Yes...there ARE enough Sonic themed mugs that they get their own 2nd page!
Great for if you enjoy hot beverages in stylish containers. A 'mug' will be anything cup like WITH a handle, regardless of what it is made of. Likely most everything will be ceramic, but there will be many shapes and sizes. Most mugs are modern, but some vintage ones will appear as well. Having a separate page helps keep everything "housewares" related more well organized and easier to find the items.
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You Control My Heart Sonic Mug A Valentines Mug?
The Sega Shop thinks so in 2019. They had a previous one (seen on Page 13 here on Gear) which was "Heart Race", but this one has the new slogan "You Control My Heart". I guess if you decorate for Valentines day?
This all black ceramic mug has a design on one side only. It's running/pointing modern Sonic, with a blue/red heart background and some scattered pixels. The slogan is behind his feet. Oddly, there's some random knockoff-looking controller pictured on the heart. Why bother doing this? Put classic Sonic & use a Genesis controller instead? It makes so much more sense to use an easily recognizable or fan-favorite controller on a mug instead of a generic looking nonsense one someone just made up off of clip art and pasted in to make 'it fit the slogan'. It's an ok idea, but it's surprising that the Sega Shop didn't bother to execute it very well, especially with something so easy as "Sonic and video games". This is 15 dollars in the Sega Shop in 2019. (The other mug was a 2018 item)
Sonic Toast Ceramic Mug White Do you remember the official Sonic Toaster?
The Sega Shop took pre-orders on it to get it made in a Chinese factory. It appears here on Gear at the Housewares pages. It uses a die cut metal plate to 'burn' (or darken) a Sonic face onto a piece of toast. The toaster was a pretty popular item...but the Sega Shop itself seems to have gotten carried away by it.
They've gotten so carried away, that they created
this entire mug to celebrate the fact that you can make Sonic toast. By altering the 'finger waving' classic Sonic stock art, they use a piece of stamped toast to cover up the finger...thus making it look like he's holding the slice. There is (oddly enough) a tee shirt with this exact same theme. This is a 2019 item.
Sonic 3 Barrel of Doom Mug It's the Barrel of Doom!
This mug counts as something "Secretly Sonic". Only a true fan could recognize what this mug is here to represent. It's the spinning barrel from the Casino zone in Sonic 3. The zone had several of these barrel shaped items, and they could be found moving up and down on their own, moving side to side, or, static. Most of them were used as lifts/traps etc. in the level. However, there was a choke-point in the level.
ALL paths through the level worked their way to a single choke point that had a barrel in it. Jumping on the barrel caused it to dip down, and then spring back up. It BLOCKED the way to the end entirely. However, no-matter how much or how well timed one was to jump upon the barrel, it would never propel down far enough to allow a character out through the bottom of the choke point.
The game was released BEFORE the internet. One could not simply look up a guide online, or ask friends what to do to pass the barrel. Something like this where the method is not obvious was a serious issue in the past. The actual method for passing it was to stand upon the barrel, still. Then, rythmically use up and down on the controller (without ever jumping) to have the character shift their 'weight' on it like you do on a swing-set. This would propel it down juuuuust enough to slip out at the bottom-most point in its journey.

This barrel issue stopped many, many players in their quest to beat the game, and stymied others for a long time. It's unknown whether the developers intended it to be such a problematic item or not. Maybe they thought players would stumble onto the up/down on an earlier barrel in the level.
So, the story of the barrel, as any classic fan could tell you inspires this mug to get made. It is in the SegaShop online in 2019 for about 15 dollars.

Molded Mug Classic Style Sonic Head A molded mug in 2019!
This large size mug is shaped like a classic style Sonic head. It has a fully 3D nose, and the handle is on the back among the spikes. It's large and fairly sphereical. It holds 26 ounces of liquid...which, for coffee is quite a bit of it.
There have been other "It's Sonic's head but a mug now" ceramic items, and one is quite rare. Make sure to always look at the maker-marks on the bottoms of mugs you may find. Of course, this is another house hold item that you'll have to be fairly careful with, because it is ceramic and features lots of points/bumps & details that could chip.
(That's likely why older shape-mugs are uncommon, they chip or break and people throw them away) This one looks just fine with the usual side-smile in its large windowed-box. It seems maybe it's a little bit overly-spherical to be exactly classic head shaped. Where is this sold? How much does it cost? This is a fall 2019 item. Photo by Taaron.
