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Jakks Pacific may choose to do more than 1 "Deluxe Type" special figure.
This page is for special extra-featured figures that are articulated but may do something else. (Not a static 'display figure) Bendy type figures & regular action figures will go onto a separate page. But if it's by Jakks Pacific and it's an action figure, check them out here.
UK NEWS: These & other JP figures CAN be at Smyth's Stores!
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Classic Style Sonic Build a Figure Jakks In 2021, Jakks Pacific releases this changeable-parts, sort-of build-able deluxe action figure for classic style Sonic. He's similar to that Tomy one where you could change out the hands & face parts to give him different expressions and have him doing different things. (Waving, holding a ring, etc) Once you put together the face and add the hands, you can then pose him with the elbow, wrist, shoulder, neck and hip joints. It looks like the ankle or foot is probably also articulated.
The box is a little odd here, why is there a window in the top, but not on the side to see the figure from an optimal angle? (Ex. why put a window at all if it just looks down on the top of the head) This is the factory photo for the figure's box. It does not seem to have the fun 'storage base' that the Tomy one had, so he is free standing though looks like he'll stand on his own.
An all right idea:
Everyone seemed to really like the expression/accessory build a figure from Tomy, so it's good to have another opportunity to get one like this.
Cost: Unknown (will be added to entry when it is known
BUT it ought to cost less than the previous Tomy one because it doesn't come with the clever storage base AND it does not seem to have more (or less) features so it should still cost a bit less due to no base.
A bit odd. They acknowledge 'peach eyelid' there in the half-closed expression, but then they have him closing his pupils into 'squint marks' there in the other one?? It's one or the other, either he has eyelids or he doesnt??? That's not consistent.
Mugman / Cuphead teeth:
What's up with trying to put classic Sonic into the 'wiggle-toon' or "Rubber-Hose*" era style of Cuphead & Mugman? That expression and the odd-ball teeth like that is RIGHT smack in that style and it is NOT the style of actual Classic Sonic (Which was defined by the Japanese art of him at that time--which was not such a Betty Boop-Toon era influence so it doesn't look fitting on him now.
*Rubber Hose-
Yes that seems to be officially what it's called. The era was also called "Golden Age American" animation and was defined by everything fore & background being bendy or wiggly in wierd wavy ways like a rubber hose would be. Random stuff would be dancing, inanimate objects would react & etc. You can also see signature elements like "pac-man" shaped eye pupils, big white, close-set eyes, everybody in white gloves & toony noodle-bodies. Cuphead the game brought this style back into the forefront with it's popularity & unique look/gameplay.

Sonic was never Rubber Hose:
Animation goes through different eras of popularity and style as time goes by. This is fine & creates fun variety. However, Sonic was never a part of that era, and if you're being true to classic-form, should not be given traits from it because of a fad or popularity.