Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Jakks Pacific Bendy Bendable Sonic Action Figures
Jakks Pacific gained the Sonic license in 2019.
Their first figure offerings are bendy figures with regular action figure heads for a nice looking combination. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Bendy" category will be on this page. Traditional action figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's a bendable, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Knuckles Tails Sonic Bendy Figures Shelf On the shelves!
Here's a photo of a Target store shelf showing how it'll look when you find these bendy figures. They're pretty big, larger than an ordinary bendy. The box has a nice new style and shape. There's die-cut Sonic CG up there in the corner & the bubble is thick / stands out pretty far. The edges are all angular.
This type of bubble card packaging usually holds up pretty well on shelves. They won't have the broken stuff problem Tomy invited with their poor packaging. The die-cut Sonic could take some hits to the pointy finger or ear, so be sure to inspect the packages in the store. They're bright, colorful, pretty safe, and show the figures well. Photo by Taaron
Jakks Pacific Bendable Sonic Figure MIP Sonic starts it off! Here you can see the figure up closer, as well as the box-back detail. And, he looks good. It's quite a nice figure, with all the detail you expect (shoe buckle, well sculpted hands/socks, the spikes are fine) and the proportions are also very good. Nothing looks 'off' about him. The box back shows you the other figures from the line as well as how to work the 2nd toy that you get inside the box.
TWO toys in every package:
The second toy you see looks a little like a sticker. It's actually a "rolling wheel" or "roller" toy that can also stand. The wheel part is a large, pixelated character head but it has a pop-down pixel-mini-body so it can also 'stand up' as a kind of chibi? style simple flat figure. The body/feet bit then pops in and you can roll the character along like a wheel. I guess it's to simulate the games where everyone curled up and rolled?

Amy Vs Shadow
Shadow is the only one who does not have a roller. So, for some reason, Tails gets an Amy roller instead otherwise there would be 2 of the same roller character. But there's no Amy figure on this line? Does that mean there will be a line 2 where Amy is also a big bendy like this? Hopefully so. (But why exclude Shadow from being a roller--those aren't classic pixel sprites so it's not like he somehow didn't have one)

Jakks Pacific Bendy Knuckles Figure Package Here is JP Bendy Knuckles.
Like Sonic, he's another good job. The fists are really big and look very game-like & on-model. His shoes are big too so it's obvious he'd be easy to stand up on his own. His face & proportions are also quite decent, and all the coloring is good.
The forearm area is a little thick, maybe to support the larger solid fist plastic. He comes with a pixel Tails roller, but it looks somewhat concerned.
Jakks Pacific Shadow Bendable Figure Jakks Pacific Shadow bendable figures can have an issue.
If it looks like he has a neck (Sonic characters rarely, if ever are shown with a neck) it's because many of these first run figures the action-figure head didn't get pushed down enough onto the body at the factory. The box-back photo shows how he's supposed to look, with the head all the way down. If you get him, you should push the head down.
Shadow is good as well, with one grasping hand and a fist. Maybe he can hold something small? He doesn't seem to suffer from overspray (common on other lines because of all of his markings & detailed shoes) He comes with a Sonic pixel roller, but it looks aggrivated.
Jakks Pacific Bendy Tails Figure Their bendy Tails is nice as well.
He has no reported head issues, however it doesn't seem like his tails can be turned or rotated. They also don't bend. Notice that he's sculpted with them up. Usually they are either able to rotate, or sculpted down to act as another point of balance so he can do more poses. This figure may be difficult to stand up / keep standing because the tails are solid/heavy.
He has good detail, good paint, and is pretty proportional. The eyes may be just a tad too large or the head sliiiightly big but it is of almost zero concern. He comes with an Amy pixel roller.
The lowdown:
COST: 9.99 each
WHERE: Target stores
WHEN: August 2019 onward

9.99 is a bit costly for 1 bendy figure, even if it is large, but remember there are TWO toys in every package with the pop up wheel. If you put the bendy at 7 and the wheel at 3 you can see that it is a decent enough deal. Each item individually at those prices would seem ok, so it makes more sense that the box is 10.

New Gimmick?
Yes--action figure head COMBINED with bendy body = better figure. Bendy material isn't the best for detailed head sculpting so combining hard-plastic action figure heads on bendy bodies gives it the best of both worlds. No need to worry about joints breaking when there are none. Also, the joined on head means you can turn it for more poses, unlike with a plain bendable.

Opinion Zone:
Great first showing! Go Jakks Pacific!
This is a strong first wave! Modern characters that everyone has been clamoring for & missing for so long because of the Boom Ban, but well done AND at a decent price? Signing up for success. They don't look or feel like a ripoff unlike Tomy stuff which was so tiny and poor and costly.
The sculpting is all also really nice, as is the color & paint. This is a strong way to start the JP Sonic showing of toys. Hopefully it bodes well for whatever else they plan to do.

