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Jakks Pacific Bendy Bendable Sonic Action Figures 2
Jakks Pacific got the license in 2019, and continues here in 2020.
This page will have their 2020 bendies only. They have both modern and classic license, so any figure that falls in the "Bendy" category will be on this page if it was released after 2020 started. Traditional action figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's a bendable, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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2020's first set of figures are Sports Ball figures line.
This line features the same figures as released on the first line (minus Eggman) but with a sports theme jersey that's removable & a sport ball instead of the roller wheel character extra.
Basketball Theme Knuckles Bendable Figure MIB Basketball theme Knuckles leads the way, with this mint on card view of the figure. He has an appropriately sized basketball toy in there and a removable plastic / rubbery jersey with "Angel Island" as the team name, which is appropriate.

ALL photos in this sport area discovered by SonicHedgehog11

The box backs will all feature that 'stats' area there on the right. It has strength, speed & agility ratings for each character represented by the blue rectangles. (more=better) So, you can see that Knuckles isn't that fast at basketball but he is very strong. This is also pretty appropriate. Look how angry he looks on the box back dribbling the ball. (Kind of funny / they never changed his expression)
Basketball Knuckles Figure Turn Arounds
This turn-around look at the figure reveals they've done a great job with the bendies!
The bendable limbs reduce the amount/accuracy of poses but they do eliminate th elook of bulky joints & reduce breakability on the figures. His head/face sculpt is nice, all proportions seem good & the fists are really large. The basketball has the texture lines in it and seems a normal enough color also. You can see how frowny/angry he is there from the side view.
Bendable Soccer Shadow Mint in Box Shadow is ready for Soccer Football!
The mint on card view shows he has a soccer ball that's mostly white, but has a symbol on one side, themed a bit for the ball's traditional hexagon panels. His jersey is for "Studiopolis" zone, which is ok? Because Shadow sort of isn't 'from' anywhere unlike say Sonic or Knuckles, so you could put almost anything on his jersey.
His stats are very high for speed & agility at soccer football but he is less strong at it by a small margin. In the box his hands are posed quite outward, maybe in a bit more of a goalie type stance.
Soccer Football Shadow Bendable Figure Out of the box you can see how his head can turn, the size of the ball & that the symbol is on both sides & the design of the jersey is such that it goes around the back spikes which is nice. He seems a bit upset, but that's generally his expression for most toys.
It's a good likeness for him, with nice paint, a good head sculpt and decent proportions. They've got all the glove/shoe cuff & arm/leg red details in there too as well as the red at the eye edges. Jakks Pacific is dong a good job with these figures.
Tails Volleyball Figure Turn Arounds Tails is ready for Volleyball! The shortest character chosen for a bit of a tall sport? Maybe he can fly... With this out of the box view you can see he looks cheerful in his expression & his proportions are good as well but...
his tails likely aren't able to be moved or posed. Unlike other figures JP did not put the tails on a rotating stem type joint which is slightly unfortunate because they're such a key feature of the character. Also the joint type wouldn't interfere with bendy-ness, it would be the same thing the head has and would just let the statically posed tails to be rotated for poses.
His jersey is red & says "Starlight" on it for...the StarLight zone?
But that was in Sonic 1, a game in which Tails never appeared, so why choose it? The other jerseys make sense but putting him there in a mostly Eggman-ruled zone in a game he wasn't even in seems an odd choice.
Soccer Football Sonic Theme Figure Box
Sonic is ready for Soccer Football with this figure.
He's on the usual bubble card, and the back photo shows him kicking the ball. This version of the bendable has both hands open & he's posed in a bit of a goalie-type arms out stance inside the package. His stats show max speed (appropriate) but the agility stat is lower than it should (probably) be, & strength is the lowest one.'s Sonic--speed and agility at pretty much anything including soccer football should be maxed. His jersey is for Green Hill zone and is also green.
Sonic Soccer Figure Turn Arounds Out of the box photo turn arounds show that it's quite a decent figure, just like the rest. The face sculpt, proportions and paint are all good. His soccer football is traditional looking in black and white.
His jersey is the same as Shadow's, with the construction allowing for the tail/spikes in the back. His expression is more cheeful but determined, which is usual for sports.
The Rundown:
A decent set! REMOVABLE jersies help this one earn its place in the good list. It's a perfect set just in case you missed a figure or there was a character who was hard to get in the area previously. Just get the sport one and take the shirt off and now it's a normal figure. The ball doesn't matter too much just like how the disk kind of doesn't. It' an all right extra but it doesn't interfere with anything. The sport theme here could attract more kids & seems LIKELY to go with the Olympics in 2020, even though the box doesn't mention "Sonic Mario Olympic Games". The price is the same, the packages are the same, so it's a perfect chance to get anyone you missed and punish scalpers for scalping off characters like Shadow with too high prices online. Also, they're not a multi-pack, the sport thing isn't so different that nobody's going to feel forced to re-buy anything here so no collector frusteration anywhere. A good thing all around.

"Go Sega"
Look in the upper right corner on the box. There's an icon that says "GO SEGA". But what does it mean? It's new, as in it hasn't appeared on anything else. But searching that word online brings up nothing relevent. It likely means something is planned. This description will change if new information is discovered.

Gold Medal Sports Sonic Bendy Figure Another unnanounced figure from Jakks Pacific in 2021.
This is "Gold Medal Sonic Bendy Figure".
The figure is in a larger than normal box, to display the 2 accessories he comes with. There's a bendy gold medal that he can hold in his hand, and a bendable /snap-on jersey for him to wear. The jersey has a picture of chaos emeralds on it and says "GHZ 2020". The box elevates the figure on a yellow cardboard stand like a winner podium so it will display well.
This is obviously a 'sports ball Sonic', but they reworked him into 'gold medal winning' because the Olympics were cancelled by the pandemic. WILL the olympic/sport bendies even GET released? Nobody has ever reported finding one in a store so the answer may be 'no', instead this guy as the only one. Either that or they'll be warehoused until the actual Olympic Games can happen because the year won't matter/they weren't dated anyway. This guy coming out in the meantime is interesting to see though. He's seen here at a Books a Million, but will likely turn up in Target and maybe Gamestop too. It's a good figure to get if you missed Sonic on the original bendy waves. Photo by Taaron
Sports Ball Bendable Figures MIB Here are all of the "Sports Ball Bendies" mint in their box.
Despite the Olympic Games not happening in 2020 (Which is what inspired these), the figures were released anyway, but without anything 'olympic' on the package. They have removable sports jersies, just as the prototypes did, and each character stayed for the same sport.
The boxes look exactly like the factory photos seen above. With this angle though, you can see how aggrivated Knuckles looks to be near a basketball. It is no wonder that 2 of them are soccer football, because it is the most popular sport of the Olympics-ball-based-sports.
These LIKELY did not have a very good release. Without the Olympics to bolster them, many Target stores never got them when they were supposed to. (Unfortunate, because they're an all right idea, and they were a good second chance to pick up missed figures if the first bendies weren't in your area good enough. Photo & owned by