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No matter how long SonicGear exists, it always seems there is just one more classic Sonic the Hedgehog Tshirt or clothing item to pop up. With the amazing variety and sheer amount of clothing, it's a wonder that it is as rare as this, today. You'd think the place would be covered in Sonic!

The old designs aren't as classy (in most cases) as the current fair, but they do have a nostalgia to them, and are still great to collect. As with all vintage Sonic items, Ebay is your best shot for the clothing found on this page, unless otherwise noted.

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Many Poses Sonic the Hedgehog Vintage Shirt
A multi-pose t-shirt heads things off. This is an unusual shirt with a design on both front AND back (not something you see often in the past, or current lines) The front features lots of stock-art poses, gathered around the big foreward facing head. Sonic is impatient on the large design on the back. There may also have been a sweatshirt or long-sleeve, with the same design. Photo credit is GreatThings4U
Sonic & Tails Sonic 2 Promo Shirt This rather simple shirt was a give-away at some store, when you bought or possibly pre-ordered Sonic 2 for the Genisis/Megadrive. It is likely from the USA. Notice that it is a "Hanes" t-shirt, and does not seem to have been licensed, although there is a "Sega" logo.
The design is ordinary, but the stock-art Tails is nice looking, as it hasn't yet mutated.
Sonic Neck Tie Bottom
These two photos (if put together) illustrate a complete Sonic Tie. The top has repeated patterns of just a stock art running, and the bottom has a somewhat less-cool Sonic with the 'spinny legs' on a traditional checker background. It is not known if this is a kids or adults tie, or what it is made of. Sonic Hedgehog Mens Tie Pattern
Spinball Black T-Shirt Even a game as unpopular as Sonic Spinball got some shirts! These were released around the time of the game (obviously) and one has the cover art on it, complete with mountain fortress and strange eyeless Eggman.
The other actually says the name of the game and features a stock art running away from a pinball bumper while Eggman invates a "pinball style" score keeping item.
Sonic Spinball Name Shirt
Sonic the Hedgehog Pajamas PJ Set
Sleep in Sonic Style with these pajamas!
This is a set of PJs with long sleeve top and pants. (the pants are folded oddly to fit into the photo) These have various familiar stock art Sonics zooming all over in large sizes, and the "Broken Bricks" style Sonic name. There are also a few logos on them. Not a bad set if you can find it, and fit into it. What sizes did this come in?
Laughing Sonic 1994 Long Sleeve Top
It isn't obvious what type of clothing this is.
When discovered, it was billed as 'pajama top' but really, how do you tell? Did it have bottoms to match? This has the somewhat unusual 'laughing Sonic' stock art, and the 'broken bricks' style Sonic name. It's on a female mannequin, but it likely wasn't 'just for girls'. This was from 1994, and is not that common.
Fruit of the Loom Sonic the Hedgehog Underwear Ah, at last.
SonicGear finally aquires a photo of the fabled Sonic Underwear. Why such a big deal? Because they're darn near impossible to find. After all, this isn't something you can sell after you've worn it! And it IS underwear, so it wears out with all the washing and gets thrown out.
Fortunatly, someone's saved a whole package! It's now proven to exist. As you can see, it was a part of Fruit of the Loom's "Funpants" line. As expected for the timing of the release/design, it's just a stock art, with some checkers and rings scattered around a logo. Why they chose a "Busting Through" type of design for underwear is a bit of a mystery because really, do you want anything to look like it is 'bustin' thru' your underwear? No. Because then it stabs you in the butt, which is where this design is placed.
