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Sonic Boom Action Figures
This page continues the Sonic Boom style action figures. This will inclued all the figure sizes & also any vehicles, playsets or any accessories the figures might come with. This page should be 2016 and later releases.
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2016 All Boom Character Figures
Here are all the Boom figures together!
They look good and colorful as a group. You can also see that Tomy paid attention to the scale, as Tails is shorter & Amy is not exactly the size of Sonic. The movement may be limited, but they're nice looking as a collection when grouped together on a shelf like this. Photo by SonicRanger!
Buildable Tomy Boom Figures Here's the first look at Tomy's build-able Sonic Boom character figures. As you remember, Tomy had 'buildable' figures for modern Sonic previously, they came blind-boxed in blue spheres from a cardboard dispenser in stores. They were a semi-hard rubber/plastic. These are no doubt more of the same, but with green hexagon bases. The bottom right shows how many parts will likely be in each figure. You can collect Tails, Sticks, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman & 1 Sonic. Photo discovered by: CoolLuke1337
Articulated Vinyl Knuckles This is a Vinyl figure.
They're actually called "Vinyl Figures" rather than naming them by the size as was usually done. (It seems odd to not have a line name, but) Anyway, here's Boom Knuckles mint in his cardboard...tray? The "5" down there is boasting "5 points of articulation", which, for a figure of this size isn't actually a whole lot. Plus, with his spikes the way they are, his head, while articulated, will never move much. His expression is kind of strange as well, he doesn't particularly look that normal or cool with his mouth open like that.
The packaging is terrible!
The figure is almost entirely exposed, and it has tiny fragile legs with the joint at the hip--where he is tied down. How many of these are going to be scuffed, broken or dirty before the consumer actually gets to them? No one is going to want to pay over 15 dollars for a filthy broken figure. MIB collectors will note the figure can gather dust & is unable to stack. Photo by Taaron
Tomy Buildable Knuckles Compare
Here's Tomy's Buildable Knuckles all assembled, so you can compare it to their regular 3 inch size figure. As you can see, he's pre posed to the 'fist catch' kind of CG stock pose, and he has the facial expression from it too. (So he looks a little livelier than the standard figure) The bandages are nicely sculpted, but he's missing his power band bracelet thing. The metal plates for his shoes are also blue instead of gray.
In all, for a blindbag mini buildable figure (it comes as arms, body & head with base) it looks pretty nice. With 6 figures on the set, these should be pretty collectible. Photo & owned by CoolLuke1337
Metal Sonic & Suit Sonic Boom 2 Pack
A new 2-pack for 2018!
Here's a suit Sonic & Metal Sonic boom figures 2 pack. Sonic is 'dressed' (painted) in a black & blue space suit looking outfit, so you're getting a different figure and not having to buy a duplicate of every other Sonic figure they've done. Metal Sonic is the normal appearing one just like in the Boom show.
It's good that to get this Metal, you can get at least another version/dress up of Sonic, not being forced to buy 5 of the same figure just to get one new one that you want. Release of these is supposed to be somewhat spotty, though. Will either one end up being rare? Photo by Taaron
Boom Box Set 5 Pack Figures This Boom Box Set 5 Pack appears in spring 2018. It's just a 5 pack of the standard size Boom figures with Tails, Amy, Sonic, Knuckles & Dr. Eggman all in one package. But notice the lack of Sticks. Why skip including her? Isn't she a fan favorite on the show? It's not 'the girls curse' because Amy is there...but it just seems odd/dumb to not have this be a 6 pack and have Sticks in there too. Photo by Taaron
Parallel Universe Villain 3 Pack This is called the "Parallel Universe Villain" pack. It has Orbot & Cubot from earlier releases, plus Eggman but with a re-paint so that now he's wearing green like the 'parallel universe' episode where everything (I guess) was slightly different. To make this not just another standard re-release, metallic paint is used on all the figures. It's always a nice touch on robot characters, and these are no exception. This pack will likely be the only way to get this re-colored eggman. Photo by Taaron.
Tomy Catalog Figure Multi Packs Here comes another page out of the Tomy 2018 toy catalog, this time for "Figure Multi-Packs". The first one is just your average pack, with Tails, Sonic, Knuckles & Amy all together. Notice how Sticks is missing though, why are they leaving her out? A multi-pack like this is always billed as 'being good for starting out', but they make it problematic by releasing figures in pairs, or making "The only way to get this item is with this character...." forcing people to over spend & re buy and end up with duplicates. As evidenced with....
The very next set!
This set is called "Sonic is in Trouble!" multi-pack. With thi, you get the bee type badnick, the modified motobug, Sonic, Eggman & Metal Sonic. So they prove their own point about forcing duplicates because the only way to get those badnicks would be buying Sonic & Eggman over again, even though all 3 non-badnick characters have also been released singly in the past. Good for starters, not the best for collectors who want badnicks to play with too. Catalog discovered by PatMac
Sonic Boom Figures 2 Packs This Tomy 2018 catalog page is all about 2-Packs.
