sonic just like this one from their previous releases. It is not known why they didn't just port the AU/EU pre-order release to the USA so that we'd have open-hand Sonic who could hold wisps. Is a "wisp pack" in the future?
Jazwares Pegs TRU Sonic Section
Here's the "Sonic Section" at a Toys R Us that's fully stocked! Just look at all the pegs full of Sonic things. This was taken in winter 2010, but it should be noted that most stores don't look like this. You'll usually see many of the things missing as they sell out. It's still nice to have a look at a well stocked selection though! Photo by: SonicToast
Simple Card 2011 Style Single Figures In 2011, Jazwares changed the card style for their Single Card Sonic 3.5 line figures. You can see that it's been simplified from the previous package. Instead of having the separate title-tag in the bottom, and raised shaped bubble, these all have a more square and simple bubble. The card top is angled, and has the logo instead. The card, as a whole, is also smaller. It still has all the relevant information, but is likely easier to produce and shelve. This is an interesting development for the line. Will it cause the 'older box style' figures to rise in collect-ability? (The 'black card werehog' sure did) Photo discovered by Berzerker
Drill Wisp Mystery Here's a sort of mock up type photo (neither of the wisps here are real, they're CG but shown with a photo of the 5 inch size Sonic Colors figure) The white wisp is what was made but...he was at one point supposed to have the drill wisp instead of the one he got? (orange) Was the drill yellow wisp ever actually made? Why did they do this photo? Why don't they just get more money by releasing some cool "all wisps" pack for the fans? These are interesting questions. Photo discovered by SonicTheMainMan
His off-hand is sculpted just fine, and his expression and paint remain the same good quality. This one may have looser wrists (in that they are normal) This is THE best 'regular Sonic' figure ANYone has produced to date, due to the accuracy. Yes, his head is still heavy due to the accurate spikes, but he'll still stand and pose well. This figure is an A+, and should be aquired if at all possible.