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While the concept (& molds for) the "Super Posers" figures were Toy Islands', when Jazwares took over the line they made paint improvements & continued to release & re-release the same exact figures but with different themes. Then, JW started doing original/new SPs, so if it's a Jazwares Super Poser, you'll find it on this page! SuperPosers can be found at Toys R Us & FYE stores in the USA for about $12.99 each. (store info by SuperGameCube64)
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Super Sonic Poser Figure Super Sonic Drops the Ball.

Could have been a contender. Making the first USA SuperSonic item. But they couldn't be bothered to make it GOOD . As suspected no one did ANY RESEARCH to see that Super Sonic is actually different than regular Sonic. Yes his eyes are RED and not green (they're green here...yeah way to pay attention) and his spikes are different.

Super Shadow Poser Figure
(Up, not down) What this looks like is they dipped regular Sonic in yellow paint and now they want your 10 bucks. Super Shadow is ok here. His spikes didn't change too much and if they used a good "platinum tone" paint they might actually be able to get away with him. YES he's also just a repaint of his usual super-poser but that's ONLY acceptable if it still represents the actual character. With Shadow it might but poor Sonic gets the shaft once again. It's too bad it looks like they just got greedy here...Photos discovered by Sonicrulz14
Super Shadow: 681326650157
Super Sonic: 681326650157
SKU #;
Super Sonic: 647A1D5B
SuperShadow: 92FF3D28

Remember: CALL your store if you're not sure! Make them look it up and show that there is demand for Sonic items! Numbers provided by Taaron

Super Poser Super Shadow Front Compare Super Posers Sides Super Poser Faces
Because the Super Posers Super Shadow figure IS just a 'repaint' of the original figure, it doesn't get a pose file & etc. For that see: Super Posers Page. As you can see here, he does have some variances. They used white paint in his mouth (difficult to see in photo to right) instead of black, which is a little strange. His plastic IS yellow, so it's not like he's painted yellow. All articulation is the same, the stiffness of the joints will vary by figure like it always has. The one seen here has a small round dent in the forehead...but not all of them do. Inspect him!
He is NOT glossy or platinum-colored. He is a rather cream-yellow. The other difference, is his shoes. Look at the backs of the shoes of each figure. Super Shadow's are black with red, but regular Shadow has red only. Super Shadow is the accurate one. (as only the sole-area should be red) SShadow has the 'better eye paint' like the most recent Jazwares release regular-super-posers do. He does not seem to have any overspray/paint errors.
What you can't see: The interior of the bubble has 2 parts to hold him in, which is an improvement. You wont see as many squashed ones or damaged noses due to more protection in the package. The back of the package has Sonic Tails & Knuckles on it for some reason, and no description.
Over all: With Jazwares improved eyes, better paint, and better box combined with the pose-ability of the super poser, this is a decent figure. If you want a Super Shadow, here's your chance. A solid and decent figure, with no real glaring flaws. The color is the only thing up for debate as it's sort of shimmery/metallic in the game and not well defined.
Super Sonic Super Shadow Posers Super Figures Backs Shot Super Posers Faces Compare
With these comparison shots, you can see that the Super Shadow really is a cream-tone yellow while Super Sonic is a bolder yellow. Super Sonic is the right COLOR but that's really where it ends. He has red eyes (as it should be) but his most important feature, the up-turned spikes have been ignored because really all this figure is, is a re-paint of a regular poser meant to extort money from the fans. There was nothing to correct/improve (ie, Shadow's shoe was fixed) so their "Super Sonic" is really a bummer.
With all the great things Jazwares has produced , it makes this "cop-out" figure really stand out for what it is: a repaint/rehash that is NOT Super Sonic. Get him if you absolutely need a yellow Sonic, but otherwise there's no real difference/reason to go for him. He may end up rare later just because they 'gave it a try'.
Photos provided by Beloved Doll
Blue Clear Plastic Super Poser Figure NIB Once again, Jazwares has re-packaged the Super posers for another round of sales. This new box is far more compact with a square bubble instead of the roughly triangular dome. It uses the box front to house the Sonic logo (instead of it taking up a huge space at the top of the box) and have added more hexagon texture to the backgrounds. Also, they're now labeled with a cardboard inbetween-insert "Super Posers" and their name (which is FANTASTIC as they were too easy to confuse in poor photos with the 5in line so stores were getting up to shenannagins with them) You can now not mistake these guys for anything else. The dark dot on one side is the silvertone reflective "R" sticker for Toys R Us. Also, as you can see, they re-released Sonic in the clear/blue plastic from the 3in line. Super Label Poser Shadow Figure
Photos discovered by Shark
Clear Blue Super Poser Comparison Clear Blue Sonic SP Detail With this close up, you can tell that the hinges, screws and even numbers can be seen on this figure. He wasn't meant to be transparent, so you still get the part numbers showing through.
With this comparison shot, you can tell it's identical to the other Jazwares Super Poser Sonics, it's just made from transparent plastic exactly like that of the 3.75 inch comic-pak-Sonic. Darker blue swirls may be seen inside him where the plastic is thicker. The various posts that reinforce the design, as well as the hinges can be seen as dots. His facial features are difficult to see, but since they were a part of the mould, they're still there.

