Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
Tomy is the fourth company to make Sonic action figures.
After Jazwares had the license taken away from them due to Sonic Boom, Tomy was given the figure & plush license Jazwares used to have. They were to use it only to produce Sonic Boom style figures/plushes & classic Sonic style figures/plushes in 2016. You can see their Boom related efforts over on the Sonic Boom section of Gear, this page/s will only have their regular Sonic toys/figures.
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Tomy 2 Pak Wrong Sonic Package Sometimes things don't go right at the toy factory.
In this case, it's Tomy's packaging for the "2 Pak Figures & Comic". The box is for Knuckles, but the figures & comic inside feature Sonic instead. It's their version of Modern & Classic Sonic, with Sonic Universe issue 75. The swirly dot there is telling you about the comic (32 pages) This has the 'pixel edge' for the box window, continuing their theme for their (scarcer) non-Boom stuff.
Photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Booth Tomy Shadow Here's a photo of part of Tomy's booth shelf from a ToyFair. It shows that they fully intend to make Shadow, as well as modern figures for other non-boom characters. (They did make Boom Shadow, but not regular) You can see him up their in their proto-photo catalog, but this toyfair shot is further proof, plus, it shows how big he is. Photo discovered by DustinLee Autry
Tomy 2018 Figure Catalog Pages Tomy figures for 2018!
This is a catalog page Tomy released for what they want to produce in 2018. Because it has photos of real figures, it doesn't land on prototypes. As you can see, they're attempting to improve the line range with both classic & modern, while not making everything simply 'Boom'. The first 2 are a regular modern Sonic & Knuckles. They're the same size as all their previous line (about 3.5 inch) & still lack all the JW joints. (So, no knee, elbow or wrist, just hip, shoulder & neck)
Page 2 is where it gets really interesting. They've added Super Sonic! And Shadow! And they look pretty good here too.
It's a good thing for fans who missed the JW versions and had nothing to buy. (JW figures are going up in price) The page also shows modern & classic Tails as well as Modern & Classic Metal Sonic. Both look pretty accurate and good, though their joints are fake.
Comic books! The fans have come to expect "comic & figure packs" but these are bringing something totally new! These aren't any old Archie stories, they're actual NEW art & stories made just for this release (somehow) So, this makes them more exciting/collectible than normal. A good & surprising move that Tomy chooses and adds value. SonicGear will publish the details when these are released. Catalog discovered by PatMac
Tomy Toy Catalog Zavok & Infinite Another page from the Tomy Toy Catalog 2018. Even more planned releases contain items never made as toys. Here you can see 2 versions for Amy Rose & 2 versions for Eggman. They look pretty good, but what's that with them? It's a metal collectors card! Amy's shows her going grocery shopping (why?) & Eggman's has him in an egg-shaped design. Seeing metal here is great, because it's tough & lasts really well in collections since it resists dirt/mold/fades etc.
The other page shows normal modern Sonic, Knuckles & Tails figures, but now they come with neutral chao. Sonic has an eyes-closed happy chao, Knuckles a pointy tooth grin chao & Tails an open eye smile chao. Each one has the same pose, and none have the yellow 'blushing' for the emotion ball or feet tips. So, choose your figure version carefully (Ex. not buying the modern Sonic/Knuckles 2-pack) so you don't end up with multiples of the same figure just to get a chao. The blue inset box up there explains what a chao is.
The bottom row contains the real excitement: Figures for Zavok of the Deadly 6 & also Infinite from Sonic Forces. Hopefully they're NOT a 3-pack with the Sonic there in the middle & you can buy each one separately so it doesn't end up costing a fortune. This entry will be updated when they are released. From the photo, everything looks pretty on model. Hopefully the Zavok is big though, because he was larger than other characters in the game. Catalog discovered by PatMac
The "Included All New Comics" MAY be the Sonic Channel Japanese-only ones, but translated. The art shown here is an actual match. Investigate at Sonic Channel. Info by BlueBlur
Knuckles Classic Modern Comic 2 Pack Following in Jazwares' footsteps, Tomy releases a comic-book figure 2-pack.
This one is all about Knuckles with their classic & modern action figure inside. It also has an issue of Archie's Sonic Universe spinoff comic book. Remember: Archie quit Sonic comics, so in 2018, this pack would be the only way to aquire an issue of the comic at retail. The whole thing is in a nice window box with the figures displayed over a mini 'swirl' shape background. The 'pixel edge', their signature move with these boxes is also in effect. You can still nicely see the book's cover in there too.
That disk with the "32" in it is describing the comic & how many pages you get. It seems a little odd to include because now since you can't buy the rest of the story, it's a bit isolated. Photo by Taaron.
Sonic Classic Pose n Change Figure Base Here's Classic Sonic Collector's Figure & Accessories.
Taking a page right out of Good Smile Co's Nendoroid book, here's this pose n' change Sonic figure. He's similar to the Nendoroid Sonic (Seen on Japan Pages) & looks to be just as much fun. As you can see here, he comes with several accessories so you can change his expression. The eyes can be switched as can the lower face. If you look closely, you'll see he also has elbow and knee joints.
His hands can be made to hold a ring, or a chili dog as seen at the bottom. He is on a Green Hill Zone style plastic base, but the good idea here is that the base is actually a box! You can lift the grass lid to use it as a storage compartment for all of his extra parts and accessories. This is a great idea, as it means the small items won't get lost & everything stays tidy.
This looks like Tomy's best effort item yet!
The sculpt is great, he's very on-model, the accessories/expressions are all very fun/appropriate & that he has lots of joints for cool poses will certainly make him very fun. This looks like a real quality piece for collectors and everybody else too. Page discovered by PatMac
Collector Figure Tomy MIB Photo This is what the above figure will look like when you see it in the store MIB.
The box is windowed on 2 sides for a good clear view of what you'll get. Sonic is held securely by a 2 part clear insert. The box itself does a TERRIBLE job selling anyone on the figure though.
There is NO DESCRIPTION of what you're buying, so if you're unfamiliar with the item, you'll have no idea that the base is a box full of cool swappable accessories. This figure is 29.99 at retail, so it IS costly, but because it comes with so many (hidden) things and can do so much, and is also fairly large, it is actually worth while...but only if you know all that before you buy. So the bad box you see here is not doing the figure any favors. Photo by Taaron
Here's what you actually get when you buy!
Look at all this stuff. The box interior actually comes out, so you can keep it and have a Green Hill background ready for displaying your figure. (Handy!) It also has picture instructions there showing you how to switch out the hands, face & eyes, plus store the items in the base, & use the clear rods to hold up Sonic and also his ring for poses.
The box back doesn't describe the figure at all, it just tells you about how Sonic is cool & fast in 3 different languages. (Gee guys! At least put pictures of all this stuff on the box to sell it!)

