Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies
Even more party supplies!
2017 brings another round of Sonic the Hedgehog themed party goods. The designs are still CG modern Sonic, but now Shadow appears as well. It has all the previous favorite items, but adds personalize-able things this time too. It should be available at Party City stores, and at their site online. You can also get modern supplies in the SonicGear Party Supply Store page. The GearStore stocks the supplies via Amazon, so older items may also appear as well until they sell out.
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Paper Cups Sonic Tails Knuckles Here are the paper party cups for 2017.
They have a blue checker background & CG art for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles standing all around the sides of each cup. The character art is large, so it flows off the bottom & top of the cup. These are likely sold in 8 packs.
2 Sizes Party Paper Plates Lunch Dinner Party paper plates!
Here are their 2 sizes, lunch & dinner. It's nice that each plate has a different design, instead of th same thing twice, but at different sizes. The smaller lunch/snack square plate has Shadow, thumbs up Sonic & tilted Tails. The background here is checkers, with a scattering of CG rings.
The larger dinner/meal plate has leaping Sonic, punching Knuckles & flying Tails. This one's background swirls in some dynamic looking CG rings, but has checkers as well as stars. Both plates' designs are bright, cool & full of action and movement. Whoever is designing in 2017 is selecting some good stuff.
Sonic themed Balloon Selection 3D More cool party balloons!
This time, it includes normal latex-type official ballons as well. (Previous years had plain ones) There's a Sonic, Tails & Shadow mylar round balloon with CG rings, and another mylar big balloon of 3D CG jumping Sonic. This one is extra big size, & shaped to the rough outline of Sonic to make it more interesting. The latex type balloons are light blue, dark blue & red, but all have the same modern black Sonic line art with him in a white star shape.
While these are great for decorating at a party, after the helium goes out of the mylar type, they can be pressed flat and become a wall decoration. This is a fun/colorful selection of balloons to choose.
customize party Sonic banner Party City adds customization!
The ability to have custom printed party goods has long been wanted by parents of Sonic fans, & PC now grants the ability with a birthday banner, as well as invitations and thank-you cards. The banner has waving Tails on one side & thumb-forward Sonic on the other. The name & year can be anything you want.
The invitations have Sonic Tails & Knuckles on one side, with Sonic on the other. Not only can the name be added, along with the dates/times/address, but you can have a portrait (or a picture of anything) in one of the rings. Their slogan is "so speed on over to the party"
Customize-able invitations thank you cards
The thank-you cards have the slogan "Thanks for running on over!" along with jumping punch Sonic & punching Knuckles. You can customize these too, but it's not real clear what you'd customize there. These are both sold as packs of 8.
Sonic Party Paper Napkins Here are 2 sizes of party paper napkins.
There's the smaller lunch/snack square napkin with just a CG Sonic face & the logo. The other is the larger dinner square napkin with a profile of running Sonic & the logo. Both have a checker/with texture blue background. The background ties each piece together & makes all the party goods look like a good fit on the table.
2017 Party Tablecloth Table Cover Keep the party table clean & free of mess with a cool Sonic theme plastic table cover. The cover has CG character art overlapped/repeating all along the edges that hang over the sides. The center white part has small character face icons & shapes. (This is the largest available photo of the item) The character edge features Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow, but look who's also there: Eggman! The little icons seem to include blue/sihloutte faces for Sonic & Tails but
it looks like the Eggman-land symbol is also there, along with some rings and stars. This is 54 by 96 inches.
Temporary Tattoo Party Favors 8 A party-favor item of some kind is generally included among a release, and 2017 is no exception with this sheet of temporary tattoos.
There are 8 designs per sheet. You get Tails' face with his name, running Sonic, Sonic in a 'flame' ring, a slogan "Come on step it up!", Sonic & Amy in a star, Sonic portrait, just him jumping & STK-trio.

Why Amy appears in the tattoos but nowhere else is as much a mystery as to why they skipped Shadow & used him on a bunch of the other decorations.

This decor set somehow also included a plastic re-use-able Sonic drink cup, but it's not really a party-good nor particularly a common favor, so it got onto USA Homegoods. It shares the slogan with one of the tattoos here.
Sonic Standee Cardboard 2021 Is a Standee a party supply?
Maybe. It could also be game room decor. This is a 2021 modern Sonic cardboard standee. It has a white background, diecut edges and the modern logo in color at the bottom. It has jumping/sideways-peace-sign Sonic for the art.
Standees are usually pretty large, so this one is about 3 feet tall or so. (Height to be confirmed if anyone can find the measurements for this) It uses the usual nicely shaded SA 2 type of art, so naturally it looks good. You can also keep it flat and put it on a wall like a shaped poster, if there is no where to stand it up.
How much did this cost, and where was it sold? You can write in for credit if you know.
Amscan Sonic Party Supplies Set Finally, in 2022, a new set of Sonic themed party supplies appears. This time, it's paper products company "Amscan" that has made a set. Party supplies are something that are always on shelves for VERY long periods of time, as they are easy to produce, inexpensive, never spoil, and for whatever reason easy to warehouse as well. Having something that started in 2017 still available in 2022 is not uncommon for this one category.
In any case, Amscan has done a good job here, with everything looking tidy and modern. There are thumbs-up Sonic in a ring/with logo paper cups, jumping forward Sonic with rings square napkins and Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow on the paper plates. The background is always 2 shades of lighter blue with checkers or stars. All the art is nicely CG/large and colorful. It's very solid for a party set, easy to choose & official looking.
This was found on Amazon, and the seller (not the set) has added a generic blue table cloth plastic and some generic brand candles to the package to try and 'increase the deal'. This is fine, but just to note they're not a part of the original set.
Sonic Maze Card Hallmark 2023 Finally, another stand-alone birthday card.
It took until (probably) late 2022 or 2023 to do it, but this time Hallmark produces a quite quality card. This is from their "Hallmark Connections" line. It's a tri-fold card on thick paper. The front is somewhat-reflective blue, with satin finish slightly embossed Sonic CG art and slogan "Your Powers for Good are Unstoppable". The inside of the card has a maze, with Sonic, rings, cake, gift, hat & star-ring graphics.
There are also words to pass by in the maze Super Speedy, Super Smart, Super Amazing. (Of course, all of these things apply to Sonic as well, so it is quite an inspirational card) The Birthday Wish inside is "Roll this year like only you Can! Happy Birthday". It has a plain blue envelope with aqua interior. Because it is large & fancy, it is 3.98 retail price. This can be found at Walmart, but where else? Card is in the SonicGear collection.
Oversize Card Hallmark Foil Edge
This is called an "oversize card".
Greeting cards come in various sizes, with 'standard' being that usual/most common one you see, this, the 'oversize', at 10 inches, note (like a thank you note) and Jumbo (those huge gag cards) The little words there on the envelope tell you it needs extra postage (so you'd have to bring it to the mail counter) so this is one where it's best to give it in person at the Birthdy Party.
The card itself is another from the Hallmark Connections line, and is released in 2023. It has a holofoil dots edge, diecut top, and CG leaping forward Sonic art. The background is simple/papercut look Green Hill scenery. The inside is printed with 'pixel like' pattern on one side, and the other has the birthday message. "Whooshing you a blur of fun on your birthday, hope it doesn't go by too fast!" This also has an added CG Sonic image for the top, which is a nice touch. Look at the ruler in the top photo to see the size of the card.
This is 5.98 retail price because of the large size.
This is in the SonicGear Collection.
Collecting a greeting card is a good idea. It doesn't take up a lot of space, you can hang it on the wall like a mini poster, and it is easy to store if you're not displaying it. They're not too expensive either.