Sonic the Hedgehog Hygene Title Card
Sonic Hygene? Why not take Sonic items into the bath & the sink! This page will have only modern Sonic Hygene items, including makeup. Most items here aren't that common, as they are mostly disposable products that can be used up (shampoo, etc) Many of these had a limited release around the USA. It still seems strange that there are so many bath or cleaning items associated with Sonic. Get clean faster!
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Sonic X electric motorized tooth brush With Sonic X as popular as it was, as well as the rush on 'electric tooth brushes', someone's thought to combine the 2! So here we have the first (known) battery powered Sonic toothbrush. This features most of the cast of Sonic X on the handle, and some art from the show on the back-card. It is official, it has the Sonic X logo at the bottom and on the card. It looks like it has a start & stop button, and replaceable likely AAA or AA batteries in the handle. Supposedly this is from America, but it is not known where it's sold.

There may be more than 1 design for this.

Sonic Boys and Girls Toothbrushes With their giant handles, these may or may not be mechanical toothbrushes. As you can see, there's a "Boys" and "Girls" design, complete with pink theme and Amy Rose. SoftGrip is not the name of the company, but the type of handle. The photo isn't that close so you can tell well. These Sonic X toothbrushes can be found at Meijers Stores in the USA as of 2007-2008. Meijers is only found in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Info by #
Sonic X theme tooth brushes These toothbrushes are the 2nd release of the ones above. Still by the same company and still featuring the same characters and boys/girls theme, these differ because the figures on each one are raised rubber. (see the 'feel me' sticker) The bristles for these also contain glitter for added effect! The bristles match the color of the toothbrush. The plastic is somewhat translucent. These were made by WorldTrends INC. Photographed & owned by Blue Sonikku. Glam Glow Gravitymud Face Product SDCC This is a container of Sephora's "Glamglow Gravitymud" face helping product. Why is it Sonic branded? It was a give-away item at the San Diego Comic Con in 2016. For whatever reason, beauty-products company Sephora appeared at
the comic con to raise brand awareness & was giving out these little product tins to fans. It's not the first time a Sonic cosmetic has been released, but it's a first for Sephora. Because it's a convention give-away item, it's likely to be limited & thus uncommon and collectible. Very interesting! Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Digital Soap Sonic 2 Cartridge Block What's a picture of the Sonic 2 cardridge doing here at hygene?
That's's a soap!
This cartridge looking item is actually a solid block of black soap molded into an exact cartridge shape. It's been given a sticker of the Sonic 2 game, and comes in a box that looks just like (almost) the old game's plastic box. The company "Digital Soap" produces really authentic looking replicas of items that are made of soap. This is available at Hot Topic in 2017.
NOTE: You CANT USE the soap! can....but not if you want to collect it.
The sticker will no-doubt come right off if you wet the soap for use, so this is best preserved in a collection alongside its box. Does it smell nice? You can write in for credit if you know. This is an interesting idea.
Avon Terry Cloth Sonic Plush A plush doll for the bath?
Yes...when Avon is around! This Sonic plush is made of terrycloth, that fabric that dries fairly fast, has a 'loopy' surface & does fairly well in the water.
The plush itself was advertised by Avon to be specifically played with in the bath, so here he goes onto the hygene/bath area of Gear. This doll also appears on
Sonic USA Plushes Page 4. He's an earlier item, as you can tell by the flat rows of spikes that aren't evenly distributed over the back of his head, as they should be. However....this mistake should have been fixed by the time the doll was released. He's a fairly 'cute' pattern, with a bit of big-body, small feet, puffy hands & really short limbs. It's not super cool, but it's not terrible either. What it is, though, is unique: It's the ONLY stuffed-animal of Sonic anything that's meant to get wet. Photo & Owned by Pichu97/Charlie
Avon Bath Box Sally Here is an Avon Bath Box
Avon had a Sonic promotion in 1995, as you can see with the bath plush doll above, but this has a shampoo bottle inside, and it's topper was a finger puppet for the bath. The puppets included Sonic, Knuckles & Sally. You can see them on Sonic Gear Hygene 1.
Avon, who likes to do quality things had their bottle in a decorative box/outer packaging. The package uses probably some Spinball? art for running Sonic, Archie Comics art for the Sally & rare Sitting Knuckles. (Is he a Japan art?) The star ball is the 'bell bumper' ball from Sonic 3 special stage. The circles in the background are all (oddly enough) full of mathematical fractal sets.
This was probably not a blind-box situation (although the box is blind) Avon is an 'orders only' company, so you wouldn't find it on store shelves, only their sales people or catalogs. And, that meant you could choose which shampoo topper character you wanted, or simply buy all 3. The Sally topper ended up being the rarest, because she was the least-recognizable character of the 3 since she was Archie Only & SatAM. Photo & owned by
