Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Tomy is the fourth company to make Sonic action figures.
After Jazwares had the license taken away from them due to Sonic Boom, Tomy was given the figure & plush license Jazwares used to have. They were to use it only to produce Sonic Boom style figures/plushes & classic Sonic style figures/plushes in 2016. However, later on, they got both the classic & modern Sonic figure licenses as well. You can see their Boom related efforts over on the Sonic Boom section of Gear, this page/s will only have their regular Sonic toys/figures, in both classic & modern types. This page should have 2017 & 2018 figures.
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Tomy Infinite Figure Forces
In the fall of 2018...there finally appears the figure for Sonic Forces' villain: Infinite!
Apparently, Tomy didn't have the figure ready when the game was released / to capitalize on the hype when the game was freshly out. However, better late than never because the figure is decent looking, as you can see here. They've got the details like pointy glove claw tips, opposite-color ear-interiors and the texture of the mask. The wiggly 'hair' spikes & tail bits are all there too.
Like their other figures though, he does not have knee or elbow joints. This is to scale with the rest of their 3.5 inch or so figures.
He can be found at Target (maybe in stores, but probably sells out right away) MAYbe in a 3 pack, for 20. Photos & owned by Dustin Lee Autry.