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The classics keep on comin'. Exactly how many old 1990s things were made?
No matter what the answer is, they'll appear on the pages here as each one is re-discovered for your viewing and collecting pleasure.
The old designs aren't as classy (in most cases) as the current fair, but they do have a nostalgia to them, and are still great to collect. As with all vintage Sonic items, Ebay is your best shot for the clothing found on this page, unless otherwise noted.
Race Me Laughing Sonic Kids Tee This shirt showcases the attitude of Sonic. (Remember, in the UK he's classically described as "Dude with a tude") Sonic was always supposed to have an attitude, and the funky font says "Race me? Yeah Right" and has a little dotted line trail for the mini-Sonic icons that are found among the letters. Laughing Sonic the stock art is the main design, and is rather appropriate for this phrase. Over-all quite a good shirt, it's too bad it is as rare as it is. Discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Front Side Facing Sonic Blue shirt Here's a shirt with a design on both sides. While uncommon today, there were several 1990s shirts which were designed all the way around, on a certain theme. Back Side of Sonic Blue Shirt
This shirt tries to take advantage of 'foreward facing Sonic' the stock art. With a knees-up shot of him on the front, they had to improvise the back. Remember! Until Sonic 2 NO ONE knew what he looked like from the back. Their inventing has sort of paid off, as he's still recognizable, despite the one enormous fat spike in the center. The shirt still is quite interesting to look at, and cleverly done. Not content to stop with Sonic, they've added rings to one sleeve, and the logo (big) on the other. A lot of trouble went into making this shirt, possibly why it is uncommon. Discovered by Finalapocalypse.
Knothole League Sonic Base Ball Shirt Sonic Home Run Baseball Shirt Back
Now HERE's something you don't see every day. A CLEARLY Archie Comics/Sat.Am. Sonic based shirt. While it's thought that Australia had the greatest attachment to Sat.Am Sonic, they no longer have a clean run on it, with this. (if it is infact, American) The top says "Sonic Knothole League", with "Live from the Great Forest" in the shield shape. It uses slightly modified stock Sonic to wedge a mini bat under his arm, and add a cap to his hand on the back. The back says "Home Run" and makes use of more stock Sonics to make it seem as if he's on nearly all the bases. But, if you look carefully in the background you'll see "steaming" Robotnick...though he's clearly the week-day/wacky version (and not the metal-arm one that appeared in the tv show)
The top is striped to appear more jersey-like though it gives-way to confetti on the back. In all, it's a quite unusual shirt for your collection, and possibly the only merchandise to directly reference Knothole.
It's a Ring Thing Classic Jump Sonic Tee Here's a fun classic.
This shirt says "It's a Ring Thing" with the easily recognizable in-game font--a nice touch! It has the not-that-common side view jumping Sonic stock art, and a checkered band across the whole front as an accent. There are a couple rings present as well, one of them even looped over the band for a bit of visual depth/interest. The shirt itself is just mottled gray. The logo is large enough to play a part in the design. A genuine classic shirt with a real classic feel, this one is a nice addition to any collection. This was produced in boys sizes. Owned and photographed by calistine.
Sonic Yellow Blocks Sweatshirt Here's a sweatshirt from 1994, a black long-sleeve that's not too common.
It has the usual 'getting ready to run' stock Sonic on it, but this time with a background of cell-shaded yellow blocks with circles in them. This geometric background is obviously trying to imitate something from the background of a Sonic game. The yellow pieces add interest to the sweatshirt's design, and the logo appears rather small in one corner. Photo found by Calistine
This black tee features the foreward-looking Sonic stock art, but with him looking off to one side. Instead of the traditional logo (almost always used on classic items) they went vertical with his name, and added an orange to yellowish fade. "The Hedgehog" is written in the traditional font, small at the bottom. That little dot in the middle is the copyright. This could be ordered through the SegaVisions "Sonic Mall" a type of 1-page catalog found in that magazine. (mail order) Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Dust Trail Slide Sonic Blue Tee This is a great example of a classic shirt gone right. The art isn't stale, and doesn't look like a modified stock. It's still very 'classic Sonic' but it is also nicely shaded. He's shown here skidding all over the shirt, and leaving a dust trail on the back... And on the front, (right) he is running, leaving a similar trail. It is still unusual to find such an over-all design zig zag Sonic run shirt front
on a shirt, even today. Both designs take up the entire side, and the sleeves. The trail adds action to the design, and the shirt looks good over all.You can see the Sega copyright in small print near one of his feet on the back, and near his fist on the front. Photos discovered by MikeAp095
Sega official crew black leather jacket Sega official crew jacket back Sega pirate skull icon
Sega Crew Sonic Design Close up
Here's a rare leather jacket. It is all actual black leather, with a cloth & embroidery combo design. (the large areas are textured cloth, the letters and borders are embroidery) it has 2 pockets, 1 inner pocket & a zip front, as well as ribbed fabric at the neck and waist. As you can see this was for Sega employees only (why it is so rare) as it says "Official Crew" under the logo. But what is that mysterious Skull Pirate thing on the front? Who was issued these jackets, and why? This is likely from the 1990s at some point. It's clearly a quality jacket too, though why they didn't polish up the Sonic art is unknown. Do you know anything about this mysterious coat? Write in for credit! Photographed & owned by Robert Kuhn.
