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What to do when you're not playing Sonic video games?
You could try these Sonic puzzles & board/non-video games. This page is all about non-video, non-electronic Sonic themed games and puzzles of all types. You can see both old and new items here, as several were made throughout the years. If they're able to be bought still, you can usually find the info in the description.
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IDW Sonic Comic Puzzle 1000 Pc IDW took over Sonic comics in the USA when Archie stopped...but this appears to be their first non-book merchandise. It is a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in a square box. When you put it together, you will get the scene here with Blaze the cat shooting fire in the background, and Sonic swinging on Tangle the Lemure's tail as she jumps. The background is GHZ-like and complex enough that the puzzle shouldn't be too difficutl to put together.
The art is nice, it is by the comic book artist Tyson Hesse from IDW. It is branded and licensed...but where do you find it? This is a 2020 item.
IDW Game Sonic Dice Rush Box IDW branches out even more from comics, to create a game to play at home. This is Sonic Dice Rush, the zone building game of speed. It's not very big at all, the box you see there is probably 6 inches or less in size. It's large enough to hold the standard card-game-size cards, the dice and tokens. It is a metal tin box for safekeeping.
To play the game you choose a classic Sonic character from Sonic, Tails, Amy or Knuckles and you get their color matched dice to roll. Your goal is to build a Green Hill zone by grabbing cards in accordance with what you roll. However, some cards are 'first get = first grab', so you do actually have to be fast to try and win the game. There is a boss to build at the end too, but it's the X from Sonic 2 instead of the Checker-Wrecker that usually appears in this zone. (It had to be complex to make it fun to build, so they couldn't choose the usual one.
What are the little tokens? They're SUUUPER pixelated flicky birds, of the sprite where it has just come out of the badnick and is still faced forward. They're a little confusing to see because the pixelation level is super high. This is probably on Amazon, if you can find it.

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The BoardGame Geeks

Sonic Battle Racers Game A modern Sonic Game! It's Battle Racers!
This is a more complicated Sonic board game that is modular and customizable. It released maybe in 2019 or 2020 but has since caught on with players of table top board game type things. You may even find it in specialty stores for such games in 2021.
It is by Shinobi 7 Games, and this is the core/starter game box thing. It comes with 4 3D figures for the player characters so you can choose Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy to race the board. You put the board together (as seen, makes a path) going along it with your character card (seen at right) & the token things doing various challenges/fights etc trying to get to the finish line first.

What's interesting/unique about the game is...because it did well, they made 'expansion packs' for it with other characters like Shadow & Eggman that come with figures, extra path boards, more cards & challenges. That way you can keep making the game different and re playing it

with more features to keep it fresh and fun. That's a very good idea for a table top like this.

At left is the Eggman Boss Expansion Pack, which is sold separately. The far left seems to be a render of what it might look like, while the other is the real thing on store shelves now.

The mini figure has him pointing upward and walking. The box back describes that you'll get more cards, more path & what other expansion packs were on the wave with him.
You can buy Metal Sonic, Infinite & Shadow packs. WANTED GEAR: If you have photos of the other packs you can send them in for credit
Sonic Roll Game Kess Entertainment A new Sonic game appears!
And it has a classic style, but modern table top game play with dice, cards and more to use. The box art is interesting here, it's deliberately like a Genesis game box, and then takes the 'looming Eggman' element from the old poster and combines it with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy art to complete the box. It's a game for 2 to 4 players by Kess Entertainment.

Info on what to do to play it pending. This first appeared in 2023.

Clementoni 4 Modern Sonic Puzzles Clementoni is a puzzle maker that has many different franchises that they do puzzles for. They're usually for kids or between little/bigger kids types so not too simple nor complex.
This is a 4 in 1 super color puzzle box. It has CG art for all 4 puzzles, with nice colorful scenes.
You get STK on a simple 12 piece, jumping Sonic & Flying Tails on a 16 piece, STK all running/profile on a 20 piece and Sonic vs. Eggman on the 24 piece puzzle.
This is reasonably priced at 20 dollars for all 4 puzzles. This appears on Amazon (and elsewhere?) in 2024. This is a factory photo.
Clementoni 2 Puzzle Sets Clementoni makes even more puzzles, this time a bit more complex. They're all still nice CG art, with bright colors & good character variety/scenes.
The left box has 3 of 48 piece puzzles. You get one with Rouge, Shadow & Silver on a Chemical Plant background, a STK all jumping in front of
a maybe ruins? background, and Knuckles, Sonic & Amy on a Green Hill type background. (Odd that they bring up Chemical Plant...none of the 3 were ever there...)
The most complicated puzzle is in a box by itself, with 104 pieces. This one has Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Sonic, Eggman in the background, Shadow, Metal Sonic and Silver all posed to be 'rushing forward' at the viewer. The background here is still somewhat Green Hilly. Both of these are 20 dollars at Amazon in 2024.
(Remember: You can use "Puzzle Saver" type glue to stick completed puzzles together and hang them on the wall like a poster if you really like their designs)