The faces are easy and secure to swap.
The hands fit on a 'knob' under the glove-cuff & it can be difficult to put on or take off. The clear rods are easy to use & good-and-stiff too so they don't let your figure down. The base easily fits all the stuff & the instructions.

Take note of all the joints: He can turn AND nod the head, wrists twirl/tilt, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees & feet can all move. He also has a waist joint so the hip area can be tilted separate from the torso. This is one of the most articulated Sonic figures out there, only a super-poser had more joints. (But this one's nicer)

Here's the figure without any face part on so you can see how it works. The eyes all have pegs on the back to fit the holes. You install the eye plate first, then the mouth/nose. These are easy to place & stay in securely.
The hands (seen below) fit on the 'ball' on the end of the arm while the glove cuff is not removable. They can be tricky to put on because the elbow/shoulder joint tries to move while you press the hand on. There's a hole under the ring and also on his back (below) so you can fit the clear posing rods.
The figure has a 'velvety' kind of texture for all the blue parts. It's a little bit matte & not your typical 'action figure texture'.
The Bottom Line:
BUY THIS FIGURE. It is, hands down (literally....see...) the BEST Classic Sonic figure yet made. No other classic figure has had more pose-ability & add-able accessories. The Nendoroid is the only real competition for it. Sonic's super-poser doesn't come close because while it could move the shoes better, the sculpt was really poor. This is good quality fun & is worth the price.