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Sonic Boom Action Figures
This page continues the Sonic Boom style action figures. This will inclued all the figure sizes & also any vehicles, playsets or any accessories the figures might come with. This page should be 2017 and later releases. This can have either factory or fan photos, plus mint on card photos.
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Tails Black Suit Motobug 2 Pack Boom What's this?
It's some kind of new un-announced Tails figure. He appears to be in a black & yellow suit of some kind...but look at the box: it doesn't have any special label or title to tell you what the figure is supposed to be. He comes with a Motobug that has the missile pack on its back that was seen in the show...but that's been released before.
What is the suit? Is it from an episode? Does it have a face mask over the figure's face? Does the box-back elaborate? This was seen at a Toys R Us that was closing in it may already be uncommon. If you know any details or can provide a better photo, do write in for credit. Photo by Taaron