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Toy Island has made four lines of new figures! Be on the look out for
The next wave does not seem to be called Line Sonic Gear is assuming it is still a part of line 2, with: METAL FORCE
Space Fighters Box Back
As you can see, there's Tails Knuckles Sonic and Shadow. But look, they've also included Missile Wrist, one of the first robots that Eggman sends against the heroes of Sonic X in the TV show.

However, why don't they know Missile Wrist's name? It is just listed as "Robot" on the box, which doesn't make sense because to get its design, SOMEONE had to see the show...and they only said it's name about a zillion times. Why is the box art incompetent THIS far into the game?

Note that it also says that the figures weapons light up . Each wep is in two pieces that you fit into the figure's hand. The light is actually a LED inside the hand which makes the weapon glow. From using the Sonic, I have discovered that the rod of blue pointy-ness tends to drop from his grip a bit too easily. Do the other figures share his problem? Yes! Except for Knuckles and Shadow.

These run on those little button-cell batteries, and they ARE replaceable. It comes with an instruction card on how to do it. The figures are jointed at the neck, hips, knees and the elbow of the NON-wep arm. Neither wrist is jointed, and they can't take off their helmets. Since Missile-Wrist doesn't have a wep, the 'eye' lights up instead.

If you want to grab these figures, go to Toys R Us stores right now! If they aren't in stock, ask for them.

This is a surprise new line, NOT what anyone was expecting. Apparently, they decided to release a "Space Fighters" series supposedly based on Sonic X. However, if you actually watch Sonic X, you can see that no one really had these sceptors or strange costumes and weapons. Is this some type of odd gimmic series? Remember Re-Saurus and their "Skiing Sonic" release? (he never actually skii'd in a game, he only snow-boards)
Mega Bot Sonic Figures Box Look carefully at the box to see the action figures you can collect! You can see who is in the line (Sonic Knuckles Tails Shadow Amy) and you can also see Eggman's RBX-005 mega robot all assembeled.

You can put it together if you buy ALL the characters, who come with 1 piece of it. You can also see Decoy Sonic on here, and his "breaking action" gun-robot and "X" shaped catapult. It's mentioned on the back, but what they don't tell you is, that if you buy this by mistake, you won't get the torso, and can't build the bot.

It claims they are all fully articulated, but we now know this isn't really true for the MegaBot Line. It also claims to be "Series 1" which implies that they want at least one more sereis.

Keep checking your Toys R Us and KB Toy stores as well as Sonic Gear to bring you exciting news and photos first! So far, only Toys R Us has these.

Be sure to click to Toys R Us if you see it in the link bar to the left. Expect a price of about $5.99 each.

Figures And Chaos Emeralds Box Back Check this out!

Toy Island pulled out the stops with this THIRD line of Sonic X figures! This is the"Action Figures with Chaos Emeralds" line. Gah! This line has 5 figures in it as well, that's FIFTEEN plus 1 robot thing figures to collect. Start saving your cash everyone!

You can see the emeralds from the Sonic Adventure 1 Toy Island line. These figures have the best sculpt out of all their lines to date. If you are going to get a figure from these first lines, GET THESE GUYS! Their Sonic and Shadow are far, far better sculpts, but the Chris really suffers from no articulation. Notice also that Cream only has 1 emerald, as she has Cheese with her instead of the second.

Toys R Us is pretty much confirmed to have an exclusive on all the TI lines. So far, this line is the most scarce, because it was released LAST in most areas. If it hasn't come out in your area yet, wait, don't go over spend! Keep pestering retail! Nag your TRU for Sonic stuff. Make them keep restocking.

Figures Emeralds Shadow Box
This is what the Chaos Emerald line looks like in the box.
Knuckles Re-Release Toy Island They just couldn't is ANOTHER re-release of Toy-Islands' first figure line. Remember! This is NOT a new line, they're just enclosing a mini-keychain figure with their same-old wierdly sculpted Sonic Adventure 1 toys. Toy Island is also doing a run of keychains under the "Sonic X" name. They are claiming that this is "Cheese the Chao" but that is a LIE. Sonic X Keychain Chao PVC
Do not be fooled into buying these unless you NEED the mini-keychain guys or you are trying to complete this set still. They are the same as the previous 2 releases, just minus more accessories.
See, there's no bow tie. This is actually a re-do of the PVC chao that came with TI's inital release of Sonic Adventure 1 figures. It was with their "Wind up Tails". They just put a keychain lead on it, and are claiming it's Cheese to fit with Sonic X. Bad form, Toy Island!

You can see that Sonic Knuckles Tails and Big (why not Amy? Because she was never on their first line.) should also be in Key-Chain form. The other characters may or may not be the same as the 'mini figures' seen at left included in the re-release...

Metal Force Figures Box Back
As you can see, Metal Force is a repaint of the Space Fighters line, and doesn't include Missile Wrist on the line. Also, the figures do not come with any headgear. They have also corrected their box-back photo to show Shadow's sword as it really is: one piece with no handle.

Metal force is available from Toys R Us, in most areas, as of November 2006. In 2007, they can be found at some KB Toy stores in the USA, and also at some online retailers like Amazon, possibly.

Read more about Metal Force Knuckles Figure Here.

Super Posers Toy Island Action Figures
The "Super Posables" did not share as wide a release as any of the others. Toys R Us MAY have had some in the USA, but there are no confirmed reports. The only retail area that has been confirmed is KB-Toys, of which there are not many stores remaining around the USA.

If you look at Toy Island Preview page, you can see 2 figures were cut from the line (Tails & Knuckles) despite them looking pretty good. These should be find-able anywhere in late summer to fall/winter of 2007. Online retailers are also likely to have these as well, but for higher prices. Low price should fall around 8 or 9 USD--as that is KB-Toy's retail price.

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