Handi Sanz Hand Sanitizer Classic Sonic Set It took until 2021 to get a new Sonic hygene item, and here it is! A whole set of them, actually!
These are Handi-Sanz brand hand sanitizer bottles. When the pandemic continued, hand sanitizer companies began to proliferate and then attempt to make sanitizing cool. In this case, it works because here are Super Sonic, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles themed bottles, all in classic style.
Each bottle is clear with clear gel alcohol based sanitizer inside. It is in a soft color-coordinated rubber sleeve. The sleeve has that flat/layered cut-rubber (common on keychains) with the character on it. They are about the size of a keychain charm. The rubber continues to form
the soft adjustable loop for hanging it on a bag, purse, or key chain. You CAN refill the bottles too! If it runs out, just unscrew the top and use a big one to refill it. That way, you can always have a Sonic character at the ready with sanitizer. Super Sonic & Tails get neoclassic art for the character cut out. But look at Knuckles. There is a random bump on the top of his head...what is that? It looks like it's there to cover over the other corner of the top of the bottle? Is it some kind of miscalculation? It is a mystery. These are confirmed in Target....but up by the register area in a cardboard stand. They are about 4.99 each. (So, about the price of a key chain) These are in the SonicGear collection.
Handy Sanz Sanitizer Sonic Bottles Display Handy Sanz is back on store with even more Sonic to choose from. They first released the set above, but it seems like on the 2nd round, only Knuckles makes a return. His bottle is the same. This bunch keeps arms-crossed Sonic, but adds hands-on-hips and 'finger waving' Sonic to the mix so that there is 3 of him to choose from. With this photo, you can see the store display too. It has holes for each cap so the bottles stay upright.
These are probably at Target AND maybe Walmart in 2021 / fall, but they'll be in the front of the store by cards / keychains / candy near the registers. Photo by Taaron
Numskull Sonic Cologne Perfume Citrus Numskull brings out a surprise in time for the 2021 holiday season!
There's FINALLY a new scent for Sonic! This is Numskull's Sonic Cologne, the fragrance for anyone who is a Sonic fan. As indicated by the photo here, it's going to have a light, refreshing somewhat citrus scent. The bottle is blue glass with a silver screw top cap. The front has jumping forward modern Sonic sort of over-printed-ish (a bit of an odd effect) with his name in a block font.
This scent and it's bottle are much classier than the previous 90s perfume /fragrance in its wacky glass bottle. The citrus scent likely will have a wider appeal, and the bottle looks good on the shelf. It's also a very good step to create a fragrance that is "for everyone", instead of just 'boys' (which really doesn't make sense? Like, who is assigning genders to smells? If a girl wore it I don't think anyone would have noticed, for example) Still, good job for Numskull! Smell detail will be added to entry once someone finds this. Discovered by Taaron
Handy Sanz Modern Sanitizer Display Handy Sanz is back in 2022...
And this time, with modern Sonic sanitizers! Here is their retail display box with all 4 varieties. It's identical to the previous one, except now the logo is modern. With this, you can collect Amy Rose, thumbs up Sonic, fist out Knuckles & peace sign Tails. More character variety ought to make this set popular as well. (Somehow Todoroki from My Hero Academy got into the display/ignore him/ Handy Sanz does all kinds of licenses)
These are always near the registers at Target or Walmart you won't find them near other Sonic products. Photo by Taaron
These were also apparently at Game Stop for an amount of time, but they seem to have clearanced them in July 2022. It's unknown if they'll return.
HandySanz Shadow Sanitizer Bottle The Shadow themed Handy Sanz bottle is indeed real, and he was part of their modern set (seen above in its dispensing display box) Shadow's bottle, unlike all the other characters is red instead of being black (as it should have been) He does continue their fresh look, by using another uncommon pose for him.
The Shadow one is likely to be the most sought-after one of these so he's likely going to end up rare. (Typical with Shadow items) This set is in the SonicGear collection.
Firefly Brand Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Time for toothbrush!
Finally, another Sonic themed electronic toothbrush appears. (Seems the last one was in the Sonic X era) A new company "Firefly" gets a modern license and creates this fun themed toothbrush. It's part of their "Clean n' Protect" line, which means that it comes with a cute cap/travel topper for the brush.
This has the usual thick handle for the batteries, and 2 buttons to switch it on or off. It has a CG art for Sonic and Tails on the handle. The brush head itself is appropriately colored in red and blue with white bristles. The cap is shaped like a plastic fully 3D Sonic head. It seems likely that a game model was used because the head is accurate, the paint looks good/it's a nice item.
Quite a nice toothbrush to collect, if you're going for hygene items...the fun travel topper really adds to the appeal because they did such a good job with it.

This is a 2022 item, but where is it sold? How much is it?