Here's the mug outside the box's a bit less impressive outside the box. The spikes are little kind of blobs? The ears are fairly flat instead of mostly a pyramid as they should be and it also exposes it's biggest problem. Look how spherical the mug is, and how small the holes is. This makes it an EZ-Spill item for sure! How should you drink from it without spilling? It's tested & reportedly difficult. If you have a need for this mug...maybe it can become a pencil-cup
So, thanks to fan help & review, this is not a reccomended by Gear item to get unless you want it for decoration only due to its odd design. Fan photos here by: KennyTheHedgehog
Just Funky Ceramic Sonic Head Shape Mug 2 more angles for the mug and who makes it: "Just Funky", who is also the maker for several things in 2020 like pins, the Tails cookie jar, blankets and more that you'll see over on Housewares.
Chao in Space Variety Mug This mug was made to celebrate the short animation "Chao in Space", that Sega did. As you'll know "Chao in Space" is the 'movie' that you always saw as a movie poster decoration around various levels/various games when they wanted a billboard or other 'advertising space' as part of the level.
Well, Sega decided it was going to actually 'make' it, and you can find/watch it on their Youtube. However, it turns out that it is all a dream by a neutral chao. This mug, in the Sega Shop at the end of 2019, is about 15 dollars and was produced to help hype the short.
It features a colorful and fun variety of art for various chao types. There are hero, dark, and accessorized ones, as well as the very under-represented 'feature' ones where they've had several of the same type of animal so it changes their appearance slightly. The mug sides look different, but it is changing the size/place of the chaos to create the look of a wrap-around graphic. This is a cute item for chao fans!
Ring Collectors Club Mug Black This is the "Ring Collector's Club Mug".
It's a Sega Shop online exclusive in winter 2019. The mug is all black ceramic with a 2 color design. The modern logo is on the back and the colors are bright blue and pinkish. The main design has modern ready for action Sonic stock art, checkers, some rings, the slogan and the year 1991.
The design is actually pretty stylish. The shapes and use of color on black with the dramatic
and unusual 'lighting/shadowing' used on Sonic combine to give it almost a vaporwave or 80s asthetic somehow? Which is strange because that's not the right era...and modern Sonic usually isn't set with the 1991 date either. This could create some kind of 'hodgepodge', but for whatever reason here, it doesn't, and looks good instead. An interesting mug with a unique look for probably about 15 dollars. This same design was also used on a tee shirt.
Just Funky All Over Pixel Sonic 1 Mug
A new company makes a Sonic item in 2019!
Welcome in "Just Funky" with this unique 'all over' Sonic print mug...that really means it! There are Sonic 1 16 Bit style scenes all over the outside AND the inside of the mug too. They didn't forget the handle either, as you'll find some rings there as well. Sonic is shown jumping on one side & the logo is on the other. A mug with a printed interior is extra fun. Though, you can't put it in the dish washer. This holds 20 ounces of liquid, but where is it sold? How much does it cost?
2 Mugs Arcade Box Sonic TWO mugs in 1 box?
Take a blast into the past to see this 1990s unusual item in it's interesting packaging. Generally mugs are sold one at a time, but this arcade console shaped box contains two Sonic theme mugs. The first has the hands on hips shaded stock art with a vaguely blue background. The second has speed running Sonic with the 'blurry blue trail' all behind him. Both are otherwise normal white ceramic mugs.
The more interesting bit of it is the packaging. It's large, to accomodate 2 mugs stacked on top of each other & padding. The bottom part of the console has the Sonic 3 'checkered sphere gathering special stage' as its background, which instantly tells you the year it was released around. It announces '2 mugs', shows a photo of each and has logos on the top & front. The 'screen' of the console is difficult to see/may have damage in the photo. It uses art for the joystick and buttons. This is a great and cute way to pack the mugs--it's too bad it has only now been discovered in 2020...maybe it was rare?
Sonic Speed Graffiti Deck Mug Black This is called the Graffiti Deck Sonic Mug.
It's in the Sega Shop in fall 2020, for about 15 dollars. It's called "Deck" because the "Sonic Speed" yellow circle with modern face on one side of the mug is to resemble a 'deck sticker' which is what's applied to skateboard decks.
The other side has the 'drippy' graffiti peace sign Sonic where he is full of other art/characters in color on the areas that would be blue. The mug is otherwise a normal, black ceramic
and is normally sized. With nice art for each side of the mug that doesn't need wrapping-around to appriciate, this is a good and colorful piece. Not a bad choice!
Happy Holiday Sonic Mug Appearing in December of 2020, this is the "Happy Holiday Sonic Mug".
It is in the Sega Shop online only, and should be about 20 dollars. While it's title is 'holiday', it clearly means 'Christmas' because there are blue stockings with an 's' on them, a wreath with traditional bells, Christmas light strings, and classic Sonic is in a Santa hat. There are also ornament balls, stars, bows and rings scattered around. Sonic is coming through the wreath (as if it was the title ring) to offer out a wrapped present.
The busy nature, primary colors and classic Sonic all combine to help the mug feel like an old-school type item. It seems 90s in its nature. It is a cute enough mug to help decorate for the holidays.