Jakks Pacific Bendy Figure & Rolling Disk Toys Wave 2
Ready for Round 2?
Only a couple of months after the first wave of Jakks Pacific Bendy figures appeared...these photos appear already for Wave 2 of the bendy & disk pairs. It's debateable but the 1st wave was probably out around August of 2019 or so, and these photos appear at the middle of October 2019. So, that's pretty fast in the terms of merchandise releases.
Regular Sonic Bendy With Fly Tails Roller Super Sonic Bendy With Sonic Roller PROBABLE Prototype!
It's highly likely that all of these figures are prototypes but are soooo close to being what they'll actually look like that it's not worth while to put them on the proto page, except for maybe this Super Sonic because he is WRONG with the yellow arms. Also note Eggman's floating disk!
As is fairly typical with 'line' type releases, the main character will be released repeatedly. This is supposed to satisfy newcomers to the line, or people that missed the first main release...but sometimes it annoys collectors because 'now you have to get it again'. So, here comes bendy Sonic again, but this time his rolling disk is different, it's Tails but in his hover-along-ground sprite position. However, it looks rather fretful somehow? The Sonic is exactly the same.
Super Sonic is likely to be the real prototype here, because of the yellow arms mistake they have going on. The eyes are red though, the spikes are appropriately very 'up' and the face/expression is changed so he's not just some lazy repaint. The fist is still there, but the other hand is open/gripping. The body seems smaller, however? He comes with regular jogging pixel Sonic as the roller disk. This will be a good figure if they fix the arms.
Metal Sonic Bendy With Shadow Roller Eggmany Bendy E-102 Roller
All 4 Bendy Wave 2 photos discovered by SonicHedgehog11
Badguys on this round! Good!
Good for badguys when it's Eggman & Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic usually doesn't translate too well as a bendable (robots rely on hard edges/strait edges) but they're doing actually quite well with him. There's high-shine paint on the shoes & look how the fingers are colored to highlight the skeleton-style joints. A good move that's not often seen. The head / proportions also seem nicely done. There may be something hinky with the shoulders (usually cuffs above the rotator part) but? He comes with a 'thoughtful spirte' pixel Shadow roller disk.
Eggfans will enjoy the Eggman bendable if it's of an ok size (at least taller than other bendies here) because his proportions are very game-like. The long stick legs/good shoes & egg body. The arms are a little 'arch shaped' but tha's likely due to how the bendy itself has to be structured. The head....may or may not turn but the mustache being flexible will liikely help him. He's got a pointing finger pose going on, which is also appropriate. He comes with (oddly enough) an E102 Gamma roller disk that is.......floating!
Yes this is the 2nd prototypical item here because no one's getting a levitating toy. They just didn't make whatever they're going to decide for the 'body' yet. This one is a bit of a strange choice because that character has been dead for years. Why not put E Omega in there instead? He makes more sense. But who makes even more sense than that is Amy Rose because she is more popular than a character that only appeared for a portion of 1 single game in 1999 alone.

In All:
GREAT 2nd wave! Popular choices everywhere with proven great sellers like Super Sonic & Metal Sonic. E-102 is also just fine to see again because only ReSaurus ended up doing a (Very rare) figure for him, so more merch with him on it is welcomed, probably. Aside from the missing body & yellow arms, the sculpts here look to be really nice & their ability to vary the disks also seems like a good idea. A quality set.

Opinion Zone:
Everybody knows where she is: inside the 'girls curse', which is the old addage that's not true but companies love to pretend it is which is that 'nobody likes girls ever so we won't make female figures'. Tails got an Amy Roller, but that was it. Putting E102 ahead of Amy seems absurd. Some people wouldn't have even been born when that game came out. And it's not like E102 kept recurring in later games, he didn't. But, that doesn't make him bad or 'should be shunned','s just picking what's popular & recognizable is important.
That aside, the 2nd wave is looking really strong/like a 'must buy' for fans. They're already way ahead of Tomy, this is another that feels like spelling success.

Opinion Zone: Replace the regular Sonic in Wave 2 with Amy Rose, keep the rest of the lineup the same, then re-release Sonic again regular on Wave 3 where SuperSonic is NOT. Wave 3 would have Regular Sonic, Espio, Blaze & Silver.

Spin Rotating Package Bendy Sonic Jakks Figure A surprising package appears!
This is the same Jakks Pacific bendy Sonic figure from wave 1 above, but it's in an all new package that is exclusive to Game Stop stores. The package uses CG GHZ art all over & a background of a loop with the usual line of rings...however, there's a fun gimmick!
You can actually take hold of the plastic round bubble, and spin the toy around as if he's running around the loop. This is a toy that you'd CERTAINLY want to keep mint in the package. Especially...given the price they have it at in stores in 2019/Fall, which is 22.00 for just this. So, it's double the price and you don't even get the 'character pixel disk' like you would with the others. The cost must be all in the spin-package. Will this be a success at such a price? Only time will tell, but if you want a for sure MOC figure, this is the one to have. Photo by Taaron
Super Sonic Jakks Pacific Bendy Figure MIB A fast release...
While the first wave of bendy figures was found in Fall 2019, while they're still on the shelves in Winter 2019, the 2nd wave begins to appear. Here, someone's found the Super Sonic bendy. He comes with the regular Sonic roller disk, but do note that it has a different face than the one you'd get with Shadow on the previous wave. (good)
He has one open hand and one fist, which is more aggressive than the thumbs-up hand of the regular Sonic, which is as it should be. These are the same price, 9.99 at Target as the previous wave. The box back is mostly unchanged, except the bottom 'collect 'em all' is now set to Wave 2. Photos by KennyTheHedgehog
Eggman Bendy Figure JP Wave 2 The Eggman Bendy!
Only Toy Island ever made a bendy of him before, so this is good to see..and it looks good! He's got one pointing hand to give orders to badnicks. His box-back photo shows him actually bending (not the pose the figure is in inside the box) which is nice. The mustache is good & big and he lives up to the proto-photos seen above. With this, you can see the feet portion of his E102-Gamma roller (which were missing in the proto photos) This is a very appropriate rolling disk to have with him of an uncommon character. Very nice!
Photos by KennyTheHedgehog