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What to do when you're not playing Sonic video games?
You could try these Sonic puzzles & board/non-video games. This page is all about non-video, non-electronic Sonic themed games and puzzles of all types. You can see both old and new items here, as several were made throughout the years. If they're able to be bought still, you can usually find the info in the description.
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IDW Sonic Comic Puzzle  1000 Pc IDW took over Sonic comics in the USA when Archie stopped...but this appears to be their first non-book merchandise. It is a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in a square box. When you put it together, you will get the scene here with Blaze the cat shooting fire in the background, and Sonic swinging on Tangle the Lemure's tail as she jumps. The background is GHZ-like and complex enough that the puzzle shouldn't be too difficutl to put together.
The art is nice, it is by the comic book artist Tyson Hesse from IDW. It is branded and licensed...but where do you find it? This is a 2020 item.