Badnik Trouble checker classic tee Here's another unusual sample from the past, a shirt that features badniks! The shirt says "Badnik Trouble" and has worried Sonic tip-toeing across the front. If you look closely, you can spot Moto Bug, Caterkiller (even though it is also purple, and on the purple checkering) and Roller (near Sonic's hand) A fourth badnik lurks near his other hand. This shirt is two sided, with 'getting ready to run' stock Sonic on the same purple checkering for the back. This shirt is uncommon, and was likely from 1994. Photo discovered by: Berzerker
Sonic basketball dunk 2-sided shirt Sonic with a basketball, once again. For some reason, the old-time shirt makers loved to portray him doing all kinds of sports he never did in any of the games, while totally ignoring the ones he DID do (snow boarding, hang-gliding, etc) However, the shirt itself is still neat to see, with Sonic in a jumping/possibly dunking pose. It makes great use of being two-sided, with the non-stock art on the back. This one isn't common either, and was released in 1994. Photo discovered by: Berzerker
World Tour Genesis 1991 Promo Tee This is the promo item shirt from Sega Video Games World Tour. This was done in cooperation with Nickelodeon, and happened in 1991. It was a 'tour' of the USA, done in buses & trailers that would set up demo & promo areas at shopping centers & malls in various cities. They had game demos & comparisons so you could try Mario, then see how fast Sonic is. World Tour Nickelodeon Design Close
The whole thing took place in 1991, so this is actually a very early item/one of the first promo pieces made. It's uncommon because you had to actually BE at the roving event to get one. This particular shirt was aquired at The Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri . At the event this recanted Origin Comic was given out. You can read about the event with The Seattle Times and The Free Library. The logo for the shirt says "Sega Video Games World Tour '91 Game Gear Genesis" & it has modified Sonic stock art to have him holding the American flag. The orange airplane at the top has the Nickelodeon logo on it. It may not be wildly colorful, but this is still quite an exclusive item to have in your collection!
Sonic Skate Sport Tee Broom Here's a nice & unusual classic tee with wrap-around design. It features 2 modified stock arts, both of them turning Sonic's shoes into inline skates/rollerblades. Curiously, Sonic is shown holding a broom and sweeping in both. Brooms are sometimes used to play street hockey. The background is made of various words in several fonts including "Sonic Boom Fast Furious Rollerblade Sonic Sports Shirt Back
Sonic Street Gear" This was made by Sea Bell Sportswear in 1996 with licensing from sega.
2 Dudes Atti2udes S & K shirt
This is a shirt many have seen only in photo-form. Made semi-famous by its appearance in the Sonic & Sega wares catalog that came enclosed with many Genesis games, it is somewhat hard to get a hold of anyway. The catalogs that showed this (and other items) continued to be published/enclosed long after the merchandise had run out or become un-order-able. The shirt says "2 Dudes with Atti2udes" and has Sonic & Knuckles, with the S & K logo and Sega logo. The "2"s that replace words/letters have 'spatter look' paint. It's a very recognizeable/collectible shirt--if you can get a hold of one. Made in 1994, sold only through the catalog. Catalog can be seen in full on SonicGear.
Sega Virtualand Vegas Sonic Knuckles Shirt This shirt is special because of where it could be found. It's also uncommon for that same reason. This was bought at the Sega VirtuaLand in the Luxor in Las Vegas. This was found in 1995. VirtuaLand was a bit like a Segaworld. The shirt is white, with Sonic on one side & the words "Gotta Juice for a chili dog..." while Knuckles is on the back with the words "...or a Knuckles Sandwich". Interesting to see the use of such a "SatAM Sonic Show" phrase while including Knuckles who never appeared in the show. The art for him is somewhat off-model version, with odd tiny shoes that have huge metal plates on top, belted gloves, lack of chest stripe marking, and oddly shaped face/eyes. Slogan type shirts like this are interesting, plus the fact that it's a front & back design adds to the appeal! Photo & owned by: UnbreakableBond