Yes...there ARE enough Sonic themed mugs that they get their own 2nd page!
Great for if you enjoy hot beverages in stylish containers. A 'mug' will be anything cup like WITH a handle, regardless of what it is made of. Likely most everything will be ceramic, but there will be many shapes and sizes. Most mugs are modern, but some vintage ones will appear as well. Having a separate page helps keep everything "housewares" related more well organized and easier to find the items.
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Inside Outside Design Spencer 20oz Mug This mug is already full...
Of great Sonic detail, that is! It is completely covered in Green Hill Zone themed design both on the outside, and the handle, but also on the entire interior too! Then, when the drink is finished, there's a special surprise design of a star bumper at the bottom.
It is done in the 16 bit pixelated style, with jumping Sonic sprite on one side, among sunflowers, palm trees, rings and clouds. Notice the palm tree is on the handle as well. The inside appears to just have palms, but it seems to be difficult to photograph. This is a larger than normal mug, at 20 ounces of liquid. It is a Spencers' Gifts item in summer 2017, & should be sold both in stores and online.
GE 25th Anniversary Ceramic Mug A cool mug for Sonic's 25th Anniversary!
This mug by GE Entertainment appears in summer/fall 2017. It's a white ceramic normal-shape mug with all-around graphics. The front has CG for all 3 versions of Sonic (Classic, Modern, Boom) & a Green Hill somewhat-background with some
screen tone dots. The back continues the 'ground stars' design but adds the full color 25th logo. It's a cool colorful mug that will stand out in a collection! Photo & owned by BluexBlur
**POSSIBLE Paint Problem? Report now in that the paint on this mug MAY be fragile & start to flake. It seems isolated to this one design, is it a defective mug or are there more issues? Write in if you've had any trouble with this mug.
Vandor Outta Here Blue Mug Here's another mug by Vandor.
This is the "I'm Outta Here" ceramic mug. It's all blue, with a big design on both sides. It has forward facing Sonic face (no outline) for one side & 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic on the other, with a yellow background and the new (increasingly common) slogan written in dark yellow, on a yellow background. This is a big mug, its 20 ounces. It should retail at about 9.99, and is a summer/fall 2017 item.
Interestingly, this mug is found at Michael's Arts & Crafts store. It would likely be near the registers since it's not an art supply. Why it's important, is because Michaels gives out loads of 40% and 50% off coupons, so your chance for getting a deal on this mug is good if you can clip a coupon! Photo & owned by: Joe
Color Block Sonic Faces Mug This is called the Sonic Color Blocks Mug. It's a black ceramic mug with wrap-around design. There are 3 colored tiles, each with a character face done in black line art only. Knuckles in a red, Sonic in a blue & Tails in a yellow. The design is solid, simple, and classy. The faces are close-ups, making it a little dynamic as well. With modern art for everybody & a solid design, this is a good mug to collect. It is a SegaShop item and should be 14.95 (if it comes in a box is unknown)
Let's Roll 3 Characters Black Mug This is called the "Let's Roll" mug.
Appropriately named after its slogan, that appears in a ribbon shape at the bottom. It's a pretty classy mug in all black ceramic with a bright blue line art design. It has modern/new pose art for Sonic Tails & Kncukles. Below each is a ribbon with their name written in Japanese. The background (in a frame) is checkered & sky. This is a SegaShop item and should be 14.95 (if it comes in a box is unknown)
Winter Snow Amy Ceramic Mug Amy gets her own mug!
This ceramic mug has a terracotta colored interior, and stars only Amy Rose! It's classic style Amy, with a streak and fancy blue snowflake background. She's shown totally in profile, almost 'sprite like' from a game, running or walking along. The mug exterior is white, with the snow design on all sides. It's a cute mug that looks fresh for Amy fans!
This is a Sega Shop exclusive item for winter 2018 / 2019, and should be about 20.00 when you find it. It's a bit costly for an ordinary mug, but, it does have an all new art and a decent design effort. Plus, Amy Rose doesn't get to star in many things by herself, so this is a nice example of Amy merch.
Heart Race Sonic Black Mug For 2018, Sega Shop has produced this black ceramic mug. It has the slogan "You make my heart race" in pink & blue on one side, and running modern Sonic in a pink pixelated heart on the other. Isn't this usually a Valentines-type slogan?
Yes it is, but oddly enough the shop also had 'Valentines specific' blankets on there too. This mug is probably a part of that holiday push as well. It should be about 15.00 on the site.
Ultimate Power Shadow Ceramic Mug This is called "The Ultimate Power Mug"...
And Shadow, who labels himself "the ultimate life-form" would probably be the one to name it & set the slogan. This white ceramic mug has a black handle & a design on one side. In a black hexagon, there's the "Ultimate Power" banner behind a black/white only image of 'jumping away' Shadow. This is a seldom-used stock art, which helps make the mug unique. Red 'rays' of color are behind him to complete the design.
