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If it's from Japan, and you can wear it, but it isn't clothing, chances are, it's right here. Japan had plenty of accessories with which to decorate yourself. However, many of these items had co-releases in other countries, they just changed the packageing. Don't be surprised if you see some of these things else where, or even own some yourself! Thanks to wider releases for some of these items, they are fortunatly not all that rare. Items here can be old & also modern.
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Chibi Style Sonic Lidded Watch A cute watch!
This is an "Emoji Style" Sonic watch where the characters are all simple and little/cute. It features Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles repeated all over the face. There are cute character portraits all over the strap. The top of the strap says "Sonic Speed". The clock part itself is that simple/cheap little digital window at the bottom of the face.
But look, it's lidded...but why? The lid looks thick and is screwed together too, it must do something--but what does it do? Write in if you know the details for this watch for credit.
4 Pairs Japan Socks Sonic Here are 4 pairs of fun ankle style socks.
These are thought to be a Joypolis item, but you can also see some sort of price or sale sticker on the top card tag? They are adults sizes, so anyone should be able to wear them.
The first pair is dark blue with red toe & large modern logo all across the top of the foot. The 2nd pair is light blue with dark toe & ankle and it has finger waving classic Sonic really big
across the top of the foot. The 3rd is all dark blue with modern Sonic in a ring of stars/sort of as a portrait. The last pair is all beige, and has a jumble of different poses for classic Sonic all over the mid part. This selection shows a good and colorful variety. All the designs are woven into the socks so they don't wear off. Photo discovered by GinyuuDBZFan
Emoji Style Face Cutie Sonic 3 Pair Socks
Here are 3 pairs of socks, all of which are cute.
These appear to be all ankle socks, and are likely to be adults sizes or possibly ladies' sizes. (Hang hooks are generally a standard size you can use them to approximate things in photos) The first pair is pink, with a large sitting 'emoji face' type cutie-Sonic on the top. The 2nd pair has stacked faces for Sonic & Amy both with the 'eyes closed' or 'pupils closed' expression of good cheer. The last pair has 5 different expressions for emoji-style Sonic on a blue background. All the designs are woven in, so they won't wear off. Photo discovered by GinyuuDBZFan
Thunderbox Bucket Hat The Japanese fashion brand "Thunderbox" did a collaberation with classic Sonic.
This collab probably happened at the end of 2019 or so. Thunderbox produced several clothing items, did a photo shoot, and made at least 2 different hats with Sonic patterns on them. (Other hat is part of an outfit/seen on Japan clothes here at Gear) But what they did not do, is take close ups of the items or use particularly great lighting.
What's up with the 'face'?
For whatever reason, their models are always shown with this gray plastic perhaps...engine parts? mask on the face. It seems to be part of the brand.
The hat is a 'bucket hat', which is for men or women, in adult sizes. It's a simple all-fabric hat that doesn't have a stiff shape. With a wider brim all around, it keeps the sun off. In the case of this hat, it has an all over pattern of silver rings on a black background. They're small, so it looks a little busy. Also scattered over the design is 'die pose' Sonic, which they take (as many do) to be 'lose the rings Sonic'. He's neoclassic stock art, rather than pixel/from the game. The hat is on a model wearing the announcement/collaberation tee where the classic logo has the Thunderbox word/logo done in the style of itself, placed under it.
Classic Sonic Circle Scarf Fabric Accessory Here is a circular scarf.
This style of scarf is sometimes called 'infinity scarf', because the fabric is sewn into a circle or loop. The way the fabric is set up makes it always bunching up in layers to give it a good scarf-look, while being easy to wear and you don't worry about it coming undone. The matieral for these is usually a light weight airy fabric, sometimes silk is used.
This has a colorful classic characters theme. The stock arts for everyone are overlapped & jumbled togethere to make the pattern. You can spot Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Eggman. Notice how Eggman's black pants kind of disrupt/break up the pattern because they are large and by far the darkest color. This is a factory photo, but it didn't say where it could be found to buy.
8 Boxed Japanese Neck Ties Classic 1990s A real classic set!
These are 8 neck ties from the 1990s. They came in these cute display boxes that show you part of the pattern in the die-cut tie-shaped window in the front. Each box is a different color, and features different graphics for the background, all in a lighter shade than what the box is. This is a LOT of attention to detail---usually products like this would all use the same background, but these clearly don' can see some with Sonic & Tails art, some just Sonic, curvy lines one, checkers on others & more. They are "Segasonic" labled, so that gives an idea of the era for these. Their original retail price is unknown. All tie photos in the area by Hedgy.
3 Japanese Classic Ties Mens 3 Different Sonic Tails Ties Display Here are the ties from within the boxes, nicely on display so you can see the patterns. There are 8 in total, but only 4 patterns. If you look closely, you'll see that they are color variants of each other. This was likely done so you could choose your favorite color, or have something that matched more outfits.
2 1990s Sonic the Hedgehog Ties
The first pattern has finger waving Sonic at the bottom, various 'game scenes' with Sonic & Tails shown running and jumping, plus the word 'pow'. It comes in mostly black with green tip, or mostly greenish with magenta tip. The next tie has Sonic & Tails standing together fairly large at the bottom, plus swirls of color & various scattered smaller stock arts. This one has either blue/orange swirls on a black background or teal/orange swirls on a magenta background. (Gee whiz that one sorta doesn't go together very well...) The next tie has a scattering of topsy-turvy monitors all over. These have Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Ring, Sheild, & Invincibility symbols in them, just like the game. It varies by having the monitor frames be somewhat of a different shade per tie. The next type has "Lookin' Out" Sonic, with turned back Tails, plus geometric shapes. It has either an olive-gold/green or magenta background to make it different. It is great to finally get a good look at all of these interesting accessories.
3 Trunks Underwears Japan Catalog Here is, most likely, a catalog photo cropped out of a page of clothing.
It shows 3 different pairs of Sonic trunks style underwear for men. This is supposed to be form the mid 90s. The black pair has the segasonic labeled winged-ring title screen graphic for the...front? Its hard to tell if this is the front or back of the item. The background has various thin-blue-line stock art Sonic poses & the 'candy' bumper from the Sonic 1 special stage. The green pair has finger waving Sonic with his name below, scattered all over. The background here is more scattered 'sketch' style stock arts. The last pair is blue, and the strangest as well. It has words on there, as well as 'newsprint' type texture. However none of the words make sense. There is "Fete" which is an old fashion word similar to 'gala', "Starships" and "Hoche". It has various full color Sonic stock arts scattered around.
Hoche was a famous French man from the 1700s who served in a war/the military during his life. Why choose this historical figure for some underwear? It is a mystery.