Yes...there ARE enough Sonic themed mugs that they get their own 4th page!
Great for if you enjoy hot beverages in stylish containers. A 'mug' will be anything cup like WITH a handle, regardless of what it is made of. Likely most everything will be ceramic, but there will be many shapes and sizes. Most mugs are modern, but some vintage ones will appear as well. Having a separate page helps keep everything "housewares" related more well organized and easier to find the items.
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Sonic 1 Heat Change Mug MIB You've seen the Heat Change Mug before on USA Housewares...
But here's what it looks like Mint in the Box. This reveals it's a Just Funky item, and is at Game Stop for about 12 dollars in 2021. It's nice to see it confirmed at brick/mortar retail.
The mug starts off black with a GHZ palm/flowers & logo, but then with hot liquid it reveals blue sky & run/jump/spin Sonic sprites across the side.
The box art is nice too, with good photos illustrating the mug action & the neoclassic running forward Sonic in a ring. The box seems good for display too. 12 for something with a change feature isn't bad. Keep in mind these things are never dish-washer safe. Photo by Taaron
Knuckles Fist Black Retro Mug Mystery Text! Retro Look! Knuckles' Fist!
This black ceramic mug is a Sega Shop online 2021 /winter item. It has a bunch of Japanese text and an almost 'vaporwave-style-attempt' with gradient circle, triangle graphic and tilted text for Knuckles' name. It may be the 'subtle-Sonic' category, because only his fist/glove appears, and none of the rest of him.
DO write in if you know what the text says!
Annoyed Wax Resist Ring STK Mug This is a 'wax resist' mug. The wax part must refer to how it was made? As they have nothing to do with wax. The odd thing about the mug, is that everyone on it is annoyed or mad looking...even Tails, which is uncommon. Sonic looks upset by something, Knuckles seems annoyed and Tails is aggrivated. It's a bit of a shame though because
the mug does have good design effort with the base being purposefully shaped like a gold ring. Also, that it has a different character & rings for all sides of the mug so everyone's included is nice as well. It spells their name in Japanese and then in English (small letters) along the bottom. The English font though doesn't look like a good choice because the edges of the letters look worn or almost peeling. This is a winter 2021 item, but where is it sold?
Blaze the Cat Black Mug Here is a great one for Blaze the Cat fans!
Everyone's favorite princess from another dimension gets to star on her own black ceramic mug. It has just a forward-facing art of her head on one side, and her name spelled out in (sort of) the SA1 logo style in purple on the other side. This black ceramic mug is a Sega Shop online 2021 /winter item, and it's a must-get for Blaze fans. While not super-complex, the simple design looks fresh because there's not much merchandise with just her on it.
Trio Design 30th Anniversary Mug
A stylish mug appears for the Sonic 30th Anniversary.
This appears to have a 'satin finish' (so, not shiny or glossy) for the inside which is blue and the outside which is white. One side has the 30th logo, copyright, and silouette running Sonic behind the logo. The other side has a trio of Sonic designs 'leaping' out of a ring shape with green/white background. The scattering of rings makes it look like everything is 'flying out' of the large circle shape.
This is super appropriate because there's 16-bit style pixel Sonic, CG modern Sonic and colored line art for him too, so it represents each media type and has something from the different eras. This is an example of good and thoughtful design that both fiths with the theme and looks cool. This is a Sega Shop late 2021 item
Team Dark Black Mug Omega Shadow Rouge Team Dark would probably say "It's About Time!"
As here comes just Shadow, Omega and Rouge starring on a mug! A must-get for any Team Dark fans, this stylish mug is all black with white only for the design. The white for the large blocks of color, and the black showing through for the lines-part of the art makes the design interesting to see. It has pointing Rouge, jumping-twist Shadow and probably 'moving/hovering' E Omega. They've added a white moon/sun circle for the background so that parts of the characters don't dissappear onto the black. This is a Sega Shop 2021 item and probably around 15 dollars.
Eggman Corp Black Company Mug Egg-fans will enjoy this black mug that on-purpose looks like it is a company mug from "Eggman Corp." The front has modern Eggman looking dissatisfied in a 'patch shape' with his name at the top. The middle has "Est. 91". The other side has a sort of death-egg looking symbol with "Eggman Robotics Corp" around the round logo border.
These are very Eggman appropriate/ the design here is good and should appeal to his fans.
Emerald Club Line Art Black Mug More from 'The Emerald Club', and this time it's a black mug with solid-color & line art theme. The front has the name in script at the top and something in Japanese at the bottom (Is it the same text? You can write in if you know) There's a Sonic face, GHZ flowers & a green chaos emerald. The back of the mug just has a larger green chaos emerald. It's a decent, colorful mug. This is a Sega Shop exclusive item.
Ring Collectors Club Black Retro Mug Emerald Club not enough? Now the Sega Shop Online adds the "Ring Collectors Club" to...randomly...adding the word club to things? Either way, this black ceramic mug is meant to look a bit retro, with the 80s colors of hot pink & hot blue with black. It also has 1991 on there, but the Sonic art is modern (yes it's the agitated expression one of him) The way the coloring for the art, the 80s type background, and slogan are all layed out makes this one more interesting than most. It should be about 16 dollars in 2022 / fall season.
Christmas Sweat Theme Sonic Mug Spoon Here comes the first holiday item of 2022...
It's an "ugly sweater theme" Christmas Sonic mug. It uses the stock art of classic Sonic where he's handing a gift out from the middle of a wreath with bells while wearing a Santa hat. The background has snowflakes, pine trees, rings, wavy lines and rows of christmas tree lights. The other side of the mug has the same print but smaller, and in rows (to look like a busy sweater pattern)
This mug is somewhat unusual though, as it comes with a blue ceramic spoon that fits in 2 holes in the blue handle, so you always have it with you to stir the hot chocolate (presumably) in the mug. The exterior is white and the interior is blue to match Sonic & the handle. It's a cute idea, but one must be very careful with ceramic spoons. It should be about 17 dollars in the Sega Shop Online