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This page has even more modern era Sonic music to see. With every game seemingly getting at least 1 sound track CD, there are plenty of things to collect and hear. This page will also have vinyl records because those seem to be making a comeback.

They Call Me Sonic Disk Case
Here's a better look at the They Call Me Sonic disk.
The disk case uses just the "Sonic" part of the logo but it seems slightly compressed? The title is written in a curve around his face. It has 4 songs on it, and the paragraph at the top is the credits for them. The disk itself is plain/shiny CD with the track listing, name & curling title. This is all pretty typical of the time of its release which was 1996 by Arcade Music Co & CNR Music
The credit is interesting because it claims
"Music & Lyrics by Emerald Hill, Spike Shellcracker & Oscar Oberheim, and the tracks were produced by Sonic Survival Team, Akropolis Musikverlag & edition Magic Wonderland. Clearly a few of these are made up specifically to credit in here (yes badnick) and never seem to went on to do anything else.
The track listing is They Call Me Sonic Airrave, Rave Sonic Wing Fortress Rave Zone, They Call Me Sonic Extended Mix & Final Zone
Photos & owned by Hedgy
Work it Out Sonic R Vinyl Record
This isn't a repeat entry for's a record!
This is Sonic R "Work it Out", but it is an actual vinyl record rather than the usual CD. It uses wrong art, as you can see it's got that "wierd walkin' SA1 Sonic", when R was produced before the 'modern' era. The case seems to be a thick card type material 'envelope' for the vinyl record. It was done by King Street Records with Richard Jaques Featuring DeeDee Brave with the song "Work it Out" from Sonic R.
There are 2 sides to this (unlike a CD) with
Side A having Eric Kupper Classic Mix, Eric Kupper Dub mix and
Side B having Hex Hector Dub Mix and Ground Control Dub Mix
It seems to have been made in 1999, which explains their need to put SA1 Sonic on there, as that was its relase.
Photo & owned by Hedgy
Arcade Records Sonic Music Disc Case Here is a disc of music produced by "Arcade Records" and released in Europe. It uses Game Gear art of Sonic on a spring for the cover. The yellow starburst says "Includes CD ROM part: Sonic Video & Comix Zone Game", so, this has more than just music on it. Comix Zone was a well regarded game that was unusual for it's time, so it's possible that Sega EU wanted to push/promote it and so included it even though it's non-Sonic. There are 2 languages on the case...
But why? It's mostly in English, but the red writing at the bottom of the back is in German somehow. The case interior is very similar to the case back art but if you look carefully at 'drink holding Sonic' stock art you can see he has the rare and unusual "light blue eyelids" treatment, which is interesting to see. The disk itself is pretty plain, just blue with yellow and the classic logo.
The track listing is
1. They Call Me Sonic
2. Sonic Metropolis Trance Zone
3. Sonic Electronic
4. Sonic's Brain Scrap House
5. King of The Ring Extended
6. Rave Sonic Wing Fortress Rave Zone
7. Entering Death Egg Zone
8. Sonic & Tails
9. They Call Me Sonic Extended
10. King of The Ring Radio Zone
11. Final Zone
The other items are the Video, the Comix Zone and a CD player software so you could use it if you didn't already have it. (Remember, this is the earlier days of PCs.)
As with the They Call Me Sonic above the credit is interesting because it claims
"Music & Lyrics by Emerald Hill, Spike Shellcracker & Oscar Oberheim, and the tracks were produced by Sonic Survival Team, Akropolis Musikverlag & edition Magic Wonderland. Clearly a few of these are made up specifically to credit in here (yes badnick) and never seem to went on to do anything else. CD photos & owned by Hedgy
Sonic Colors Ultimate Vinyl Record This is the Sonic Colors Ultimate Vinyl Record.
It appears to differ from the Colors Normal Vinyl Record because there is a picture of a single ring near the center of the record. But what are the other differences?
The record-sleeve is fun, with a white/gray checkered path, inverted running Sonic & color paths with coordinated wisp-shapes at the ends. The background is black to remind of space.
The records themselves use the melty/streaky colors method that the Sonic Mania record also used.
(It's quite appropriate to have a very colorful record for Sonic Colors soundtrack) It is from Iam8bit, and should be about 40 dollars for the 2 records. The spatter records are limited to 500 of it in 2021. If it sells out, randomly colored records will be released in 2022. You could get orange, blue, purple or green solid colored records which have the same content, if you miss the spatter ones.
Sonic Adventure 1 Soundtrack Vinyl Records Here comes the Sonic Adventure 1 soundtrack again...but now it's on vinyl!
This set of 2 records has 22 songs from Sonic Adventure 1 (including all character themes) for your record player only. One is blue, the other is white. The paperboard cover looks like the CD case that the game came in for the Dreamcast, including the logo and the circular/strange walk SA1 Sonic. This is a 2021 item
Sonic Frontiers Vinyl Blue Record Sound Track In the case of Sonic Frontiers, this vinyl record soundtrack is the first one to appear. (Usually a CD comes first because everyone has those, while not everyone has a turntable for the vinyls)
The record itself is an appropriate bright blue color. The sleeve/package seems quite in-tune with the theme, with a mysterious and misty-gray scene of the Starfall island, with Sonic jumping forward into it from one corner. The inner sleeve thing (or maybe a booklet?) is all aqua-tone with just a scene and the game's logo in the middle. It's sort of 'silouetted' look. This probably has all of the main songs from the game.
Starfall Vinyl Record 4 Set Soundtrack A deluxe set appears!
This is the "Starfall Vinyl Record Set". It appears to be a deluxe type of soundtrack set for Sonic Frontiers. It comes with 4 different colored 'spatter effect' records, 4 different color theme (probably area theme also) sleeves, and it looks like various prints/scenes from the game as art pieces too. This also includes the cover/sleeve art for the above regular soundtrack record.
Fancy sets like this tend to sell out quickly, and then become rare later. This will likely end up being a cool (and somewhat exclusive) collectible for music fans. This is the factory photo of the set.
Up on the Green Hill Dreams Come True Here is (probably) a single of some kind.
There's likely a CD in there. This is called "Up on the Green Hill" by Dreams Come True and it is 'from' Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone. So, it looks like the band got a license to use the GHZ music to make a single song, and then publish it.
It came with a bonus too: There to the left is a little acrylic stand up flat figure thing of modern Sonic. He's in the same pose as pictured on the cover there. It's very small, only a little larger than that standard size postage stamp that you see there with it.
More information could probably use to be added to this entry. Discovered by Twittereporter89