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So much classic Sonic the Hedgehog clothing, it can't all fit on just one page! Here are more classic designs for you to explore. These are all pre-Sonic Adventure items from the 1990s.
Girls Soccer Sonic Jersy type Shirt Dude With Tude Base Ball Jersy
Look at this interesting entry! It is a Soccer type jersy thing, however, it was billed as "For Girls". Yes, its on a female type mannequin, but the cut also looks like it is genuinely for a female. This is unusual because there is almost NOTHING Sonic that is ever marketed 'just for girls'.
Another sporty entry with this base ball jersey. It is button-down like the other from the previous page. Supposedly, there were several of these done. This is the "Dude with a Tude" and a classic, but well done stock art.
Big Head Design Wrap Graphic Sonic Shirt
Here's another 'big head' shirt, but with a design wrapping in from the side. The eyes on this one are a bit pointed at the top, and it's not your typical stock art pasted onto fabric type design. Consequentially, this shirt is rather uncommon.
Foot Tappin' Sonic Big Graphic Shirt
Impatient Sonic from the back of a classic shirt. This is another submission from a site contributor! Foot-tapping Sonic seems to be taking up most of the back of the shirt
Basketball Sonic Pajama Another one for the sports fans, here is Sonic with a basket ball for some reason. This is a Pajama shirt (were there pants?)
Marble Garden Sonic T This is an odd one.
A giant screen-cap of the Marble Garden zone background (complete with score!) from Sonic 1 on Genisis. They then added a not-so-well-drawn stock art, much like the Sonic Trading Cards from Topps. Notice the spike trap chain does not go all the way up, despite the continuation of the pattern. UK has identical version of shirt.
1980s Sonic the hedgehog fade shirt
A simple tee with 'fade' design where the stock art has been modified to be holding a fistfull of crayons. Wacky 80's style letters spell "SEGA!" up the side.
Blockbustin' Sonic sweatshirt front Sonic Ring Sweatshirt back 2 sides of the same sweat shirt. It is unusual for shirts to be printed on 2 sides. Here the theme is Sonic popping out of something. (Bricks or paper) This was released near the time of Sonic 2.
Embroidered Sega Sonic Jean Shirt Here is a long sleeve Jean-shirt with embroidered Sonic and Sega logos. As you can see, it's a button-down with a pocket. All that is known is that something to do with Hilton produced it. This shirt is not common. Sonic Sega Rock Words T-shirt
This shirt is barely on the edge of classic. It occurred right before Sonic Adventure 1. The stock art is nice, and "Sonic Sega" are written in a convincing stone textured font. The print quality is good, and it came in a size you can actually fit into.
Scrap Brain Zone T-Shirt This shirt uses an actual level-design as the background. The colors are tinted from the game, though. They've even left the scores in, which is a strange touch. A stock Sonic jumps over a retractable buzz-saw in the Scrap Brain Zone. This shirt is also uncommon. It has a UK slight variant version of it. Photos courtesy of GreatThings4U.
Sonic Blue Pun Catalog T-Shirt Photo This is an extremely popular yet scarce shirt. The design is highly coveted. The slogan says "Sonic Blue 'em all away!" which is a fairly ok pun (are puns really ok?) but the large shadow and well-done stock art make this one of the top early designs. As you can see, a mini-art copy decorates the top-back.

It was available for a short time in a SegaWear catalog. This is more like a full-color folded leaflet that came with a few Sega games for a period of a few months. Other Sonic clothing items found on these pages were in it as well as SegaSports themed things. Because the catalog wasn't always available, and the merchandise seemed in short supply, this shirt and some of the other items are scarce. Photo credit to GreatThings4U

Sega Channel Sonic Shirt An ancient stock art Sonic stands in front of the SEGA logo, and on top of "Sega Channel". Was there really a Sega Channel? If so, it was quite short lived, and had to of occurred at some point in the 1990s. This shirt isn't common either. Photo credit to GreatThings4U
Sega #1 Gray Geometric Band Shirt
This gray shirt is rather classy for the times. A band of actual well-done Sonics runs across the bottom among rectangles and logos. It says "Sega" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" along the band at he bottom. There is a small "#1" at the top, which almost seems out of place among the other bold items.

Photo credit to GreatThings4U

Sonic Tails Scene Signal Activewear
This shirt is by Signal Activewear.
It is unusual, in that it actually features a scene on it with a real background. You can see Robotnik/Eggman in his pod, with part of a zone. The Sonic graphic is nice, but poor Tails is shorted by looking mutant in the face. This is a rare button-down. The rather unfortunate plaid sleeves do not particularly mark it as 'activewear''s a good one to collect still. Photo credit to GreatThings4U
Grasshopper Nymph
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