Virtual Sonic Items
Sonic the Hedgehog Virtual Items-
All of the items here are virtual, meaning that they exist only in games or online areas and not in the physical world. You can see fan made and professional virtual items here. Usually in the case of fan-created things the engine to do it is in a professional game (such as customizing a character in a certain Sonic way) Everything from collectible icons to statues will be found here. What other sorts of virutal goods could turn up as the internet and games become more advanced? SonicGear will showcase them all.
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Miku Project Diva Sonic Costume In the game Project Diva, you can get this Sonic themed suit for Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid. The suit has Sonic shoes for her, pants with the 20th Anniversary logo on the leg and "Sonic" on the butt (complete with little tail) It also has a blue vest with spikes, Sonic big white gloves & spikes hoodie for her to wear. Look at the zipper-pull, it's a gold ring. You can see her in the suit on the CD cover over on Cameos. She was also made to sing "Live & Learn" (From Sonic Adventure 2) , however, since she's a computer program, she won't pronounce everything correctly. Costume photo & info by: KnuxFan
This is a screen from the Black Knight web page / gadget thing that Sega put up to promote the game. It was a website you could go to and sort of interact with if you waited long enough for it to load. They had "find the __", target practice (seen here) and other ways to interact with the content. It included some character profiles, & a win-able wallpaper as a prize (for finding 'rings' on the site). It also played music through your browser while you were at the site. It's sort of an "item" because it would dispense content & play games, but kind of not, because it was a page. Still, interesting enough to archive.
Black Knight Web Gadget
Spiral Knights is a game available on Steam. If you bought the game, & then spent 19.95 on "an energy pack" you would get the Metal Sonic inspired armor pieces you see here. They were a helmet & the body armor parts (represented as 2 disks there in the ad)
Spiral Knight MS Armor Ad Spiral Knights Metal Sonic Armor
All Spiral Knights info & screens in this area by Stinkarelly
Metal Sonic Virtual Armor Turn-Around The Metal Sonic suit is pretty cool here. It fits in with the style of the game, while still looking "Metal Sonic Like". The left photo shows the turn-arounds & some close-ups for the textures of it. Why does the one above have green eyes, but all the others with red? You can still likely get the suit with Steam, although the promotion was done in 2012. You have to have also bought Sonic CD's re-release through Steam, to get it, though. This item was a celebration for the addition of Sonic CD to Steam.
Tails tail accessory Spiral Here is a Spiral Knights Tails' tails promotional item. ONLY if you bought the energy pack AND Sonic CD in your Steam account between January 19th and January 31st 2012 could you get the Tails tails accessory here. (So it's pretty exclusive) As these 2 characters show, the tails look like they operate pretty normally. The left photo shows the texture, which looks nice as well. Spiral Knights Steam Promotion Tails
PSO2 Chao & Tails Mask Items
Here are 2 more masks from Phantasy Star Online 2. You could win the masks as scratch-off ticket type items, then have your character wear them whenever they want. Here, a human man wears a chao mask with his trench coat & a colorful android woman uses the Tails mask. Does your character have a mask not yet seen on virtual items? Take a screenshot & send it on in to add it to the mask collection.
Digital Download Stand-in Boxes What's this? A physical item on Virtual Things page?
Yes...because it is a "stand-in" for a virtual item. With lots of games only being available as digital downloads, what are regular retail stores supposed to do? Well, they make up representations of the games, & place those on the shelves instead, to let customers know they can buy there. In this case, you can see Sonic 4 Episodes 1 and 2 for the PS3. By making a print of the title & adding it to a plastic case, they can represent the game. Notice the red band at the top that says "Digital Download * Full Game". These were found at GAME store (which is in the UK area) Photo & owned by: Jake
Monster Hunter 4 Felyne Armor This is a sort of cameo / appearance double item. In the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you could meet "Felyne" which is a cat type helper animal thing. As a sort of bonus content in 4, you can dress up your Felyne with this Sonic costume. It has gloves, shoes, spikes & a blue suit. Instead of the regular belly dot though, it is a cartoon paw-print. Notice the regular felyne arms (striped) as the suit has no sleeves.
But that's not all! You can also arm it with Caliburn, Sonic's sword from Sonic & Black Knight game. (Monster Hunter games use a lot of weapons /swords so having the special sword as a cameo item as well makes sense. This is a fun extra! Discovered by Taaron.
Little Big Planet Sackboy Costumes Here's a better look at the Little Big Planet Sonic themed costume pack. They're buy-able add-ons for the game which make your sack-boy look like the Sonic characters seen at left. Since it's LBP...the characters are all re-styled to fit that style, with the button eyes, zipper, and large lower-face area. The Eggman body seems to be the Egg-o-matic. People had already been making Sonic-like levels and items in the user-content creation & sharing part of the game (you can even see videos of that in the Video Entertainment area of SonicGear)
PSO2 Mini Character Masks Here are more items from the game Phantasy Star Online 2. This year in 2015, they released more masks for you to dress up your character. Last year's masks can be seen above, they were full-face masks that hid the character's face. Here, you can see the default game model showing the four chosen for this ear as
'mini masks' worn off to the side of the head/hair. They chose Tails Sonic Knuckles & Amy, but left off Eggman. (He can be seen on page 2 as the full-head mask)
PSO2 Sonic Lobby Overview PSO2 continues its tradition of having a Sonic event each year around his birthday. This time, the lobby is more elaboratly Sonic-styled. With more Green Hill palm trees AND the edition of rings (that you can really collect!) along with fun star bumpers to bounce you around.
As you can see, all the same giant statues appear (Already pictured here on gear) with the big Sonic in the center. More fun was in store in 2015 for Sonic fans, as the fancy lobby had a secret.
Star bumper & Emerald Statue Rings were scattered about the lobby, and you could pretend to be Sonic, running around collecting them all. However...if you collected/found all of them, the big statue in the center would change: a chaos emerald would appear in his hand (seen at left) along with a chime noise.
Jumping your character onto the star bumpers has the same effect as in a Sonic game: flinging the character far away (and along a row of rings) All of the items make authentic sound effects.
It's awesome that the Phantasy Star game continues its ties with Sonic themed fun for everyone.
Nyau Sonic Theme What's this odd creature?
It is Nyau, a mysterious cat-like...person...thing. It started out in old Phantasy Star games as more of a cat. In PSO2, it's updated into a little mascot-type person that "travels between dimensions" to "challenge the Arks (players) to a fight". When he loses, he cries & dissappears, generally allowing a large (and actually evil) boss monster to appear in his place.
The character is generally dressed up for seasons/occaisions in the game, and then let out to appear. So such things as "spring/sakura" & ceremony dress ones can show up.
In this case, they've dressed him...sort of...Sonic like. It's a bit of a combo between his natural color (that beige) & looks like a spiked hood & dyed fur. The weapon he has is meant to look like a board from Free Riders. There is a chance the item can drop from the fight for you, too.