Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies
You could only find classic (pre Sonic Adventure 1) supplies before 2010. It took them from the advent of Sonic Adventure 1 until 2010 to make another set of supplies readily available in the USA. These great items are perfect for Sonic themed parties, and can be bought online. If you need these supplies, try online & retail! Birthday Express , may have some from this page as well in 2011. WalMart (in the USA) may also have some of these supplies.
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Sonic themed Cone Party Hats More paper cone shaped party hats. Why is wearing a cone shaped hat part of a party? Who knows! But these sure do have Sonic all over them. It uses the same art as the cup from this same party set. You can see part of the modern logo down in one corner. These are sold in sets of 8. Discovered by SonicBoy19 This is a Party City Item.
Plastic party favor bag If you're having Sonic themed party favors, you might as well put them in this nice plastic party favor bag. This uses the same Sonic stock art as the hats & cups from the set, but you get more of the abstract swirly background. The handle is an oval hole in the top of the bag. Likely also sold in sets of 8. This is a Party City Item. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic party favors variety pack This is a variety pack of Sonic themed party favors (no doubt to go inside the bag seen above!) It's a curious collection of items with a nice variety of characters and modern stock...but what are they all? Write in if you know! Items suspected to be: The mini-skateboards seen sold seperately on this page, disc tossing plastic game, notebooks, party favor bags (seen here too), trading cards OR temp tattoos & possibly a paddle ball style game. This is a Party City Item.
Thank You Note & Party Invite Combo Pack This convenient card 2-pack gives you a set of Sonic themed party invitations & thank-you notes for all your intended invitees all in one easy shot. The Invite says "A Super Sonic Celebration" with the modern logo, and the Thank You card says "A Super Sonic Thank You" and features Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow. Nothing here actually features Super Sonic, they just like to write the words. This is a Party City Item. Discovered by JordanXSonic
Sonic Lunch Napkin Party City This is the Sonic Lunch Plate & Lunch Napkin from Party City. Not to be confused with the other modern ones of these same objects. They've both got the same art, but use a different crop for it. Only the plate has the logo, though. This is a Party City Item. Discovered by SonicBoy19 Sonic Lunch Plate Party City
Sonic Paper Party Mask
Is a mask a party supply? What exactly do you do with it at a party? A flat paper mask doesn't really fit into any other category on the site though, and it IS sold at a party supply store it goes. The mask features a nice realistic render of Sonic's foreward-facing face, though the breathing holes (partially in his eyes...) make it look somewhat odd. At right is what the masks look like in the package, it's a simple starry background, with an un-hole-filled version of the mask graphic. These are about 8 inches wide by 9 high. Discovered by SonicBoy19, right photo by Berzerker This is a Party City Item AND it is ALSO available in the UK. UK version seems identical. 8 Paper party masks MIP
Favor Skateboards MIP photo These are mini skateboards /fingerboards which are meant to be given as party favors. With each pack (seen at right) you get 2 of each board. They feature Knuckles, Sonic & Shadow with a blue background & logo. It is only 3.79 for all of them, so it's quite a bargain. This is a Party City Item (but it can also be found elsewhere) Discovered by JordanXSonic Mini Skateboard Sonic Favors
Sonic Rings Poster Party Game This game gives the old party staple "Pin the tail on the donkey" a Sonic theme. The game is a poster (about 24 inches) with a picture of Sonic who has 1 finger raised. It comes with ring stickers (that can be peeled off) and blindfolds (paper, black) so the objective is to see who can get their ring sticker closest to the finger, to win. Notice there's pointing Eggman in the background...if you stick it to him, do you lose? After the game is done, it's still a cool poster for you to have! It is only about 4.00. Discovered by JordanXSonic This is a Party City Item Rings Game MIP
Sonic Shadow Knuckles Center Disk Make the party table festive with another center-piece decoration! This has a coloful disk with Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow on a swirl background. It stands up when you fold out the decorative blue paper base. (This means it also stores flat, so you can use it again & again!) It's quite a different shape from the previous one, so it's interesting to try and collect both. This is a Party City Item
Party Decor Streamer Disks You can make your party room extra fancy with these dangling streamer disks. They can hang from a tack in the ceiling, or off lamps or fixtures. Each one has a spiral shiny mylar material with blue, orange or red in the twist. The disk features Sonic in a different pose each time, paired with either Shadow, Knuckles or Tails. As breezes go through the room, the disks spin and twist the shiny streamer for a fun effect. This is a Party City Item. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Multi-Character Vinyl Party Tablecloth Not 1 but TWO different Sonic themed party table cloths. These aren't actually cloth, but spill-proof plastic vinyl. Both are quite nicely designed, but in different ways. The left has a variety of characters sprinkled over it with swirls, stars & logos for a colorful & fun effect. The right has just Sonic in a nice modern pose on a somewhat textured orange background. (so he's quite large) Which one will you choose? But shouldn't have to pick just 1, with the price at only 3.79! Left item is Party City. Right discovered by JordanXSonic, left by SonicBoy19 Sonic Vinyl Table Cover
Yellow latex party balloons
Forget those fake balloons you see on ebay, and grab the real thing at Party City! These are yellow latex balloons with blue Sonic line art & logo on each one. Notice the copyright near his shoe and don't be fooled by fakes. By pairing up reuglar balloons (here) and mylar (from page 2) you can have a really colorful look at the Sonic themed party. Discovered by SonicBoy19