Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies
Even more party supplies!
This page should have items from 2022 and 2023. Amscan, Mighty Mojo & Party City are the 3 brands that seem to be releasing in these years. Remember: party supplies tend to have a LONG shelf life. Designs can go for many YEARS on shelves without changing-and that's good.
It has all the previous favorite items, but adds personalize-able things this time too. It should be available at Party City stores, and at their site online. You can also get modern supplies in the SonicGear Party Supply Store page. The GearStore stocks the supplies via Amazon, so older items may also appear as well until they sell out.
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Mighty Mojo Sonic Party Supplies Overview It's time to party with Mighty Mojo!
Mighty Mojo got a modern Sonic license in 2023, and jumped in with plenty of cool stuff to decorate and collect. Look at all the grat variety that's on their factory photo overview table that is presented here.
There will be a closer look at the items here on this page/a spotlight for each thing in the future. But, from here you can see a cool characters & stars rings themed banner, mylar balloon variety with solo characters & special star group balloon, a huge hang up wall decor banner/poster thing for a backdrop, colorful plastic table cloth and a nice variety of plates (including special star plate) napkins, cups and more. Mighty Mojo looks like it will be a real great company for Sonic fans: all this stuff looks really fun.
Let's Roll Amscan Party Cup Plastic Amscan, the party supply company that has been around forever, returns to making Sonic supplies with a plastic party cup.
This is a sturdy orange cup with permanent wrapped graphic with slogan "Let's Roll" in CG. CG characters are all around with pointing Sonic in the middle, waving Tails & running Shadow on one side, then leaping Knuckles and charging Silver on the other side of the letters.
It's colorful, it's re-usable and has great character representation/good CG art...and it's also only 1 dollar! At Party City (online and in-store) This sort of thing can also go on Gear Home Decor, because it's fine for every-day use and doesn't break if dropped. Cups like this are a great idea because the guests take them home as an easy party favor!
Amscan Temporary Tattoos Sheet Party Favor Temporary tattoos: a popular party favor.
Here, Amscan uses CG modern art to create 8 different temporary tattoos. If you look closely, the white part is perforated because you're supposed to separate the sheet and add one to each mystery party favor bag.
The designs you get are punching forward Sonic "Always Running" slogan STK with palm trees, the art from the cup above, punching Knuckles, Sonic in front of "Too Easy" thumbs up in a ring with logo, gliding Shadow & Tails with "Time To Fly". They are backwards of course, because of how they're applied/mirror image.
This is also only a dollar at Party City stores! A good deal, and an easy collectible.