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The USA had a pretty good collection of Sonic the Hedgehog related food items. Well, technically, most of them were candies or gums. They also (mostly) had the benefit of good flavors and wise choices. As usual, a lot of these were tied in with various promotions or contests. But some were just for fun. This page will have only modern Sonic foods.
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Oddfellows Ice Creams Promotion Oddfellows is an ice cream shop / ice cream parlor in the USA, but it is not nation wide. For reasons unknown, it decided to have a classic style Sonic tie-in, where they created 4 new special flavors of ice creams. The flavors can be sold in these specific (probably pint) containers, each with a different art on them. The art has neoclassic Amy. But what are the flavors?
Green Hill Pandan- Pandan and cococnut flavor with candied sunflower seeds in it
Tales of Marshmallow Skies- Marshmallow flavor with blue-velvet cake chunks and caramel turtles
Strawberry Roses Forever- Strawberry and Rosewater flavor
Firey Fruits Frenemy - Chili-mango cream with guava
Bet you weren't expecting such an exotic lineup!
Well what's a pandan? It's a type of root that's popular in asia. What's blue-velvet cake? (Flavor-nerd-alert: red velvet originally got its name and color from putting acid on alkaline cocoa in the cake which resulted in a specific flavor and made the chocolate redder than it was brown. The later version where heaps of red dye is used (all you'll find today) does not taste the same but it is only the look that they are going for: unnaturally bright red cake) So what then is the blue velvet's flavor?
Rosewater- another item more popular long ago, it isn't a powerful flavor so how they're going to convince that to come through strawberry is unknown. This one is named after the famous song "Strawberry Fields Forever"
Firey Fruits Frenemies- Mango and hot flavors are known to pair well, guava makes sense here though it is rare in the northern US.