You can also see that the box back has been changed for these new figures. They're using the same back as the 3.75 inch figure box rather than the old SP figure back card. Photos & info by SonicAdventureDX

Clear Blue Sonic Poser
Super Posers Knuckles Super Poser Knuckles!
If you remember, Toy Island was originally planning a SP Knuckles, but it turned out hideous, and was never released. This is Jazwares' first ORIGINAL Poser, in that he is the first they're not simply re-using the mould of, or re-painting to re-release. They've done their expected great job here, he doesn't suffer from any of the common Knuckles maladies, and has plenty of articulation. The box boasts 25 points of articulation, and appears to be quite similar in style to the other SP boxes, only with a smaller cardboard top. He is well packed inside, with an inner sheild & backing. He'll look good in & out of the package. He should also be safe as well, they've done a good job with his box. Photo discovered by BleachXVizard, taken by ActionFigs
Super Poser Knuckles Action Figure Knuckles Poser Back & Detail Poser Knuckles Side Photo Super Poser Knuckles Grip
Super Poser Knuckles can actually hold items (seen here with SBK sword)
Super Posers Comparison Photo
Knuckles Underneath
Jazwares' first original poser is a very good start. One can only wish they'd of made Sonic & Shadow as their own originals as well, instead of re-using the somewhat inferior TI molds. Knuckles has most of the same points of articulation as all the others, with the addition of his tail (it can rotate)
Different Jazwares Figures Compare As you can see here, his shoes ARE jointed, just not in the middle like the other posers. They're swivel-able at the ankle, but then the lower-ankle area also has a limited slide to it, so you CAN pose his feet, to a degree. (This was due to saving his shoe asthetic) Like the other posers, his hands are also jointed once, at all the 'knuckle' area. This works especially well for him, making him the only poser to actually be able to grip things well, and this flexibility doesn't wreck the look of his knuckle spikes, which is even better! (Commendable sculpting)
His head has limited move-ability due to the spikes, but ALL of him always have this. Again, the waist swivel works very well here because he lacks a 'belly color dot' to disrupt. The bottom of his shoes are textured like they are in the game, which adds a nice touch. His plastic is actually red, so overspray/etc shouldn't be an issue. This figure is pretty much perfectly painted, you should expect the same. He's made of hard & semi-hard plastic (hard only appearing for his fists and feet) and he feels quality, good and solid when you lift him. This is a heavy figure!

However, the figure is not without it's problems:
His head is solid, his feet are hollow
WHY did they do this? All 'Sonic' characters have enormous heads with ZERO articulation needed on the head. What's the need to make it solid so that the figure is extremely easy to tip over? There's no need for an incredibly tough/durable head when it has no need to articulate or carry tiny parts to snap off. Solid feet would at least help him stay vertical.
His joints are loose-
This is a huge problem with his heavy fists (the very hard plastic, even though they're hollow) and his heavy head.
His elbows are poorly made-
Notice the inset in the 'back' photo above. The elbow is actually WORSE than the ToyIsland version, in that he can't even hold his arm at 90 degrees. The front sticks downward/out and prevents normal movement. This, coupled with his heavy fists makes the arms wilt and flop rather than being able to pose.
Fat Wrist/Ankle
Why are the ankles and the wrists fatter? If the toy needed that for durability, why not just size up the whole limb?
It would look more natural, and no one would complain.

The Bottom Line:
BUY this figure! It is very Knuckles-like, the face is excellent, the fists are great, he's very pose-able/play-able. Once again, they've got the sculpt VERY well. His gripping action only adds to the fun! Also, he feels much more solidly built than the Toy Island ones, which were known for falling apart a bit. He lacks the annoying knobby-ness of the joints too, he looks smooth and cool. The price ($13.99, at most stores, including but not limited to Toys R Us in the USA) is also reasonable for this large of a figure with the level of articulation. With this great new addition, everyone will likely be looking foreward to more Jazwares Posers.

Photos by Sonic Gear & Tailsdude12

Super Poser Tails MIB photo Jazwares' 2nd unique Super Poser is Tails, and, like Knuckles before him, they've done another great job. He's proportional, and the face looks well done. He has the usual super poser articulation (seen at right) which includes wrist rotation & tilt, fingers (together) that move, ankle hinges as well as rotation, the usual hip joint, and move-able tails. His tails rotate at the base, and then can rotate independently from eachother, for lots of unique poses! MIB photo discovered by: & loose photo discovered by KnucklesToast Super Poser Tails Figure
Super Poser Tails side view Super Poser Tails Back Super poser tail articulation
Since you can use his tails to balance/support him, the figure never has any trouble standing. His shoe-bottoms are textured, just like in the game. Left 2 photos provided by Taaron
Tails poser underneath detail The legs for him seem a little thicker than normal super posers, and it looks nice with his arms, which are noticibly thinner than his legs. (proportional!) The wider legs help him to hold poses. Paint flaws have been reported on him, but not too frequently. Just look him over before you buy, and you should be all-right.
Small Picky:
He can't reach his arm directly foreword because the white spiked edge of his belly-dot 'fur' sticks out too far and prevents it.
Bottom Line:
BUY THIS FIGURE! He's noticibly more pose-able than the small-line, and the sculpt is great. He looks great at this size, & the loose joints aren't so much an issue
He displays well in their typical SP box, and feels sturdier than the old ToyIsland Sonic SP sculpts. His expression is cute/normal & his head is hollow/light (reducing tip-over issues) Since he's mostly orange plastic, it doesn't give a lot of opportunity for paint flaws. Defenitely add this figure to your collection if you can!
Joint fix Super Posers Super Poser Joint Fix Technique
As you know, if you own these figures, they suffer from loose joints. That, matched with large/heavy hands and feet, means that the figures can't keep raised poses well. This at-home joint fix can enable your figures to be better posed, and is pretty safe and easy to do as well. This photo (they ARE free standing) is proof that the method works. Method tested by & photographed by SupeSonicBoom
Place 1 drop of super glue onto/into the joint that needs tightened. Then, rotate/move the joint in every possible direction that it can move for about 2 minutes, while the glue dries. The joint will be much tougher to move now. But, it has to be done for every loose joint you find. Essentially, what happens is the glue coats the inside of the joint but can't freeze it because of all the wiggling. It instead becomes like an extra layer of plastic to rub against the joint and tighten it.
Miscard Sonic Poser Mis-cards sometimes happen, and Super Posers are no exception to the rule. Here's a regular Sonic but he is clearly on the Super Sonic package. Since it's essentially the same figure/that repaint, naturally he fits. SOMEtimes these can be worth more than a regular figure, but most of the time they're not. Anyone who collects MIB will usually want a proper figure in its correct box. Only the fans can determine if they'll pay more for a mis-card than a regular. Photo by: SuperSonic88
New style package super poser Shadow In the release of fall 2010, the Super Posers now appear in a different package style. This box is much more compact, without the huge top that the ones at the top of the page have. All the labeling on this one is on the front of the bubble on the card. There's also the 'Sonic spin' raised design in the clear plastic. Reportedly, the paint on these new posers is much better/neater than it has been ever before. Photo by: Seishin
Super Sonic poser fixing image
Instructions shouldn't be attempted if you are clumsy or something because it involves stabbing things with a screwdriver.

1. Using a thin small screwdriver, fit the head beneath the edge of one spike. The goal is to lift/bend the outer edge enough to slip the movable part off over the peg. You must use great force to accomplish this in 1 try, multiple tries will strip the screws.
2. Once it is lifted off, the spike part will come off, revealing the pegs that hold it in place on his head
3. It should be possible to snap it back over the pegs but that is difficult. Failing that, you can knock the pegs into he head (it is hollow) and place the spike back into the groove it came from. It will stay for display purposes but...

This multi-photo sequence shows the result of fixing your super poser (not super) Sonic. By prying off his spikes and re snapping them on, he can look slightly more super than he did right out of the package. NOTE: It IS POSSIBLE to break the figure by doing this so if you set out to modify, always keep that in mind! Be careful, and be prepared to buy a spare.
if you drop him, they'll all pop back off. If it bothers you (or he falls a lot) you can simply glue them into place for a permenent solution. Photo & instructions by Stanley Loskot
Sonic Shadow Super Posers Repack Photos In winter 2012, Jazwares re-packages the Super Posers once again. These are the SAME somewhat poorly sculpted old ToyIsland super posers, but it still more different packaging. The background is now pale, with white / gray checkering & the front uses the yellow/honeycomb pattern from before. As with other re-packaged items, a 'star trail' has name info & a disk has product info you've seen before (the '25 pts articulation') But look, Shadow here is mis-labeled as do watch out for the new packaging. Photos by PacmanSonic138