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This page has JUST anything Unleashed/World Adventure & Werehog related by Jazwares.
It includes Werehog-scale Sonic, and the yellow-card release Werehog. Product UPCs SKUs also appear here for easy-calling of the store near you. *Note: Toys R Us has an exclusive on these for a LIMITED TIME only. These are all spring/summer 2009 releases. TRU stores in Canada and Australia should have these figures in Fall 2009. Call your stores for availability!
Werehog Action Pose Their first figure is Sonic the Werehog.
This figure is based on a special form that Sonic takes during action stages at night in the game. Obviously the form has different properties than regular Sonic, with slashing claws, stretchy/bendy arms and spiky shoes. (How one's shoes can mutate while one's gloves just fly off is a bit....)
It is curious to see a really detailed figure of this all-new Sonic form appear out of no-where when Super Sonic has been in existance (and demand) for years--especially since it is likely to be a one-off (as in, only existing in this single game) if indeed the game has a win-able plot. Toys R Us UPC code is 6-81326-65005-8
Werehog figure in the pack Toys R Us Werehog Box Back Card Scratch Marks Bubble Package
Much like the previous ReSaurus figure boxes, this figure has a great package! The bubble has 'scratch marks' in the side which you can feel. This detail helps make it look really special. The top is die-cut around the art, and the backing is all cardboard. Like the ToyIsland figures, there's a
paper insert telling you who you're getting between the bubble and the figure. The sticker says it's a Toys R Us exclusive. The figure itself is well packed inside, yet still easy enough to open without destroying the whole box. A plastic bumper protects the forehead and the back-spike...but it often isn't enough to save his nose. Several had the paint ground off the tip of the nose and onto the inside of the package during shipping.
Front of Werehog Back View Monster Sonic Figure Side View Werehog These photos (in different light) reveal that the color tone of the whole figure is quite muted, in blue-gray, pale blue, off-red, and frost gray. It almost looks like a 'night view', which makes sense along with the game scenario.
The figure is nearly as articulated as a Super Posers figure. It has 15 points of articulation, including head, 4 spikes, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles.
However, unlike a Super Posers figure, this guy has some problems. First, the hands (really his largest feature) do nothing. If it's the most outstanding feature on a toy, it should do something, but they chose to skip them entirely (despite all slashing/gripping action in the game) and instead make the head-spikes moveable. The next problem comes with the legs. Obviously they're going to be his weak-point simply due to how he LOOKS in the game. (legs are tiny)
Leg Malfunction! Oh no, the knees! Take a close look at these photos.
In the first one he can raise his leg out and to the side, while bending his knee back like a normal person could. But then look at the second image! Here, he's posed "stepping foreward" with the hip joint bent so that his leg comes up not out...but then look where the kne joint is! That little button (on "back" of knee area)
indicates that the knee will bend to his right only! No normal knee could ever do this. It's the result of his hip not being a true ball-joint (like with the Super Posers) This bizzarre structure limits his posability and really can end up a strange situation. His ankles spin 360, but his pointy socks (notice the sides are pointed for some reason) can interfere because his shins are so short.
Paint & Detail:
In general, the paint for the figure is good. Some may have a little rub on a high point in the fur on the wrists, or overspray on the nose, but with how textured the figure is in most areas it's not that noticable. However, as usual, inspect all figures before choosing one to be sure you get the best. The eyes are QUITE right, something which seems incredibly (and illogicaly) difficult for figure companies to do. This one has done it. He doesn't look stupid/crazy/goat-like/wrong/crosseyed etc. It looks spot-on to the game art shown on the back.
The detail level is pretty high. They textured the whole thing so that it would look wolf-like/hairy/shaggy, and the 'hair' on the wrists is rather impressive. His mystery-mutating shoes have also been captured, with cleats on the bottom and bumps on the top. (in-game the top bumps are actually spikes though) They have also kept in his vampire fangs and wierd big mouth to be accurate.
Action Figure Comparison Photo With this comparison photo, you can see how big it is.
TRU may be listing him as a '5 inch' but it is almost exactly 6 inches high. This photo also shows the real effort that went into the figure, it is clearly quality they cared about--standing next to bonkey-eyes Super Posers Sonic. The Tails is a ReSaurus figure.
This figure is also QUITE heavy. It is clearly made of solid plastic, and it is doubtful that any of the parts are hollow. It may weigh nearly that means that you should watch out for shipping costs if you're buing it online.
The problems are relativly minor with the figure if you're just out to collect/play with him.
The weight of it works against it rather quickly. Giant top and small bottom do not mix well for standing up. He's capable of bending his own joints under the weight of standing so he'll fall in certain poses. At nearly a pound of solid plastic, there's not much the little leg joints are going to do vs. that much weight. Gorrilla-type poses are a winner here, due to the long arms being able to 'tripod' for the figure.
EASILY the weakest link. If it's going to break, he'll do it there. The simple act of pivoting one leg on mine really created stress on the joint, which was not all the way 'together' in the first place. (Joint is 2 sides snapped over a pin) It started to pull apart here, and had to be squeezed back together...though the figure is SUPPOSED to move that way. The other is that poseablility (anatomically correct...that is) is limited by the odd joint style selected for the hip.
A real gripe because they're the largest feature. They even LOOK like they should do something, and then don't. Bending the spikes isn't fun or pose-able...being able to at least twist the wrist would be.

By far, the pluses outweigh the minuses.
This is an over-all excellent figure. He's easily as accurate as the Figures/Emeralds line and ReSaurus. The added detail (werehog specific) puts him in a separate catagory though. He is 100% reccommendable to get.
Price Point:
At $10.00 and available in-store (no shipping) the figure is QUITE reasonably priced. The detailed package, solid plastic, high degree of articulation and detail quality are really good for this range. Anyone should be able to collect/afford him who wants to.

The Toys R Us UPC code is 6-81326-65005-8
You can use this code to call ahead to your Toys R Us to see if it is there. Also, it can be used to reqest the figure if they say they don't have it.

Werehog re-release action figure new box Unbelievably, there's a Werehog re-release.
Mere MONTHS after the first werehog release, he's back on the shelves, this time in a new box. This is just the standard Jazwares box, with nothing 'unleashed' about it. Though the package is less fancy, the figure inside is likely exactly the same. If you have their first werehog, there's no need to get him again unless you need the different box. However, if you missed your chance, this is it! Available Spring 2009.
Since the box is different, this does officially count as a re-release, mysterious as the motivation may be. Note: The fact that Werehog appeared on a yellow card has actually driven the 'original black card Werehog' prices up. Photo discovered by Firedragon973
General Warning About Toys R Us Shipping Toys!
Toys R Us Online store has been known to send DAMAGED box toys and even damaged toys if you order online. If you have the option, always buy any Sonic toy in the store!
Toys R Us Lost their exclusive on these figures. As of Jun. 2009, figures have started appearing in Canada without the TRU Exclusive stickers. Where else might they appear? Keep looking! (TRU exclusive expires in 2010)
Want to see this in action? Now you can! You can watch video reviews on Youtube. Werehog Video Review 1 and Video Review 2 by BleachXVizard. UPC info by Juuni. Photos on this page by Juuni, SonicGear, BleachXVizard, Xalic and Super_Silver.
Werehog Card Front (no figure) With this shot of the card (figure removed/bubble removed) You can see how the corner art over-lapped the bubble and that the background they chose is a swirly portal type thing. Photo by SonicRulz14