Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies Store
Have a super fun party with Sonic supplies! Whether it's a birthday, or any special occaision, you can use these great, colorful Sonic party supplies. They've been an in-demand item since the 1990s, but these modern supplies are inexpensive, colorful, and easy to get. Don't fall for fakes on ebay! Get authentic licensed, quality party supplies with this handy catalog of links. Two basic themed sets were made, each with many different items. You'll recognize the 2 different styles, but since everything is Sonic & friends, you can mix and match and it'll still look good. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies - Standard Party Pack for 16
Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies!
Listed above from left to right you should see: Party Supplies Pack (16 different items for Sonic themed birthday), 8-pack of Sonic Party Invitations (blue & modern looking) , 8-count dinner size Sonic paper plates with yellow border, single Sonic Party Favor Box (as in, good for 1 person) which comes with themed AND generic favors, and a sheet of 6 Sonic characters stickers. The stickers are supposed to be used as a favor, but really, they're great for decorating anything.

Several of these things are SUPPOSED to be available at Party City stores, but not all the stores have them. Check your store, and if it doesn't, just use these links instead. BEWARE of fake supplies! There are loads of them on ebay that are just a rip-off. These real supplies are licensed, and use real quality items. Do your party right, and only use official things. These party supplies are described in greater deatil on the regular SonicGear page USA Party Goods.

More Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies!
Listed above from left to right you should see: Sonic & Tails modern style temporary tattoos--these are 8 count, and meant to be a party favor. Then, the round 2-sided (2 different graphics) foil / mylar Sonic party balloon, pack of 4 party favor boxes (these are empty, so you can use your own party selections inside--inexpensive too). There are 16 lunch-size (square, small) Sonic napkins with yellow/blue background & textured edge, and finally a Sonic Stand Up. The Stand Up is BIG (so watch out for shipping) and he is like one of those 'standee' cardboard displays you see in stores. It's a unique item for the party, and you can use him to decorate a room later.
Even More Modern Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies!
Listed above from left to right you should see: Pack of 8 Thank You note cards with Sonic (blue & modern, they sort of match the invitations above), 8-count Tails themed dessert size paper plates (blue swirl background). Then there are 4 Sonic & logo hi-bounce balls (superballs) --do watch how many balls you get, the number may change in the link, 8 pack of Sonic themed water squirt guns for use as party fun/favors, and the Sonic pull-ribbon pinata. The pinata holds whatever candy you want, and is not destroyed. The festive ribbons at the bottom are pulled--but only 1 releases the candy.
Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies!
Listed above from left to right you should see: "S" for Sonic fold-out rectangle center-piece. It has a crepe-paper interior so it ships flat, but folds out to add color to the table. "anti spill" Sonic party place-mats. These are plastic mats set of 4, to keep food or crafts-time mess off the table/table-cloth (inexpensive too!). Set of 8 paper party drink cups. Each cup holds about 9 ounces of liquid. These match with some of the plates & napkins. The set of 8 party favor notepads doesn't have Sonic on it, but it does have the "S" in the iconic font, in the ring of stars. It matches the centerpiece. Last is a large wall-decor Sonic die-cut decal. It's not specifically FOR parties you can use it to decorate any time! (But it is sold by party supply company)
Birthday Sonic Bundles:
Here are several choices of "party pack" items where you get varying amounts of party stuff all in 1 button.
Left to right: Balloon Boquet- This has both generic mylar & official Sonic party balloons (and color-coordinated weight)
Cup/Napkin/Plate Set 16 - The paper cup, dessert-size plate & lunch-size napkin 16 of each pack
Value Party Pack: This includes plates, cups, napkins AND generic color-coordinating ballons, tableware & table-cover
Party Pack 8: This has 2 sizes of plates, napkins, cups (8 of each) AND generic blue plastic table-cover.
Basic 8 Pack: Lots of stuff! Thank You Notes, Invitations, 2 sizes of plates, cups, generic red tableware, ribbons, normal balloons, candles & table cover.
Still more Sonic Party Supplies:
From left to right:
Plastic Treat Bags / Favor Bags - Has running Sonic in a swirl with yellow handle area & blue background
NEW Sonic theme "Dessert Size" smaller paper plates 8 pack (still matches all other supplies here)
NEW Checker Edge Blue "Beverage Size" square Sonic napkins 20 pack (a bargain at under 3.00!)
BIG Bundle 16 - This one has 18 generic balloons, 16 of many of the above supplies & crepe paper too AND Banner
Happy Birthday Banner- Has Sonic & Tails on a blue backgound, is plastic, & has white lettering NOT Personalized/able