This showcases their upcoming double-pack figures with some show related...outfits? Recolors? The first set is Metal Sonic & "Alternative Eggman" where he gets a costume re-color to black/red/gray with the majority in black. (He's only described there as 'alternate' so it must be an episode) Then there's regular Sonic & boom-style Shadow. On the bottom are clearly sports playing themed figures with pairs for Sonic & Knuckles and Amy with Tails. Notice how their hands are both always shaped to grasp something in this set, will they have some kind of accessory to make the sports jersey & sports shoes make sense? Why does no one have any sports shorts except Amy? What episode was this from?
The outfits & color changes make some sense here, because it means you're not buying yet another 'standard Sonic' just to get Shadow. Release date & prices for the packs are pending. Catalog discovered by PatMac
Sonic Blue Force 1 Transforming Car This is the "Sonic Blue Force One" vechile & figure combo pack. The Blue Force One is supposed to have 3 modes that it can transform into, to go on 'different terrains'. The only thing different about the Sonic figure that comes with it seems to be that he has some glasses as an accessory. What's the curious part?
Look at the says it should have released in 2017, but as far as any data shows here at Gear, no one's ever seen the item anywhere...and the book it appeared in only showed up in 2018 so what's going on with this?
Catalog discovered by PatMac
These 2 sets are called "Figure Diorama Packs" & each one has 3 figures. But what about the 'diorama' word? Does that mean they come with some kind of scene-setting background you can keep? Are there accessories or something that sets the scene for the figures you get? Remember the definition of the word "Diorama" & it is not "multi-pack" why call them this? Only finding these in the box will reveal the answer.
The first set is "Villain Edition" that has yet another 'alternate version' Eggman, but now his shirt is green/yellow/white instead of the red/gray/black. Orbot & Cubot though are the same as they ever were.
The "Hero Edition" just seems to be Sonic, Sticks & Tails but wearing some kind of different "sports type" clothes with matching shoes & shirts, along with their usual Boom accessories (goggles, bandana) The outfits seem to mean they lack the odd sports tape to a degree though. But this is the 2nd figure release where they're dressed up in 'sporty clothes' why? Catalog discovered by PatMac
Amy Boom Figure Turn Around Here's a good close up fan photo for Tomy's Boom Amy figure. She's a pretty good figure for the small size. The eyelashes are placed appropriately, her bangs are ok & the proportions are like the show. You can notice their limited articulation though, especially because she has long legs & clearly no knees. But look at her eyes:
The pupil is clearly mis-printed and well off to one side on one eye & it doesn't look right. Getting a figure's eye paint right is just about the most important paint application of all. Messing that up makes the whole thing unappealing. Her expression is good & her head shape is correct...but Tomy needs to be mindful of the paint & details. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Boom Knuckles Figure Tomy Fan photos for Boom Knuckles reveal the sports tape details on the front & back. The back view reveals that they have fused all of his head spikes, and that his head will have no chance of turning, even a little bit with this design choice. Knuckles Figure Holds Up Sticks & Tails
As a figure, the odd big-body proportion the show gave him is even more obvious with his stick legs. However, you can see that the joints are well done & he's nicely balanced in the right side photo. This figure, unassisted, can hold up the Sticks & Tails figures on the arms and not flop or fall over. It makes for a fun photo & demonstration. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Sonic Boom Figures Compare 2 Here you can see 2 versions of Boom Sonic & the main difference is the face. You can get him with the open mouth/grin (left) or the usual line-mouth (right) But look: they changed the eyes too, the open mouth one is having definetely more of an expression. This is nice, and gives incentive to collect more than 1 of him. However, with the other sides/hands etc. you can see that it's the head that's the only different bit here. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Jungle Sticks Fan Photos Here's a closer look at "Jungle Sticks" with a fan photo turn around. She has her green 'jungle paint' accents set on her upper arms, hands, ear tips & forehead. Her shoes & top/skirt have also been re-painted to go with the theme. The paint is a little messy / scratchy looking...but it's supposed to be 'hand done' by her, so it's ok in this instance except....
One of her eyes (the left one) is mis-printed so you know they didn't mean to do it, Tomy's just not applying the paint very well. (So why pick a 'super painty' design for a variant if you know you're not good at applications? An odd choice for Tomy) It's still an ok variant figure, as it matches with the episode & there are enough differences between this & a regular Sticks figure. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Tails Boom Figure Turn Around
This is the 'normal' Tails Boom figure.
This one is pretty ordinary & show-looking. The goggles seem to have a good amount of detail, as does the belt/shoulder strap. The sports tape paint didn't get on the red part of the shoe & his bracelet seems fine. The tails could use to look a little more dynamic & separate. The back view it almost looks like he only has one tail. The proportions are good, so this figure holds up to Boom collectibility if you like the show. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz