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This second page of Sonic the hedgehog books is for only 'modern era' (Dreamcast & after) books. For whatever reason, though this era is longer than the 'classic era', there aren't as many books here.
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History of Sonic Front Back Covers History book blurb
The History of Sonic the Hedgehog is a book by Udon Pix n Love Editions. It's a large size, hard cover book with 300 pages. It's heavy, with good quality paper, & comes wrapped in plastic. You can get it from Amazon (who may sometimes ship it free, despite its heavy weight) with the button in this entry! At right is the blurb on the back cover to read.
Sonic book character model pages Sonic history table of contents photo
Above is the table of contents...where you can see there's lots of content! At left are 2 examples of the inside pages. They have some nice CG character models (top is a height chart, & big is the tallest...but did you know Vector is taller than Eggman?)
Interior cover art pages Sample book pages The interior to the hard covers/interior 1st pages have some fun classic line art you can see to the left. Then, here are 2 example pages. The first shows merchandise like dolls & Sneakers (made by Nike, modeled after a Sonic shoe) the other page has an 'origin of Tails' paired with an old art of Eggbotnick.
The sort of hybrid 'eggbotnik' is where the art was beginning to resemble Robotnick (the all black eyes, etc) but still had the Eggman clothing. That art's not common, but did appear on a UK calendar so it's neat to see.
Size of the history book History of Sonic the Hedgehog Hardcover book
This is a hardcover, 300 page giant book of Sonic! This isn't an Archie thing either, it's actual games & facts and history. You can see the size at left, compared with game & CD.

Amazon Says: "Celebrating over 20 years as SEGA's official mascot, The History of Sonic the Hedgehog is the ultimate guide to SEGA's spiky blue speedster! This hefty 300-page hardcover volume covers in detail every 2D and 3D Sonic game, plus spinoffs and crossovers. You'll also find character profiles, promotional artwork, rare concept art, and a detailed look at the origins of the "Blue Blur"."

You can use the SonicGear Store Amazon Link (at right) to order it, though it's expensive, at 31.00 because it is big. Discovered by Sonictoast.
"Visually, this book is amazing. Right off the get go, the inside covers have great classic artwork of Sonic and the gang. Every page is stunning with great collages of official SEGA artwork and 8-128 bit graphics from the video games. It is almost worth getting just for the pictures. But the content is amazing too.
It has a brief 8 page Sega history lesson before Sonic, another 6 pages of history about the creation of Sonic, then a full 83 pages covering Sonic's full history from 1991-2011. which includes interviews with Yuji Naka, Naoto Oshima and Takashi Iisuka. Then there is a profile for every Sonic Game. Every Spin-off and arcade and handheld. The games they do not include profiles for are the compilation games and games released in 2012 ("Sonic4 Ep.2" and "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed"). They also don't include the 40+ Mobile phone Sonic games, but there is a page addressing the collection as a whole.

There is also Profiles for the modern cast of characters, including all three chaotix, all three babylon rogues and a lot of Sonic Adventure characters like Chaos, Tikal and E-102 Gamma. Strangely there is no profile for Omega. (Omega has a bigger part than E102 did so that's strange) Each profile also has a full list of every game that character has appeared in. The lists even includes "Sonic 4 Ep. 2" & "All-stars Racing Transformed".

The end has some cool concept art for a number of villains and badniks from the whole series. Then it finishes off with a lot of Cameos Sonic has made in other SEGA games. This is a great part because many of the screenshots and info they ripped straight from a web page which is fan run/contributed Seriously, a lot (not all) of the screenshots used in this section of the book are the exact ones that I took from the games themselves and posted on this website.

However it is not perfect. There are a hand-full of errors. Some are forgivable like where they reference a level being from "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" when it was really from "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic WINTER Games". But then there are other things like showing 1994 Sonic Mcdonalds toys in a 2003 Sonic Happy Meal box or saying that "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" was a French series that debuted in 1995. We all know it's American and came out in 1993. Mario is also mentioned or referenced A LOT / Perhaps too much in the book as well, they really emphasize that Mario is the driving force that made Sonic what he is..."

Want to see the Special Gold Foil Exclusive Cover Version? (From France)

Review by Sonictoast * Further review pending

The Sonic X series of books. These appear to be a summary of an episode of the show that you can read. These are smaller then comic books, but about the same shape. They have nice glossy covers and pictures inside. Naturally, the words are big for easy readers. The books are around $4.00, one was mysteriously 3.99 the other 4.99 although they're the same size. will ship them to you if you can't get them in stores. There is a third one on the way "Aqua Planet by Charlotte Fullerton"
Sonic-X Meteor Shower Messenger Messenger Back Cover Spaceship Blue Typhoon Cover Inside Page Illustration
As you can see, the books have a design-style that will run through all of them. The back covers are the same, except the summary. The inside pages are all quite similar to the one shown. If you see this one, then you've pretty much seen them all, except for the stories.
25th Anniversary Sonic Art Design Book Hardcover
In the year of Sonic's 25th Anniversary comes...
This very thick looking hard cover book. It's supposed to be an art & design book along with some history for Sonic. It will have 2 editions: Regular & Collector's Edition. It is not branded with the 25th Celebration logo, though.

Not much is yet known about the book.
This entry will be updated as information is found. So far, it's reported to have "Never before published art" and "Concept Designs" along with scarce interview transcripts and some rare articles. (So, like, maybe something that was published only once in a gaming magazine before the internet, or similar early pieces that were only in select places that people may not know of)

Once available, this book will appear in the Gear Store because Amazon will have it.

Uekawa Special Edition Print Here is the bonus item you get with the special edition.
It's a print by Sonic Channel official artist Uekawa. This illustration of all 3 types of Sonic: Boom, Modern & Classic was made especially to be included as a bonus item for the book. They're all shown jumping, and, in the usual style with some of the sketch lines left on the final colored art.
This is a fun, action-type art piece that's a great choice for inclusion with the big 25th Anniversary book that covers all Sonic styles.