This mug is pretty unique in its slogan, use of an uncommon art, & the 'boxed in' type of design. Not a bad choice at all, especially for Shadow fans! This is at the SegaShop in 2018--but the description is wrong: It's listed under "Sonic". It should be about 18.00
Sonic Mania Knuckles Cartoon Color Change Mug A fun Mania Mug with a gimmic & cute cartoon!
When the mug is empty or cold, it appears as an all black item with white interior. It's got the Mania logo in light blue along with several fluffy 'clouds'.
But when you add hot liquid, look what happens! This is a fun heat-changer mug. It reveals Knuckles & the master emerald. But what's he thinking? That's what's in the cloud. This is the funny art from the cute little Sonic Shorts youtube cartoons. He imagines Eggman, Sonic & a robot trying to steal the emerald. (They're drawn silly though because it's his imagination) If you like the cartoons, this is a fun mug to collect. It can be found in the SegaShop in 2018 & is probably about 18.00 (due to the gimmick)
EggMan Metal Sonic Mug Black An item for the Eggman Fans!
Eggfans can power up their hot drinks with this cool black ceramic mug. It stars Eggman AND Metal Sonic! Both are shown as a CG image on one side of the mug, while the other has the Eggman symbol in red. The art for Metal Sonic is interesting too, it's not the typical pose for him, but instead uses one partially facing away.
.Eggman is shown shaking his fist, but what's important is that Sonic's no-where to be found. Eggman needs to be the star too sometimes, and that really helps this mug be unique and collectible. This is likely to have been a Sega Shop online item at some point but the year is unknown. A good design though.
Gold Line Sega Shop Sonic Mug Black This is called the "Gold Line" mug & it is only available at the Sega Shop online. It's a standard black ceramic mug (same as the one above) but this has a yellow/gold line art theme. It has a sketchy line-art thumbs-up Sonic overlapping a large circle design. The circle is full of thin rays originating from a sparkling ring.
There's Japanese text curved along the other edge of the circle, but the Sega Shop doesn't tell you what this says. (Does anybody know? Write in if you can translate this text for credit) The other side of the mug is blank. The line art in bright yellow on the black, plus the detailed design make this a classy mug with a pretty different look from the rest. *It doesn't seem like a good move to not tell people what the mug says, even if it is something mundane.
Mad Scientist Eggman Ceramic Mug A cool & stylish mug for Egg-Fans!
This one stars Eggman & his greatest creation Metal Sonic. The black ceramic mug has the modern logo in white on one side. The design on the other has a 'moon like' circle of yellow with 'up-lit' art of a 'mad science lab' scene with Eggman on one side and Metal Sonic on the other. The words "Mad Scientist" are between them in '3d' type lettering while a giant egg robot looms in the background.
This is a Sega Shop item that appeared in the fall of 2018. It should be about 15 dollars. The art here was also used for several Halloween designs because it was combined with costumed hero-characters and used as a background.
Color Shock Sonic Geometric Emeralds Mug This is called the "Color Shock Emeralds Mug".
It's a white ceramic mug in the Sega Shop in late 2018. Their "Color Shock" design line featured bright colors & geometric 'facets'. In this case, the classic style Sonic stock art has an all over crystallized or faceted look. There's a swirl of shapes & chaos emeralds swirling around him. The design is entirely confined to one side of the mug, leaving the other blank.
It's an interesting enough look, with a theme that hasn't really been done before. The pastels/but bright colors & shapes make a fun color splash impression...but why leave the back so blank? At least toss on a logo in the colors, or feature an emerald or something. This mug should be about 14 dollars in the Sega Shop, if it is still available.
Have No Fear Color Shock Classic Style Mug This is the "Have no Fear" classic style character & slogan mug. It's a normal black ceramic mug, with a wrap-around colorful design. The design is in the style / set of "Color Shock", as were several items from the Sega Shop. There are geometric palm trees, some triangle ground & neoclassic character art for Sonic, Tails & Amy Rose. The slogan is written in a colorful, textured font
that is a little confusing. Notice that the character art doesn't use black, it uses a slightly darker tone of the character's outline color for the details, so Amy has pink eyes & Sonic's edges/glove details are all also blue. The Color Shock theme and neoclassic trio make this a bright and fun mug with a good, different look. It should be about 12 dollars in the Sega Shop and was a late 2018 item.
Game Lover Modern Mug Black This is the "Game Lovers Mug".
It's an all black ceramic mug, with a big design on the front (opposite the handle) It has the slogan "Game Lover" on the top & bottom of the graphic, with the "L" in a heart shape. The middle has Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles on a pink background. They're framed by 2 polygonal palm trees on each side. But, if you look closely, you can see that the stock art characters have had
video game controllers (looks like the classic Genesis?) added to their hands. The 'fist out' Knuckles has one, and 'waving' Tails is also holding one. Messing around with stock art isn't anything new, but it can be used to both ok, and cheesy or bad looking result, so it has to be used with care.
This is a Sega Shop mug in 2019, and it was 15 dollars on the website.