USA Sonic the Hedgehog Keychains
Sonic the Hedgehog Pins & Keychains of the USA
While the USA didn't have as many pins & keychains as Japan, there were still quite a few of both. This page covers both modern and vintage pins & keychains. Because they're not that big, some of the older ones may be harder to find. The newer ones tend to be from around 2008/9 and beyond as there was apparently a dry spell for them. Some of these keychains may be available in the Sonic Gear Store.
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SA 1 Style Spin Sonic PVC Keychain Despite being released in 2009, this keychain is very Sonic Adventure 1 Style. It has the strange-position walking/pointing Sonic which appeared with SA1, inside of the blue 'spin' design which was a part of that game's style/titles. It has a key clip at the top for easy removal from a ring, as well as a keyring so you can attach more keys to it. It is made of PVC, and was created by GE Entertainment in fall 2009.
Werehog layered rubber keychain & clip This Werehog keychain is done in the style of several previous flat rubber keychains (as seen on page 1) It has slits for the 'lines' of the artwork and is made of layered semi-flexible rubber with minor relief. The colors and details of these are always very sharp and artwork-accurate. These keychains are usually too big to be practical, but their nice detail and cool construction makes them fun to collect. This one has the new key-clip & key-ring combo attached to a loop at the top. Made by GE Entertainment in fall 2009.
GE Entertainment Item Cards These are the item cards you will recieve if you order any GE Entertainment keychain, phone charm, or strap. The Sonic X style/themed one to the left is the one you'll get if you buy anything modern. The checkered one at right is what you'll get if you buy anything of theirs that is classically styled. They can either have a plastic bubble or just be in a clear bag with the item attached to the card. The backs are plain, with just copyright info. These colorful cards are great if you plan to keep your items MIB for display!
Mario & Sonic Pin Button Selection Pack This is a Mario & Sonic @ Olympic Winter Games pin button collection pack. The game uses round symbol icons to indicate characters during selection, so these round pins use those as the theme. You can see Mario, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Eggman, Amy, Tails & Sonic, each with a face or item symbol. These are a clever and colorful idea for a pin set, but where can you find them?
Discovered by SonicBoy19
Classic Style Amy Rose Key Cap This classic style Amy Key Cap is by GE Entertainment. Released well after their Sonic & Tails caps, this one appears in winter 2009. It is also extremely cute, with foreward-facing Amy done in the flexible cut-rubber from the previous caps. The likeness is not only cute but it's classic-accurate as well with her bangs, eyelashes and headband. This is a super keychain for any Amy fan to collect! Photo discovered by SonicHOG Mario & Sonic Winter Keychain Selection Sonic & Mario Olympic winter games keychain set. This set has a game logo keychain and 4 mystery mini items. Are they phone charms? Can you insert them into the plain keychain? They're interesting because they give you Mario & Yoshi (why not Luigi or peach?) And Sonic & Amy (why not Tails or Shadow or ...?) Discovered by Sonicboy19
Classic Styled Running Sonic Enamel Keychain Here's another enamel keychain by GK World. They used classic side-running Sonic stock art for this one, and then did a nice job on the metal and enamel for the details. It looks clean and crisp with good cuts. The keychain itself comes with an extra ring for items as well as a spring loaded clip with pivot for belt loops or straps. This was released in 2010. Photo discovered by Trogdorbad
Key Clip Sonic head only Here's a key clip with only a classic Sonic head as the decoration. You can fit other items or keys onto the ring, or just use the spring loaded clip. This is likely going to be made by GK World...but what is it made of? Plastic or enamel? Should be available in summer 2010.
Finally, a Super Sonic phone or game strap. The charm is metal with enamel, and uses the official Super Sonic stock. It's quite clean line and well done. The strap part is yellow to match (a nice touch) and the thin tough loop fits into the ring on a phone or portable game system. You can probably likely also use this as a key chain, if you really want to. This may be the 3rd available Super Sonic item in the USA.
Shadow Chaos Emerald Key Ring Strap
This keychain has a really clever addition: a hard plastic (acrylic) chaos emerald! This jewel adds interest to the metal & enamel Shadow. He also comes with a black Sonic logo strap. Add some shine to your keys with this cool 3 item key ring!
Reminder: Keychains on this page are likely to come and go in the Sonic Gear Store (as they're commonly sold online if you can't find them in your local Hot Topics or FYE stores) Be sure to stop by and see what's there, as it varies.