Sketch Tee Front Checkered Sonic This is a very interesting 2-sided tee. Quite different from just plastering stock art onto anything they find, real design actually went into this. The background is somewhat surreal, but done in a 'scratchboard' style with thin lines (as in linescreen type) making up the shaded areas. You've got the checkered pattern ground, sketchy mountains, some rings and even the polygonal bent-paper looking Sketch Tee Back Palms & Rings
palm trees, streight out of the game. The Sonic art really stands out here, because he's full-color, while the rest is a muted blue-gray. (it says "Sonic" in small text near him) This shirt is sure to be an interesting point in your collection, if you can find it. It was not common. Photo by wavelflack
Sonic 1 Pixelated Shirt Design You've seen 'game screen' shirts before, but this one takes the Sonic 1 (Genisis) title screen quite literally. Somehow, they've transferred the screen to the shirt design...right down to the terrible pixelation due to the size increase. The mountains are jagged, and the water has become an abstraction. If you look closely, even the Title Screen Sonic 1 Shirt Back
clouds have square edges. The non-game transfer here is the logo/title with Sonic in it. This is a real piece of art, with no 'resolution' problems--which therefor stands out from the design. This is another one where it's got a true all-over print, although the back just appears abstract without any context. This shirt was also not that common. Photo by wavelflack.
Sears Game Councillor Jacket Here's a rare treat to see!
This is a "Sears Game Councillor Jacket" which was meant for employees to wear, so you can bet that there aren't too many of this jacket. It seems to be made of 'windbreaker' type material with stretch black cuffs and edges, and a zip front. It also uses an older, uncommon piece of art as an all-over design. You can see it starting to repeat on the sleeves. The top front says "Sega Game Councillor" (in small letters) With interesting colors and shapes all over, as well as a somewhat abstracted Sonic, this is a rather cool coat. It's sure to be a collector's prize, as it was not a general release. Photo by wavelflack
Purple Shaded Zone Sonic Shirt This is a rather interesting old shirt, with its extreme shading and all-over design. The "zone" in the background has some trees and the classic checkered ground, but everything is all done in purple.
Sonic is the usual running stock-art, but they've done an almost noir-ish job of shading it by adding extreme darks and purple shadowing all over it. This gives the shirt a dim-spotlighted feel that is rather unusual. This shirt was not common. Photo by: SonicFanGuy
Sears Tag 1994 Tie Sonic & Tails Red Top Long Sleeve
Marble Zone Sonic 1 Tie
Tails did not appear often on early merchandise, and that might be a GOOD thing, if this shirt is any indication. Regular finger wavin' stock art Sonic is pared with a too-small, brown, needlessly-flying Tails. This is the rather mutated stock art, with eyes looking in the wrong direction, fat shoes and globby head. It's a far cry from the cute Tails appearing in Japan at this time. The background is a series of yellow rectangles, perhaps supposed to be from a zone.
The shirt itself is nice, with an interesting red top, cut in oddly with gray to make it different. The regular logo appears large, as a part of the design.
Here's a nice tie from Sears. It's Sonic 1 themed, as evidenced by the Marble Zone tile in the background. In each layer one of 3 different classic stock arts appear, traversing a tunnel in this 2nd zone. The 'strips' are an interesting theme.
Here's a really curious piece, no doubt from the 1990s. It's clearly modeled after a motorcycle jacket, with charcoal and black for the sleeves. Motorcycle Sonic Fake Harley Davidson Style Shirt
It's also clearly trying to knock off Harley Davidson, with the shape of the logo and prescence of the bike. Sonic is dressed...a LOT. Possibly the most ever, as he's now covered head to toe in something all new. This was RARELY done (and is actually a hallmark on some fakes!) due to the desire to keep brand identity strong with Sonic's image. They've pitched it all out the window here, with his black leather high-tops, pants, white tee and motorcycle sunglasses! It's also rather nonsensical, as any motorcycle would be FAR SLOWER than Sonic! Perhaps it's an image thing...
Conspiracy Theory Hats = ON!
Is this shirt throwing Archie Comics a bone? Their "Alternate Reality Evil Sonic" started out as an all-leathers wearing 'dude' with sunglasses, just like this one here. The answer is 99% "No" the shirt is likely just a gimmic. Little kid sizes & quite uncommon. Discovered by Finalapocalypse
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