Rectangle Portrait Sonic phone charm This is a phone charm, as evidenced by the thin cord that loops through the hole in most phones and portable game systems. It has the rectangle Sonic portrait that was seen in a PVC pin earlier. The design is a bit unusual, which is nice. You could probably also use it as a keychain, as it has a beaded loop as well. White Shadow theme lanyard on card This is a Shadow themed lanyard for keys or devices. (notice the thin cord loop, as well as ring and spring loaded hook. The strap itself is white, with 'Shadow' printed repeatedly, and little line arts of him scattered around. Both of these were made by GE Entertainment, and you should be able to find them at in 2010
Mario Sonic Winter Olympics Pre Order Pin This is a Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games pin. It is a metal & enamel pin with the game's logo, and the olympics logo. You could get this pin as an (apparently un-announced) pre-order bonus item if you pre ordered the game at Game Stop in the USA. Photo discovered by Kirchu
Silver the Hedgehog metal phone charm w/Emerald How do you make a cool phone charm even cooler? Add a clear acrylic faceted Chaos Emerald! This metal & enamel Silver the Hedgehog phone charm has a tough woven strap with logo, shaped charm, and clear emerald. The thin loop lets you attach it to anything with a loop hole, including portable game consoles & memory sticks. This is made by GE Entertainment. Photo discovered by SonicHOG Keychain Metal Enamel Super Sonic Charm Does the charm on this key chain look familiar? It should, it's exactly the same as the Super Sonic metal & enamel phone charm seen above. This time though, it is on a sturdy key ring, with spring-loaded key clip. This is made by GE Entertainment. Photo discovered by SonicHOG
Here is a Sonic X themed lanyard on its original card. It has a simple gray color with blue "Sonic X" logos scattered all over it & a springloaded clip for your key, card, etc. This is by GE Entertainment & may be found in the SonicGear store, if it's still available. Photo discovered by LiliumLily
1990s Flat Rubber Sonic Keychain This is an old keychain, likely from the early 1990s. It's quite simple, just a flat piece of die-cut rubber with Sonic stock art stamped on the front. The back is likely plain, with the copyright info printed there. Where was this available? Was it a prize? Photo & owned by: Sonic X Logo Lanyard
Eggman Flat Keychain Bio World Knuckles 2011 Keychain Bio World Thumbs up Sonic flat keychain Bio World Thoughtful Shadow Keychain Bio World
Just look at this super new keychain collection from Bio World!
Everybody gets new poses, so there's no re-runs to deal with if you have already collected other keychains. These are the popular "layered rubber" style which is super for capturing detail, and always results in the art looking really good. Eggfans rejoice! Egggman makes it into this collection, with a nice 'fist shakin' pose. Tails is shown flying, which is very refreshing/action-oriented for him. He also gets a second pose (holding tail) so there are 2 for Sonic & Tails each. Knuckles uses his 2011 stock art, with fist close-up, while Shadow is unusual in that he doesn't look aggrivated...just thoughtful. (a nice change of pace to add to your collection!) Sonic gets two poses, leap/kick & the newer 2011 'thumbs up/lean'. Each of the backs has the modern logo, copyright stamp & BioWorld markings. How big are these on average? (previous flat rubber ones were a bit impractically sized) The average price is 9.99 each (a bit steep, really...) What is the best way to get them? has them, but somewhere else should too/BioWorld sells to anywhere retail. Write in if you know!
Leap Kick Sonic Keychain BioWorld Flying Tails Flat Keychain Bio World Tails Hold Tail Keychain Bio World
All 7 keychains in this collection photos discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic 3 Limited Release Enamel Pin Set
This is a special metal & enamel pin set made for Sonic 3. It was released in Japan (somehow) but then re-purposed as what is likely a 'booth gift' or 'booth swag' for attendees of a convention (E3?) in the USA when Sonic 3 came out. They likely added an extra pin (standing Sonic in the bottom left) to make the set slightly different / exclusive for this event. Otherwise, the 3 pins are exactly the same as the Japan edition ones with the "3" logo, wierd tall/narrow/wrong eyes Knuckles, and Sonic doing the "3" pose with his fingers...but what is his other hand doing? Pointing? Yes that tiny bit at the bottom is his far off foot. Both character pins here are rather oddly done / odd art choices. It's an interesting little set though, uncommon because it was only brought over in limited quantities for some event. Photo discovered by AskLiliumLily
E3 1994 S&K Keychain Give-away This simple looking keychain is supposedly from the E3 of 1994, given out at the Sega booth to advertise for Sonic & Knuckles. You can see the copyright there on the bottom (looks legit) however the style of the keychain is unfortunate.
It may be the real deal, but this printed card in acrylic case type is EXTREMELY easy to bootleg. Beware of keychains in this style, even official ones can be flawlessly cloned due to their simple design.